Indian farmers should demand from Govt to move UN for investigation into US-China role in developing Coronavirus and for future safeguards. By Hem Raj Jain


One can only hope that India, the self-appointed ‘Vishva Guru’ (teacher of the world) will show a way to the world for avoiding in future such catastrophic pandemic as Corona 1, 2 etc.

Professor M.D. Nalapat is a renowned & respected defense / strategy expert in India and when he writes in a column ( ) that - “[From 2014 to 2019, Peter Daszak managed to convince the guru of healthcare in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci, to fund the “Gain of Function” (which converts a natural virus into laboratory made virus as bio-weapon) studies on bat corona viruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The initial research into the SARS-CoV-2 (or SARS2) virus was done by Dr Zhengli Shi in partnership with Dr Ralph Baric from the US and the funding for the SARS2 studies was approved by Dr Anthony Fauci on the basis of inputs from Baric and Daszak]” - then people and governments all across the world ought to take him seriously.

Presently India is going through horrific fall-outs of Corona-2 wave which has devastated India hence it it was expected from the Government of India (GoI) that it will move the United Nations (even with a threat to leave the UN if it does not act) :-

(1)- For Constituting an Investigation Commission to find out whether there is a role of US-China in developing Coronavirus as a biological weapon.

(2)- If yes then whether this Coronavirus accidentally leaked from laboratory in China or was it done intentionally by China to harass those countries which are or have potential to trouble China

(3)- On the recommendation of said UN - Commission to launch a UN regime (like UN- nuclear regime)  which will prescribe protocols and SOPs for any laboratory which will deal with such viruses so that such catastrophe (like Corona 1,2 etc) does not happen again in future.

In addition to Europe the most powerful democracy the USA and the largest democracy India have suffered maximum during this Corona pandemic but no government of these countries has moved the UN for above purpose because:-

(I)- The ‘unbridled global capital’ of the West is heavily invested in China hence it does not allow any government / politician to raise voice against China. Moreover Europe does not move an inch unless the USA gives a green signal to it.

(II)- The USA is also under such evil influence of ‘unbridled global capital’ and the alleged role of the USA (in funding the studies on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China ) seems to have stopped Trump-administration and is stopping the Biden-administration from demanding said UN-Commission.

(III)- As far as India is concerned, the present ruling dispensation in India (Modi-government, BJP, RSS etc) is also not only under strangulating influence of ‘unbridled global capital’ but is generally callous towards the suffering of its people (as happened during demonetization and lockdown during Corona -1 without proper preparations which caused massive exodus of laborers from urban to rural India) because:-


(i)-  Majority of people in India are second and third class citizens. The various backward castes and oppressed castes (SC/ST) are demoralized because they are given reservations with such demoralizing tags. It is not a coincidence that most of the agitating farmers are from these oppressed and backward castes of Hindu order.

(ii)- Muslims have meekly submitted to Hindus & Hindutva forces by not filing petition in Supreme Court for legally expected restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri-Masjid, for repealing discriminatory reservation laws which give reservation to even those castes of Hindus (so-called backwards) which once ruled in India, for repealing discriminatory cow-slaughter laws which has created violent vigilantes, for repealing anti-conversion (Love-Jihad) laws which has caused violence against Muslims, for plebiscite in J&K as mandated by ‘Instrument of Accession’ which has caused huge loss of human rights especially of Kashmiris etc. 

-- Hence BJP knows that this demoralized overwhelming majority of India will not be able to stop the BJP from coming to power in future too, because the remaining suffering population (the assertive sections of India) is in a hopeless minority which doesn't matter politically in a democracy.

In such a situation there is only one hope, ironically from one group in India (which can raise voice for demanding said UN-Commission) namely the agitating farmers in India. Since November 26, 2020 farmers (two third of India who are fully or partly depended on farm income and who have been committing suicide in hundreds of thousands due to nonremunerative prices of farm produce) are agitating mainly for  ‘legally enforceable minimum support price’ at Delhi borders and other places of India. Hence it will be very easy for farmers (who are already mobilized for agitation) to further raise demand effectively for such UN-Commission. Once farmers raise this demand for UN-Commission then other sections of Indian society (assertive sections like middle class, activists, urban dwellers, media persons, academicians, political commentators etc) will also join them in demanding such UN-Commission because that is the only & best guarantee for avoiding such catastrophic pandemic in future.

It is hoped, the Indian farmers (who are already agitating for their livelihood) will raise the demand for detailed investigation in Coronavirus matter by UN-Commission, as mentioned above, so that in future India may not have to undergo such ordeal (practically a genocide) as it has undergone during Corona - 1 and is still undergoing during Corona - 2 and when will it end, God only knows.

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