Where ever in the world this news is read or listened that International Protestant Church at Islamabad diplomatic enclave was attacked, people shall not amazed or astonished and they shall not only condemn but very much worried about it what is goin

I just would like to ask how many British, American and Israelites have died for their nation, like one person put bomb on his body and entered in some building and blown that building which was on their target, I think no one.

But on the other hand Muslim are doing whatever they want because they don't care their live, their religion and nation is important to them, they never feel any kind of fear, when they do this kind of mass destruction people call them master minded.

On September 11 they did world's greatest mass destruction and they shacked the whole world, cause they done their duty, which was given to perform.

Islamic fundamentalists terrorist shall not take any rest, they always against Christianity and Jews, they hate both Christianity and Jews. Why is going on it is the result of hatred and revenge, one more thing that Muslims shall not spare any chance to create trouble.

America has every latest technology, every thing unique which other nations don't have even it beyond to their thinking. Then why America, British and chosen nation Israel has failed to achieve their goal, the reason they have lost the spirit of confidence and nationalism which is non-negociatable, I would say they are very cowardice can't face the reality having every thing, being descendant of Abraham.

I don't know any example of America, British and Israel that any individual took courage died for nation, but against it I can give and prove many Muslim individuals have died for Islam.

Now Muslim have started attack on churches, it is surprising thing that how come fanatic Muslim entered into diplomatic enclave with hand grenade while there is police check post before entering in that area, why police did not searched the people? It means that police was involved in this whole attack, for where there is religious matter they are one, so result they killed innocent people in the church.

We not only condemn this tragic event we would like to ask President Musharraf that he must take strict action and put every possible effort to arrest and punish them that next nobody try to do this kind evil act.

There is latest statement made by Islamic extremist fundamentalists that if America will attack on Iraq or any other Islamic country we will kill Christians in Pakistan openly.

If they have said this they shall act upon it, they shall not ignore it, while this war is against terror but they are doing terrorism in the churches in the name of jihad. Whole Islamic world is with jihadi forces. Christian were killed at Bahawal in St.Domnic church government could do nothing, the same thing happened at Islamabad capital of Pakistan at International Protestant Church again nothing will happen, no government official will take care or serious because the victims are Christians.

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