5th Anniversary of 9/11, and How to end terrorism? By Nazir S Bhatti


9/11 terrorist attacks on US soil were remembered through out world. The peace activists condemned evil of terrorism and vowed to fight till end. The gatherings, vigils and prayers were organized to condole and express solidarity with families’ of victims of September 11, 2001.
The terror attack on US military barracks in Saudi Arabia in 1996 and US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania on August 7, 1998, were among targets of terror outside US, while Muslim terrorist organization named “Al-Qaida” accepted responsibility. But these Muslim extremist groups to show power and undermine freedom of expression and speech on earth launched direct attack of 9/11 against richest and powerful US nation.
Afghanistan was under control of Taliban in 2001, and Osama Bin Laden was operating Al-Qaida terror network from this neighboring country of Pakistan. The Taliban, means students of religious schools who were trained and facilitated by Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan Army in border areas of Afghanistan-Pakistan and supported to enter in Afghanistan to topple Rabbani regime in 1994. The relations between Al-Qaida and Taliban were also established in Pakistan and government of Pakistan was also active partner. During attacks on US army barracks and Embassies in eastern Africa, Pakistan military was in constant cooperation and contact with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan but never attempted to arrest him while he was openly accepting his terror activities.
US administrations demanded Taliban government to hand over Osama Bin Laden after 9/11 attacks to face justice on killing 2700 peaceful citizen but same was denied by Afghanistan in 2001. Therefore US administration decided to go to Afghanistan to foil terror network of Al-Qaida and free Afghani people from rule of Taliban. The International community also approached Pakistan Military ruler Pervez Mushraaf to help arrest Osama Bin Laden but he never sincerely attempted to bring him to justice. It is enough to assume that ISI designed strategy for Osama to go under ground in case of fall of Taliban regime after NATO invasion as ISI director, a general in Pakistan army was last person to meet him.
Therefore United States decision to go after Terrorists and attack Afghanistan was just and very timely to save democratic world from evil of terrorisms. Let us discuss, who are these terrorists? The terrorists are radical Muslim elements planning to put hold on economic, social and democratic progress of humankind under fundamental Islamic ideology. Such groups preach that peace can only prevail on earth by Islamic society of Muslims without infidels. According to such Islam, all those who do not accept Islam are infidels and threat to peace, therefore, it’s their Islamic duty to invite other religions to accept Islam or face death as Islam pronounce.
I do not meant Islam to be source of Terrorism when say Islamic terrorism but only few fanatics using Islam to promote their evil ambitions. For instant, when, any one initiates dialogue with Muslim extremists, it’s widely argued that Islam permits to take women of infidels, to enjoy benefits of their economic achievements, to use their knowledge and technology but not permit to eat their food or adopt infidel’s culture. Such teachings have weaken grounds for positive dialogues for peace and harmony among religious communities.
The existence of “ Jihad” a concept of holy war in extremist Islamic teachings is major factor to instigate Muslim youth to wage war against infidels. It is being preached by such elements “ who shall wage Jihad against infidels to kill or being killed shall be awarded heaven”. The Islamic history is also presented in a symbolic manner to turn Muslim youth to be terror tools. It is argued that Prophet Mohammad used force against infidels when they refused to accept his invitation to embrace Islam. On other hand ‘ Jihad’ is not preached against poverty, hunger, corruption, hate and violence to prevail peace and prosperity of human beings on earth.
Lets see, how idea of terrorism rounded up all Muslim countries. It’s very important to note existence of “ centralization” in Islam. The Islam is only religion on earth, which provides opportunity to followers to assemble once a year in Saudi Arabia under religious rituals of “ HAJJ” pilgrimage. The Hajj is only pivotal instrument to keep Muslims united when they gather from Islamic and non-Islamic countries.
We witness that corporate, non-governmental originations and other International forums realize the importance of International gatherings and spend millions every year to promote their causes and issues. The UNO General assembly also meets every year to promote issues of International interests while governments on globe organize seminars and symposiums to highlight issues of national interests. All such yearly gatherings are mostly limited on invitations to representatives.
But Hajj is only unique gathering of millions of Muslims where not selected representatives but general Muslims assemble on their own expenditures. The Muslims perform religious rituals and exchange views by meeting other Muslims around world. I must call HAJJ, a major assembly of general Muslims to revive Islam and ” centralization” in Islam.
The Muslims, who come to Saudi Arabia for Hajj, see their Holy land governed by King under Islamic laws. They perform religious rituals but also watch Islamic punishments of amputation, Stoning, lashings and beheading after Friday prayers. They also experience shops kept open without any security during daily prayer timings and women in veils. The millions of pilgrims are ultimately impressed by Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia and drive conclusion that implementation of Islamic Sharia laws is gift of Allah while Islam in Saudi Arabia is one sect of Islam, known as ‘ Wahabism’.
It is viewed that Caliphs inherited kingdoms and monarchy after death of prophet Mohammad while Muslim scholars present Caliphs period as golden era in Islam. They argue that Islam spread up to Spain and northern Africa during rule of Caliphs and later by Ottoman Empire. The ambitions of exporting Islamic laws of “ Wahabi Islam’ by Saudi kings remained on priority and oil wealth was used in poor Islamic sates o promote such ideology for vested interests.
I must submit these comments “ The un-educated Muslims have waged Jihad and educated Muslims are waiting to join” in a dream to rule world. The funds provided by un-democratic governments like Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia to promote Islamic teaching in poor Islamic countries created hate among religions. The idea of “Infidels” and right of killing them under Islamic teaching have been preached and evangelized with these funds. Such funds to open Islamic seminaries started penetrating in poor Islamic states after 1970.
In such circumstances, moderate Muslim leaders in Islamic world shall step forward to issue decrees on ‘Jihad” to wage war for democracy and tolerant society. We must accept this fact that if democracy is introduced in present geo-political order in Islamic countries, the extremist religious groups shall capture many governments and it shall be difficult to dialogue with Islamic extremist religious government. So, in first phase, moderate Muslim leadership must introduce modern judicial system in Saudi Arabia that pilgrimage during Hajj may receive message of enlighten Islam.
The sub-continent of India is very sensitive area regarding Muslims and Islam. We shall not forget that Muslims in Indian continent launched movement on fall of Ottoman Empire in Turkey, when they were never any beneficiaries or under jurisdiction of empire. Now, there are two Islamic states Pakistan and Bangladesh after division of Indian continent. The presence of Muslims in India, which is more than populations of Pakistan and Bangladesh can also not be neglected in future role of Islam in world. The Libyan, Iraqi and Saudi governments funneled heavy funds in these countries to establish religious school, which turned to be breeding grounds to recruit soldiers of Jihad. The change in syllabus of these religious schools is need of time for enlightened Islam and to end terror.
The innocent victims of terrorism in Madrid, London and Bombay shall also be remembered on this anniversary and world shall unite to end terrorism evil to prevail freedom of expression on globe.

By Nazir S Bhatti

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