If not stopped, during another Democrat - White House, India may become Ukraine with Sino-Pak in place of Russia. By Hem Raj Jain


Though other elements are not the same when Ukraine lost Crimea to Russia in a blood-less military operation in 2014 despite Budapest Memorandum 1994 [which placed responsibility mainly on Russia, UK and USA (along with China & France which gave some sort of assurance) for the territorial integrity of Ukraine] but one most important and crucial element is the same as what is presently going on in India. Like Ukraine in 2013 -14 in India also its capital has been seized by protesters (the agitating farmers in hundreds of thousands). Hence if Prez Biden (who was vice-President when annexation of Crimea by Russia was carried out) does not take prompt action (as mentioned below) then it is highly likely that India will become another Ukraine with the role of Russia replaced by China & Pakistan:-

(1)- In India the small & marginal land holdings (up to 2 Hectares) are 86.2  % of total land holdings and medium land holdings (from 2 to 4 Hectares) are 13.2 %. The farmer’s agitation in India is about the livelihood of two third India (the  farm-laborers + farmers with 145 million land holdings, same number of families who are fully or partly dependent on agriculture). Due to nonremunerative prices of agriculture produce, hundreds of thousands of farmers have committed suicide as reported in media, also at https://www.deccanherald.com/national/india-may-become-farmer-suicide-capital-agri-adviser-773068.html . But majority of these people in agriculture sector are from oppressed & backward castes of Hindu order (institutionalized by reservation with this demoralizing-tag) hence their problems were neglected for decades (even when they have been committing suicide in hundreds of thousand and even have been agitating in different parts of India in smaller numbers).

(2)- The people who have encircled Delhi and the people manning the government of India (GoI) come from religions without firm commitment to non-violence hence considerable violence took place in Delhi during tractor parade on January 26 in which one person was killed and Khalsa flag was hoisted on Red Fort by shouting slogan ‘Raj Karega Khalsa’ (Khalsa will rule India) by a Khalistani [who has been promised increased award of $ 350 Thousand by the US-based Khalistan organization ‘Sikh For Justice’ (SFJ)] and such and even more serious violence is bound to take place in future if the USA doesn’t do anything.

(3)- How much these people in ‘Kisan Samyukta Morcha’ (SKM) a group of 40 trade unions of farmers (which is carrying out this Dharna /sit-in on the borders of Delhi) and in the GoI believe in violence is evident from the fact that they can solve the problem peacefully, as given below, but will not do it:-

(i)- After said January 26 violence in Delhi the protesting farmers were tried to be forced (by State governments in complicity with the GoI) to leave the protest site (by calling them responsible for January 26 violence in Delhi and by terming them as anti-national due to Khalsa flag hoisting at Red Fort) also by taking the help of goons of ruling Party, the BJP for forcefully evicting the farmers from protest site (these BJP goons, as alleged by the leaders of the farmers, specifically thrashed & targeted Sikhs and tossed their turbans / ‘pagadis’, the religious symbol for Sikhs). 

(ii)- As per SKM, the people who did violence and  Khalsa flag hoisting in Delhi on January 26 were not from SKM (which was granted permission to carry out tractor parade by Delhi Police and which they did peacefully) but by other people who were mischievously allowed by Delhi police to enter Delhi & Red Fort.  Moreover it is the fundamental right of the farmers to protest [as said by the Supreme Court of India (SCI) too about this farmer’s protest] hence agitating farmers can’t be removed by governments from protest sites and their basic facilities like water, electricity, toilets etc can’t be removed by the government (which was done illegally by the government).

(iii)- Therefore the SKM should have moved the SCI for constituting SIT (special investigation team) for fixing responsibility and then for prosecuting the concerned officers of Delhi Police who (after giving permission to SKM) mischievously allowed other trade union of farmers and other hooligans [who even hoisted Khalsa flag on Red Fort (despite Attorney General of India informing SCI that Khalistanis have infiltrated the agitating farmers) and indulged in violence at ITO etc] to disturb the peaceful tractor-march of SKM which had been protesting peacefully since November 26 despite about 150 farmers having died in severe cold during this Dharana at the borders of Delhi. In this writ petition SKM should have also prayed for direction to the GoI to provide a proper place for protest to the agitating farmers of the SKM. But instead of opting for a peaceful & legal solution the SKM is depending on hundreds of thousands of people who have regrouped & encircled Delhi and will try to constrain the GoI through mobocracy.

(iv)- The GoI is also forgetting that other most important stakeholders are farm-laborers who have been neglected since India’s independence in 1947. Hence instead of keeping India a medieval economy (with majority of its population leading a life below or little above poverty line), in order to achieve a developed economy with justice, the GoI should have further amended the ‘Farm Laws’  for the purpose of ensuring comprehensive PDS, labor laws in farm sector and large land holdings by recovering about  Rs. 1,000 Lakh Crore (Trillion) Income Tax (45 % of above 2,200 Trillion) from about one million fake farmers as mentioned at -

https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3724  and by forfeiting public debt beyond consolidated funds of the governments which are in violation of Article 292 & 293 of the Constitution. But the GoI is not doing it.

(v)- As per laws related to permitted protests / demonstrations, all the registered 40 trade unions of SKM are legally expected to ensure that whosoever is the member of these unions and is at the protest site at Delhi border or in Delhi should wear a ID-card pinned on his chest on which the name of his / her trade union and his / her name and membership number as written in the membership register (which every registered trade union is supposed to maintain). Even the visitors at the protest site are supposed to wear visitor -ID cards provided by SKM. But neither SKM is doing it not the government is constraining them to do it before granting permission for protest / demonstration at Delhi border or in Delhi though it could have avoided said violence and Khalsa flag hoisting in Delhi on January 26 and will avoid any violence or any untoward incident in the future in this farmer’s agitation.

(4)- Some people in the USA are trying to give a religious color to this farmer’s agitation in Delhi and it has already disturbed the peace and law & order in the USA twice. India on Saturday condemned the vandalizing of a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in California on January 28 by unidentified persons, the second such incident in the US in little more than a month, and sought a thorough investigation into the matter. On December 12 too, a group of pro-Khalistan activists desecrated Mahatma Gandhi’s statue at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza in front of the Indian embassy in Washington, during a demonstration in support of farmers protesting against the three farm laws in India. A poster and a Khalistan flag were placed on the statue. As reported at https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/india-condemns-vandalising-of-mahatma-gandhi-s-statue-in-california-101611989874515.html

(5)- This Khalistan narrative in farmer’s protest is creating law & order problems not only in the USA but in the countries of its allies (UK, Canada etc) and the situation will further exacerbate if the USA doesn’t take proper action. For this, the USA should summon these people (and their organizations, who are agitating in the USA about this farmer’s agitation in Delhi) before the Committees of the US Congress etc like Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (TLHRC) or US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) or any other Commission or statutory body to constrain these people and their organizations (as other stack-holders) to file a petition in the Committee of the SCI (constituted for solving the problems created by said farmer’s agitation) as generally mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3746 . In this SCI Committee the agitating  farmers are not willing to participate because they don’t believe in peaceful legal remedies.

(6)- The USA should not forget that especially after August 5, 2019 [when India abolished / amended Article 370 and 35-A of the Constitution which removed special status of the J&K and converted the State into two union territories (which not only incensed Pakistan but also China which moved the UN too against this action of India) coupled with the membership of India of QUAD sponsored by the USA in order to contain China militarily, has resulted in military operations of China in Eastern Ladakh in early 2020 in order to humble & humiliate India. Hence China and especially Pakistan (which is pining to dismember India due to 1971 when India dismembered Pakistan, militarily by creating Bangladesh) will play the role of Russia (which it played for dismemberment of Ukraine) in converting India into another Ukraine.

Therefore it is hoped that Prez Biden will take appropriate action and measures, as mentioned above, so that India does not become another Ukraine due to seizure (and its ramifications) of India’s capital by the hundreds of thousands of protesting farmers, who along with the people in the government otherwise also have no firm-commitment to nonviolent peaceful legal solutions.

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