Overview of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's Life. By Jawed Panhwar


Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a great philosopher, educator, social reformer and politician. He was expert in Arabic, Persian, English, Mathematic and Holly Quran. He had opened his eyes 17th oct 1817.

When he was born at that time the sub-continent was under control of Mughal's they were the rulers of the time, his family used to associate with the Mughal empires and his father also worked in their royal family.

After the demise of his father, he had joined East India Company as a clerk later on he was promoted as judge and then civil judge due to his services and honesty.

After the war of independence when the bruisers captured and besieged sub-continent and ablated the Mughal empire, they were becoming festered for the Muslims if any offence used to happen, they drag the Muslims and they started to demoralized to the Muslims they used to torture them and restricted them at their homes their purpose was to weak the Muslims socially, physically as well as economically.

The situation was happening bad to worse for the Muslims than with the efficiency and intellectual thoughts Sir Syed Ahmed Khan aware the Muslims and specially he advised them if you want to save your privilege rights you should live accordingly under the British rulers if you feel infuriate you will gain loss.

Few years later as Hindus were well educated as compare to the Muslims so for the protection their own rights they made their party namely "Congress" which used to consist of pure Hindu community party so that thing frightened to the Sir Syed Ahmed khan because he thought if the Muslims will join the congress that will also give them huge loss because they give the first priority to save first their rights so he decided what may come I should keep the Muslims away from that party  and he restrained the Muslims for joining congress.

As he was British servant so he was also truly sincere with Britishers but he was also well-wisher of Muslims too so in that situation he started a "revolt moment” people thought that Muslims are betraying with britishers and they are giving the bamboozle to them but he illustrates that it is the moment to protect the rights of Muslims nothing else.

He established the scientific society in 1863 to educate the Muslims and literate them about modern education and then he also opened many schools in sub-continent for the Muslims education.

At first he used to believe in Hindu-Muslim community but later own he gave the concept of two nation theory which was meant that there are two nations and they are divide from each other socially, politically, religiously, as well as ethically he was founder of "Two Nation Theory".

He worked tirelessly and spectacularly to give the Muslims good status and he strived to restore the good relations between British and Muslims. Due to his

efforts, he showed his opponent that Muslims have also power and guts to grow. Hence he is known as "The father of Pakistan moment".

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