Without constraining GOP to follow the example of Pakistan (PDM), Trump can’t succeed in fight against alleged fraudulent 2020 US-Elections. By Hem Raj Jain


This is time for US-Christianity too, to wake-up: Even after electoral colleges on Monday approved Joe Biden as President elect, the Democrats are criticizing Republicans because they (GOP) are refusing to accept the outcome of the 2020 US elections as reported also at https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/15/politics/mitch-mcconnell-congratulates-joe-biden/index.html .

This refusal [of not only the Congressmen but the 2020 candidates (elected or not) of the Republicans (GOP) and the members & supporters of the GOP all across the USA] is quite understandable because notwithstanding what judiciary has so far said or would say in future, even Joe Biden & Kamala Harris can’t say especially about substantial number of postal ballots that on these -

“[The signatures of voters were verified and there was a system to check so that illegal immigrants do not vote, and postal ballots were not counted after November 3 voting day and Republicans were always allowed freely as observers and counting machines (like dominion) were not connected to internet where it could be manipulated by outsiders and no other voter fraud happened countrywide as alleged by the GOP]”.

The problem with the entire approach of Trump is that he has been depending wrongly only on legislatures & executives of the States (so-called battleground States) and on the Judiciary (Federal & States including their Supreme Courts) but has not mobilized his party the GOP in this fight against allegedly fraudulent US-elections 2020. Would Trump enlighten the people of the USA that if 2020 US-elections are fraudulent due to the above mentioned reasons then why is it only the election of President & vice-President of the USA which would be illegitimate & illegal ? Obviously Trump can’t have any tenable answer to this.

Therefore instead of unnecessarily wasting the time, energy and credibility of the US political system, Trump should ask the GOP to follow the example of Pakistan where the ‘Pakistan Democratic Movement’ (PDM of 11 opposition political parties) which ( like Trump about US-election 2020) believes that the 2018 elections in Pakistan were fraudulent hence there should be fresh elections. Therefore all the winning candidates of the PDM have been asked to tender their resignation (to be submitted by December 31 to their party leaders so that it can be given to the speaker of the Houses and Chairmen of the Senates of the States and Fed). Trump should know that in Pakistan the members of National and State Assemblies of the PDM have already started submitting their resignations to their respective party leaders.

Therefore Trump should immediately ask the GOP to constrain all its winning candidates of US-elections 2020 (Senators, Representatives of Fed & all the States, Governors etc who have won in allegedly fraudulent election) to resign so that a fresh election for these positions (including for President and Vice-President) can takes place in the USA on the basis of paper ballots and manual counting (without involvement of any type of machine in any of electoral process as Trump himself has demanded).

Trump should understand that elections are sine-qua-non for any democracy and fraudulent elections undermines the most powerful ideology of the modern world, the democracy which empowers every adult human being because in this age of unprecedented advance in modern science and technology every human being is important as he / she can contribute in technology & science (material, or life related or social). Hence a country will lose power proportional to the amount of fraud it allows in its electoral process.

Trump should further know that merely democracy is not enough, rather without rule-of-law the polity of the USA will gradually lose its predominant power.  All pervasive destruction of rule-of-law has already taken place in the USA by way of allowing millions of illegal immigrants to roam freely, snatching the jobs of legal residents and harming the law & order of the USA which is the result of thorough criminalization of the apparatus of the STATE of the USA. If the USA allows elected representatives to occupy the offices out of alleged fraudulent US- election 2020 (which is also not possible without thorough criminalization of the apparatus of the STATE of the USA) then the damage to the health of the polity of the USA may be fatal.

Here it is in context to add that the alleged fraud in any general election should be a matter of concern to US-Christianity too. The US-Christianity should understand that despite separation of Church from STATE, any religion is the custodian of the values of the society. The US-Christianity should further understand that despite being the religion followed by most powerful people there are reasons the so-called human rights friendly Christianity (which should have attracted the majority of world’s population in non-Christian world, which is suffering a lot) has failed to spread in the rest of mankind. 

This is for the simple reason that the Christianity has kept itself away from the basic concerns of its followers. It is high time the Christianity (especially the Christianity of the most powerful Christian country, the USA) becomes alive to the need of the mankind and does not leave entirely (on the political parties) the matters of fundamental importance & concerns to the people and instead (as a custodian of the values of the society) should keep a watchful eye on the important & vital activities of the STATE. It goes without saying that Trump as a practicing Christian should help US-Christianity in becoming relevant to not only the USA but to non-Christian world too.

Therefore Trump should  immediately ask his party the Republican (GOP) to constrain all its winning candidates (out of alleged fraudulent 2020 US-elections) to resign (with a copy to party leadership) so that fresh free & fair elections can take place in the USA with paper ballot and manual counting.

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