USA-Israel should know, If not stopped by India, military of nuclear Pakistan will become ‘Sword of Islam’ under Maulana. By Hem Raj Jain


Resignation of opposition from National & State Assemblies of Pakistan, will be game changer (ii)- Powerful Christian West is not interested in bringing Muslim world under its direct rule of liberal secular Western democracy (iii)- Secular democratic India should rule over Muslim world with the support of the West led by the USA

After the December 8-9 meeting of the ‘Pakistan Democratic Movement’ (PDM) all the 11 political parties of the PDM (which got about 70 % votes in 2018 elections and that too in allegedly rigged elections) have decided to resign by December 31 from the membership of the National and State Assemblies as reported at . These mass scale resignations by opposition are bound to make the long march to and Dharna (sit-in) at Islamabad (after Lahore Jalsa on December 13) by the PDM much more participatory, ferocious and violent.

Two major parties (PML-N & PPP) have agreed for the leadership (of the PDM) of Maulana (Chief of comparatively smaller party, the JUI-F) mainly due to the simple reason that they know (when push comes to shove) it will be Jihadis of Maulana who will win the battle by the PDM against the establishment of Pakistan.(including Jihadis who will come from Afghanistan which is the reason some members of the PDM do not want any border with Afghanistan as they demanded during a public meeting of the PDM where they threatened to remove the fencing at the border of Pakistan with Afghanistan)

The USA should also not forget that after becoming Chief of PDM in September end, Maulana said - “If Pak military does not mend its ways then its fate will be as humiliating as suffered by the military of the USA & its allies including NATO in Afghanistan at the hands of militant Jihadis”. The way the agitation of PDM [where Maulana is publicly threatening the establishment that ‘Danda’ (sticks) of Jihadis against the ‘Danda’ of the government and much more with no reaction from the security forces of Pakistan] is taking shape under the leadership of Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman along with the signs Pak military is projecting, it is obvious that Pak military is increasingly getting reconciled of becoming the ‘Sword of Islam’ under the leadership of Maulana (and it is not going to be for entire Islam as is evident from the speeches of Maulana who is spewing venom against the Qadiyani (Ahamadiya) Muslims of Pakistan)

The USA (the friend & protector of Israel and the leader of the free world) should know that if the government of nuclear Pakistan (headed by Maulana as President, which is increasingly becoming inevitable) comes under the influence of militant Jihadis then it is not merely the Kashmir problem with India which may be sought to be addressed by Pakistan with help of nukes but even the Palestine problem with Israel will be sought to be addressed by Pakistan with the threat of nuclear flare up especially in view of the fact that the new Muslim block of Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia etc are demanding hardline approach against Israel for the - solution of Palestine problem (which is nothing but one-State-solution which unfortunately is not being demanded by even Palestinians / Muslims).  

Such a dire situation does not get any relief due to the fact that the powerful Christian West is not interested in ruling over Muslim world in the interest of bringing human rights friendly liberal secular Western democracy in the Muslim world. As far as India is considered it is, as usual, adopting the ostrich approach. In a TV program by 'The Festival of Bharat' ( the participants rightly extolled the praiseworthy code of conduct followed by Hindu warriors (as mentioned also in Mahabharat of the time when rest of the world was barbarians by comparison). Though Hindus need not emulate the uncivilized behavior which Muslim invaders and even rulers had shown (mostly in the name of Islam) towards Hindus but at the same time Indians should know that the said uncivilized version of Islam is still present in this world surrounding India.  Hence unless Islam is tempered to adopt civilized behavior commensurate with human rights friendly secular democratic ideology of contemporary world, the Indians will never remain in peace.

The problem with India is that though Muslims (from Central Asia to NAME region) invaded and even ruled India with increasing degree for about 1,000 years since 8th to 18th century with horrible violence, but now when an opportunity has come for Indians to rule over the Muslim world with the support of the West led by the USA (even in the interest of human rights of hundreds of millions of Muslims who are weeping & bleeding profusely from Kashmir to NAME region) then the Hindu majority India (presently under the self-defeating communal ideology of 'Sangh Parivar' the BJP, RSS, etc) start getting pain in its stomach.

The Indians should know that they can easily rule the entire Muslim world in four stages as given below:-

(1)- By taking the advantage of the China factor the Indian Muslims should be asked to get justice by filing 6 writ petitions in the SCI (and corresponding petitions in NHRC for intervention in these proceedings of the SCI) and then by launching a Lobbying-NGO in the USA for moving the US - Prez / Congress / USCIRF for realizing the objectives of these NGOs, as mentioned at : - 

(2)- With US help, by realizing ‘Federation of Secular Democratic mini-SAARC’ of independent countries of India, Afghanistan, United J&K (if it opts for highly likely independence during plebiscite as mandated by IoA) and Balochistan [which was assimilated in Pakistan through an IoA under military pressure (unlike IoA of J&K to India which was signed without military pressure) and against the will of the representatives of Balochs as mentioned at ] which will opt for highly likely independence during plebiscite in Balochistan which Balochs are demanding. 

(3)- After said dual citizenship for about 160 million Hindus & Muslims who were displaced through illegal population transfer during partition (about 40 million Hindus having dual citizenship in each of Pakistan & Bangladesh) the said mini-SAARC, with US help, can be converted into SAARC which will have about 650 million Muslims in it (from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc) led by about 1,200 million Hindus. 

(4)- SAARC and  remaining Muslim countries can enter into a treaty of having political parties on mutual basis under security guarantee (internal & external) of the USA which will bring human rights friendly secular democracy in the entire Muslim world.

It is hoped that the USA & Israel will realize the present dangerous situation where - if India does not take the lead for bringing the entire Muslim world under its political & military control (with the help of the USA) through human rights friendly secular democracy then not only India but the USA & Israel should also be prepared to see a Caliphate (Sunni-Ayatollah) in nuclear Pakistan (with obvious threat to entire world)

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