In reply to RCEP, if USA provides political (IPPs) and military support to (starting from) India. By Hem Raj Jain


One thing the USA needs to learn from China is that while the West led by the USA has been taking superficial interest in affairs of the developing world, China ( an Asian large country which has immensely progressed economically, hence attractive to developing world) is interacting with them in a way which is economically promising to the countries of developing world of Asia, Africa and Latin America. This is bound to give advantage to Chinese democracy (with an authoritarian communist political model) over Western democracy (with universal adult franchise and liberal secularism) sooner than later and which will not leave the Western world unscathed. The USA should also realize that the US-military power will not depend merely on per capita income of the USA but on the total GDP of many allied countries which will support the leadership of US-military power. 

In a nutshell, due to Chinese challenge, the issue of economic progress in the developing world simply can’t be avoided any more by the West led by the USA. The recent launch of the ‘Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership’ (RCEP) of fifteen (mostly developing) countries which have formed the world's largest trading bloc, covering nearly 30 % of world population and third (even more if PPP is considered having potential of its own common currency replacing Dollar) of the global economy (as reported at ) should be an eye opener for the USA. 

No doubt Western democracy unleashes energies of its entire population (valuable in this age of unprecedented advance of modern science & technology) hence has potential of better overall progress (including economic) but the USA is making a fundamental mistake when it is still thinking that without political (‘International Political Parties’ - the IPPs) and military support these developing countries can practice Western democracy satisfactorily, on their own. The example of India is quite educative in this regard.

It is generally believed that the Muslim world (mostly non-democratic) is bleeding and weeping profusely and has not been able to progress due to the reason that it is practicing outdated theocracy. But India which adopted secular democracy since its independence in 1947 has also now come to standstill and is now regressing in every way (not only economically but even in terms of secularism) where Hindu majority India out of communal prejudices has deteriorated its relations with Muslims of the region to such an extent that it has started scaring the region of nuclear flare-up (also due to Kashmir problem).

It has now become evident that the West [which gave lot of lives and blood for about 200 years (around 17th century)  for achieving liberal secular democracy] was wrong in assuming that the developing world will be able to practice Western democracy on its own without political (IPPs) and military support from the West led by the USA. Therefore the USA if wants Western democracy to succeed in the developing world,  should do the following: -

(1)- First of all the USA should start from India (in the SAARC region, with English as link language) and this arrangement can be extended to Pakistan and Afghanistan (which will form the mini-SAARC). These three countries are now engulfed in serious problems which have the potential of destabilizing the region hence should be the priority for the USA.

(2)-  The USA should enter into a military treaty with India where its external security and internal security about human rights (HR) of the people (as violated grossly during 2002 in Gujarat or as happening presently in Kashmir at lesser scale) should be the responsibility of the USA. For protecting HR of the people in India the US-HR Commission for South Asia’ (USHRCSA) should be launched which will work in tandem with National and States HR Commissions of India and will recommend US-military intervention in cases of serious violation of HR in India (and of Indians with dual citizenship, as mentioned below, of Pakistan & Bangladesh). The USA can expect a fixed percentage of GDP as military expenditure from India (in consultation with the USA) and reasonable reimbursement of US expenses which would be incurred for external and internal security of India. The same arrangement the USA can do with Pakistan and Afghanistan (which will pave the way for mini-SARRC).

(3)- The USA should launch IPPs where the USA will be able to extend its political parties (registered for this purpose in India) in India .  Similarly Indian  political parties (registered for this purpose in the USA) can be extended to the USA.  These IPPs will be entitled to have party constitution of guest country and will be manned wholly by the people of the host country except some office bearers to ensure the proper functioning of these IPPs (like Secretaries at District, Division, State, Zonal and National level) from the guest country. This political system can be extended to other countries of mini-SAARC.  The egos of Indo-AF-Pak are inflated hence it is necessary that this political arrangement is made reciprocal so that it does not give an impression of colonization of SAARC by the USA.

(4)- Once this mini-SAARC is realized then the USA should make Dollar its currency with proper asset back-up with its Central bank in the USA and its branches in the countries of mini-SAARC. Here the USA should not be unnecessarily sensitive about making Gold etc as asset backup of Dollar currency (M-0) because nowadays most of the transactions are (or can increasingly be made) electronic-transfers hence the requirement of Gold back-up is extremely low and easily achievable. This proper asset back-up will take care of the legal loot which is presently going on across the world in the form of deficit financing through unbridle fiscal deficits (where currency is created in the air without any asset back-up).

(5)-  For the smooth transaction to mini-SAARC and then SAARC as a unified political entity based on democratic Secularism and federalism (where only martial matters will be with Centre and all civilian matters including natural resources will be with the States / Provinces) it is essential that the USA unnecessarily does not create hurdles in the legitimate requirement of China about ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) initiative and CPEC etc. China has every right to construct OBOR and CPEC etc for the purpose of building infrastructure for transporting its raw material and finished products as the West also did when it progressed economically. Even India should have welcomed it rather it should have offered Kandla port to China to give it access to Arabian Sea which reduces transport cost for China tremendously (as will be achieved through Gwadar port). This will reduce power consumption and carbon emission ( good for environment) which are desirable in this age of globalization. Only thing which should be ensured is that China should do it as per international norms & practices and China should not be allowed to use OBOR / CPEC etc for military and strategic purposes.

(6)- The USA should also ensure that the Indo-China border dispute does not come in the way of realizing said mini-SAARC and then SAARC. For this the USA should  take initiative in resolving border disputes between China & India (who are presently foolishly & irresponsibly engaged in military stand-off at Eastern Ladakh). The Indo-China border dispute is a legal dispute unlike India's dispute with Pakistan (which is a political dispute about united-J&K). Hence this Indo-China border dispute can easily be resolved if India refers it to the ‘UN Judicial Commission’ which China, as a permanent member of the UN, can’t refuse . If the USA wants to work for the independence of Tibet then of-course it is a different matter and the resolution of Indo-China border dispute can be postponed.

(7)- The USA can succeed in this project of mini-SAARC (and then SAARC) with IPPs, only when communalism is eradicated from Indian subcontinent and for this the USA will have to do the following: -

(i)- Not merely the UN resolution but even the ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) of J&K to India also mandates plebiscite in the united J&K. Hence the USA should constrain both India & Pakistan to ensure plebiscite in united-J&K and if it wants to become independent then it can be made another member of said mini-SAARC.  

(ii)- The USA should realize that the population of the Muslims in India has remained the same rather increased a bit to about 15 % (in addition to millions of illegal immigrants mainly in N-E of India) but about 20 % of the population, the Hindus were expelled from Pakistan and Bangladesh due to partition.  The communalization of the entire Indian subcontinent is mainly due to this illegal population transfer in which Hindus have more heart burns than Muslims. Hence the USA should ask India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to grant dual citizenship to about 160 million displaced people (about 80 million Hindus in India which is ~ 20% of the present population of Pakistan and Bangladesh) who were violently  expelled  through illegal population transfer during partition of India (similarly Muslims from India to Pakistan & Bangladesh).

It is hoped in order to ensure that the Western democracy can effectively flourish in developing world the USA, in reply to RCEP, will  provide political (IPPs) and military support to (starting from) India so that, as mentioned above, first mini-SAARC and then the SAARC can be realized in a meaningful way which will become a political model to emulate in rest of developing world. 

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