Democracy in USA captive of big money. GOP not bothered about postal ballot manipulations in entire USA except for Trump’s election . By Hem Raj Jain


Sub:- If the USA does not make democracy relevant to the ordinary people then Western democracy will lose to Chinese democracy.

Many reasons are given for the failure of Western democracy in bringing satisfaction to especially economically weaker sections even in advanced countries where unemployment and large income disparities have given rise to harmful populist policies of most of the political parties. Situation is worse in developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America which are practicing Western Democracy (liberal and secular) but have failed to make economic progress worth the name especially when compared to China which has achieved much higher economic progress in an authoritarian communist political model and which is posing threat to Western democracy all across the world starting from from nuclear Pakistan & India as mentioned at . To what extent the developing word is attracted towards Chinese democracy is evident from the interview given by Pakistan PM Imran Khan to a German magazine Der Spiegel on November 6 where he expressed his preference for Chinese model for the wellbeing of the people of Pakistan. 

But the main reason for the failure of Western democracy is the role of big money which is allowed to play a dominant role in the elections as in the USA which is the leader of the free world and is responsible for propagating Western democracy all across the world. How much huge money is required for Presidential election can be gauged from the statement of Hillary Clinton who as Secretary of State visited India and during a press talk (when asked whether she will be next Presidential candidate) said that it is impossible as she does not have so much money (it is a different matter that she could manage so much money and contested Presidential election in 2016),

One reason for huge money involved is that the entire USA is required to vote for President in contrast to other democracies (especially in the Parliamentary system) where the CEO is elected by members of Parliament hence the Prime Minister has to spend money to fight the election only in his Parliamentary constituency and not for the entire country. The USA also will have to change its constitution in such a way that its President is not required to contest election from the direct vote of the entire USA otherwise the pernicious influence of big money can’t be avoided in the USA.

Apart from unemployment and vulgar income disparities in the USA even the basic needs of the people the health care is also pathetically wanting. It is evident from the fact that rich & resourceful people like Prez Trump thankfully could survive but about 240,000 people died of Corona - virus as mentioned at . 

The main reason for the politics of any democracy coming under the influence of big money is the simple reason that money for election is spent not by his / her party but by the candidate which he / she mostly does not have. It is a matter of common sense that a person will mainly work for those who spend money for his / her election.  The elected representatives will work for the party if the party spends money for their election whereas they will work for big money if big money spends money for their election.

In most of the democracies across the world party funding is not transparent. Moreover even companies are allowed to contribute money to political parties and their candidates whereas natural persons (Company's shareholders, the owner of the company) are there who only should be allowed to give money for politics. This is an unethical practice because legal persons are invoked only when natural persons are not available such as idols of religious places or pilgrim centers earning huge money [such wrong practice of invoking legal person is going on regarding corporate tax also where corporate tax is levied wrongly on Companies (an illegal double taxation) when natural persons the owners of the companies are also taxed through Income Tax]. Hence contribution by companies to political parties and their candidates should be made an offence. 

In the USA to what extent big money has made the political parties’ captive, is evident from the behavior of the Republican Party (the GOP) which is trying very hard and making huge noise against the manipulation of 2020 Presidential elections through postal ballots as if only the Presidential election has taken place in 2020. On November 3, 2020, the United States held elections for the office of the President, 35 of the 100 seats in the US Senate and all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives. In addition to it Elections for States Houses and States Senates and their Governors were also held. 

In all these elections in the USA the postal ballots were used but the GOP is not making similar efforts or noise for its losing candidates of the Senates and Houses of US & States as it is making for Prez Trump. Rather the GOP should have demanded a hand audit of all the ballots (postal and booth polled) as is being done in Georgia for Prez Trump. Because hand audit of votes in the entire USA for all the polls of losing GOP candidates for US & States Houses and US & States Senates and Governors etc will require a lot of resources and time it is ethically expected that the GOP will demand fresh polls in the entire USA for all the just concluded elections of 2020.

Otherwise also the 2020 elections (for President, vice-President, Governors, Senates, Houses etc) where postal ballots were allowed is nothing but farce. Legally a postal ballot is no ballot because a person is required to go in person to cast the vote before presiding officer of the polling booth like a person going to a Court to file the complaint or petition or suit before the presiding officer of the Court or a member of Congress is required to to go in person before Presiding officer (Speaker of House or Chairman of Senate) to resign.

These IN PERSON requirement is legally necessary for ensuring the free, fair and serious expression of their solemn intent because these are  matters related to STATE POWER which somebody wants to either invoke (through Court or criminal proceedings) or wants to send his representative to National / State Legislatures through voting where they will make laws ( which will influence STATE POWER)  or wants to give up the responsibility of making laws (of influencing STATE POWER) by resigning from Congress and other Legislatures. The free, fair and serious expression of solemn intent in person is required in another equally important field too. For a valid marriage, man & women are required to say in person before the Father of Church or before the Registrar of marriage that they want to become husband  & wife and they can’t send this consent / vow through post.  

Postal ballots are allowed only for those people who are in government services working in places which are out of their constituencies but their postal ballots also are not sent directly rather are routed through their government departments. Due to Corona -pandemic the one day for voting can be extended to more days (even for few weeks) so that people can go in person to nearby polling booths (in a county or city office etc) so that less persons go for casting vote per day in order to ensure social / physical distancing.

Therefore, it is hoped that the GOP will not care only for Presidential candidate Trump and instead will do justice to all its losing candidates by demanding a fresh poll in all the elections of 2020 without postal ballot rather by voting in person which will go a long way not only in securing political rights of the people of the USA but will also give tremendous boost to Western democracy in its on-going fight with Chinese democracy (which is gaining increasing acceptability in developing world)


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