USA - after, Ata’s accusation, Sadiq’s revelation and Chinese fresh Ladakh aggression. By Hem Raj Jain


As if what happened at Quetta on October 25 which has created a threat of military / martial rule in Pakistan with the support of China for propagating Chinese democracy in the region (as mentioned at ) was not enough, the following three more following developments since then have taken place in Indo-Pak region which should constrain the USA (the leader of free world and responsible for spreading, across the world, the liberal Western democracy which is presently under serious threat from Chinese democracy) to work for ‘Federation of Secular Democratic mini-SAARC’ (FSD-mini-SAARC) :-  

(i)-  This month another terrorist attack this time at Peshawar on October 27 was carried out at religious school (reportedly killing 8 and injuring 120) which, as per leader of JUI-F Maulana Ata-ur-Rehman as he said on the floor of  National Assembly that Pak military carried it out in order to stop next PDM Jalsa at Peshawar from happening (as reported at )

whereas Pak Federal Minister Shaikh Rasheed has publicly said that the TTP has recently been joined by 6 terrorist organizations.

(ii)- On the floor of National Assembly of Pakistan its member and former speaker Ayaz Sadiq said that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told a meeting of Pakistan’s top leaders in February 2019 that Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan should be released otherwise India would attack Pakistan (as reported at ). Instead of asking Qureshi whether he said so, in Pakistan its media, army spokesperson, commentators  etc are criticizing Sadiq for disclosing this so-called secret. In other words, Pakistanis are trying to kill the messenger. Qureshi has not contested the said statement of Sadiq which proves that Pakistani military & government has been fooling / misleading their people about their military strength but in reality out of fear of Indian-military-power Pakistan released Abhinandan. It is high time Pakistan stop spending huge amounts in achieving military parity with economically much more powerful India and spend its money on the welfare of its people. 

(iii)- Similarly India is also spending huge amounts in order to match in military terms the economically much more powerful China which has not only refused to restore status-quo-ante of April 2020 at Eastern Ladakh but on October 29 Thupstan Chhewang, former BJP MP from Ladakh, has said that Chinese troops have further transgressed into Indian territory and occupied positions in Finger 2 and 3 of the north bank of Pangong Tso (lake) as reported at

In view of above-mentioned development, the USA should work for the realization of FSD-mini-SAARC as mentioned below in the interest of protecting & propagating Western democracy in Indian subcontinent: (1)- First and foremost the USA should understand that there are eight issues which need to be addressed which are preventing the establishment of liberal secular Western democracy in Indo-Pak region (i)- Communalization of Indian subcontinent due to illegal & forced population transfer during partition (ii)- Resentment in KPK, Balochistan and Sindh against atrocities by Punjabi dominated military in Pakistan (iii)- Problems created in united-J&K and Balochistan due to their  ‘Instrument of Accession’, the IoA. Despite mention in the IoA, India did not carry out a plebiscite in united J&K. Unlike the IoA of J&K to India which was signed by its ruler willingly and after Pakistan invaded it militarily, the IoA of Balochistan to Pakistan was procured under military pressure and against the will of the resolution passed by the representatives of the people as mentioned at . Hence many Balochs are agitating for independence of Balochistan (iv)- Absurd & unethical policy of the USA in Afghanistan where Taliban may be given place in government due to immediate withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan which is giving prestige to militant-Jihadis / terrorists in the entire SAARC region (v)- Unresolved Indo-China border dispute though unlike Indo-Pak political dispute of J&K the Indo-China border dispute is legal dispute and can easily be resolved through UN Judicial commission (vi)- Without mechanism for enforcing human rights in Indo-Pak region and without giving military security  to India from China the establishment of Western democracy in this region is impossible (vii)- The political unit of  FSD-mini-SAARC should be based on language the Hindi (with Devanagari script which is of Sanskrit too) which is used as language in two third of India by way of Hindi or its variants and by the users of Urdu (which uses grammar & syntax of Hindi) and in South India in their Hinduism religion and names of persons and places (viii)- The absurd prejudices of the USA against socialism which is nothing but join-capitalism, where like private capital the State capital is also deployed profitably especially for the welfare of the people [Though all the governments (of Republicans & Democrats in the USA) have been generating tens of trillions of Dollars of State-capital out of public debt through fiscal deficits and have been squandering it without deploying it profitably / competitively for the welfare of the people].

(2)- There was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’ etc hence the USA should work for removing the root cause of communalism in Indian subcontinent through dual citizenship for about 160 million people [about 80 million Hindus (about 20 % of present population) who were expelled from Pakistan & Bangladesh during partition similarly the descendants of Muslims who went to these countries from India].

(3)- In Afghanistan the India friendly government is still in power which is supported by the USA (which despite public posture, considers Pak responsible for US-military-failure in Afghanistan). The USA also considers Pak government under excessive influence of China and considers CPEC / Gwadar port projects in violation of international norms & practices (as mentioned at ) . Therefore the USA should take military (whatever needed) from India and should work for independent Pashtunistan , Balochistan, Sindhu-Desh - independent from Pakistan.  These independent countries of Afghanistan, Pashtunistan , Balochistan and Sindhu-Desh (later on united J&K too) can join as members of FSD-mini-SAARC (with equal number of Senators, as in the USA). Some parts of India and later on Pakistan & Bangladesh can also join this FSD-mini-SAARC as independent members if they like so.

(4)- Despite dual citizenship communalism will take time to disappear from Indian subcontinent, hence the USA should (through treaty) provide military guarantee for the enforcement of human rights in FSD-mini-SAARC through a mechanism of National & States Human Rights commissions in FSD-mini-SAARC under command & control of ‘US Human Rights Commission for South Asia’ which may intervene even militarily against erring governments in FSD-mini-SAARC. The USA should also guarantee security to FSD-mini-SAARC against any external aggression by way of military treaty where FSD-mini-SAARC (in consultation with the USA) will spend certain agreed percentage of its GDP on military expenditures but the ultimate responsibility of the security of the FSD-mini-SAARC will be with the USA.

(5)- As far as language issues of FSD-mini-SAARC its people will sort it out. No doubt North Indians do not have any right to impose Hindi Language (new Devanagari script with additional dots on computer to take care of Urdu & South Indian languages, is a different matter) on South Indians but at the same time South Indians also do not have any right to prevent the North Indians from developing their native language to the level where doctors , engineers, scientists etc will be able to work in their native language especially given the fact that every economically developed country is developed because it is working in its native language (like USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China etc).

(6)-  The USA should ensure that India works for the  recovery of  about Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore income tax (45 % of over 2,200 Lakh crore) from about one million tax evaders (who illegally showed it as agriculture income as was discussed in Parliament in March, 2016 as reported at ). This huge money of Rs about 1,000 Trillion State-capital can be used by India for the economic progress of FSD-mini-SAARC.

(7)- As far Indo-China border dispute it can wait for said US-military guarantee to FSD-mini-SAARC and afterwards it can be addressed depending on whether USA wants to work for the independence of Tibet as per the legislation (H.R. 6948) [which Congressman Scott Perry , on May 19 introduced  to the ‘US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs’. A bill to authorize the President to recognize the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China as a separate, independent country, and for other purposes]. 

It is hoped that after November 3 presidential elections the new US-administration (whether Republican or Democrat) at White House will take the establishment of liberal secular Western democracy in South Asia,  seriously which will go a long way in propagating it in rest of Asia, Africa and Latin America because it needs direct involvement of the USA if Western democracy has to win against Chinese democracy which is now menacingly poised to spread in these developing countries.

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