Christianity should question healthcare system in USA. By Hem Raj Jain


It is a matter of great satisfaction and pleasure for all the people in and of the USA that President Donald Trump has recovered from Corona-virus (Covid-19) as is evident from the fact that he could participate in the Presidential debate on October 22, 2020. The people in the USA also wish good health for Prez Trump, for the rest of his life.

At the same time, it has raised a serious question. Nobody in the USA (including Presidential candidate Joe Biden) is asking Prez Trump that despite being male, obese, advanced age of 74 years and without strict-quarantine (claimed to be factors which make a person more prone to Corona and pose serious threat to patient of Corona) if he could survive then what is the reason that 230,000 (two hundred thirty thousand) people (mostly from economically humble back-ground) have died from Corona this year in the USA, the so-called richest country of the world. Obviously these unfortunate 230,000 people did not get good / proper treatment as Trump got.

The Politicians (including Trump & Biden from main political parties the Republicans and Democrats) are not saying anything about it. This can be understood because politicians in the USA do not bother for the well-being of the economically humble people. But it is surprising that even the Christianity (religion of the overwhelming majority of the people in the USA), which is supposed to be the custodian of the values of the society, is also silent on it. Like religion in any other country the Christianity enjoys immense wealth and influence in the USA but like religions in other countries the Christianity in the USA is also not concerned about the well-being of the economically humble people.

This problem of healthcare for the economically humble people can easily be solved through the system of ‘Employees State Insurance’ (ESI) which will be financed by employees (including from unorganized sectors), employers and government and will be managed by the representatives of these contributors. This ESI will provide free healthcare to all. But Republicans & Democrats are hostage to private capital (sector) and don't want people or State to take the responsibility of the healthcare of the people. Though all the governments (of Republicans & Democrats) have been generating tens of trillions of Dollars of State-capital out of public debt through fiscal deficits and have been squandering it without deploying it profitably / competitively.

This callousness towards the healthcare of the economically humble people is being perpetuating in the name of opposing socialism in the USA by spreading a false propaganda about socialism, which is nothing but join-capitalism, where like private capital the State capital is also deployed profitably especially for the welfare of the people.

It is hoped that while enjoying immense wealth & influence the US - Christianity will start (in consonance with the core belief of the Christianity, the human rights) caring about the wellbeing of the economically humble people in the USA by recommending said ESI but before that by first asking from all the candidates of 2020 elections (including President, Congress State Legislatures) that  if Trump (thankfully) survived then why 230,000 people died from Corona in the USA ?

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