Christian struggles for Pakistan: By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


After the seven decades, where is a Pakistan’ foundational stand? it is a tragic point to think for think tanks, scholars, philosophers, poets, writers, sincere politician, pastors, Bishops and judiciary for the bright future of upcoming generations of Pakistan. Seven decades’ photo of Pakistan looked like excessive crushed under the substantial racialism, corruption and discrimination. In spite of the serious spirit of nationalism. It seemed that inhabitants of Pakistan are non – serious about nationalism for the upcoming generations’ future and humanity. Nobody can see real vision of Pakistan on the progressive peak but It had been presenting horrible picture of racialism, discrimination, corruption and terrorists in the eyes of entire world through News channels.

Because there is no certainty to live as good citizens in Pakistan for everyone. Even having Law & Orders, security and esteemed organizational structures but everyone still feel unsafe from all aspects of life. Majority is grinding in the system of racialism rather than true spirit of nationalism. Humanity is below the standard of humanity.  What does it mean? Why national educational system was not on the standard of national spirit and humanity? but it was on significant racialism, hate and discrimination.  

The existence of Pakistan is an outcome the vision of Poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Later, Quaid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah worked out with the talent of leadership on the vision. Quaid – e – Azam explained in his speech* that a country is not for religion’ sects. Quaid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that “a country has no concern with religions”. A country’ people respect nationalism as “Pakistanis” more than religions. A religion is an individual matter of fact for the paradise or hell. Paradise or hell is an outcome of Individual’ acts. Because a country was made with different nation’s struggle and hardships. Bitter realities of Pakistan history before creation are the dignity of humanity.

Brief History preview

Indian Congress came into the existence 1884. At that time Muslim, Sikh and Hindus were struggling to get freedom from English Government. Molana Abu Al Kalam Azad, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir Allama Iqbal, other Muslim leaders and religious organization were struggling for the freedom of Hindustan. There is national song of Hindustan by Poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Hindi hay Ham Vaatin Hindustan Hamara

Ham Bulbulain hay Isky Ya Gulistan Hamara.

This song of Allama Muhammad Iqbal gives the fragrance of patriotism with Hindustan. It also gives a delicate spirit of sincerity. It does not give spirit of racialism and discrimination. Motivation of the song is personal belonging as national patriotic citizen. It also shows that sweat birds are happily singing.

Later, Muslim League came into the existence in 1906. First president was Sir Aga Khan who had been living in England and founder of Ishmael denomination. Then president of Muslim League was Muhammad Shafi. Muhammad Ali Jinnah had been in the Congress till 1920 who was called as Quaid – e – Azam later. Then he joined Muslim League. Religious disputes started among Hindus and Muslim in the Congress 1923 – 1928. What was reason?  Muslim should leave congress and join Muslim League. But there was no fruitful success from these disputes. Muslim religious and political parties had been against Muslim League of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Majority of Muslim never left the Hindustan but ruling with Hindus in India. Christian’ role is a great for the establishment of Pakistan. See recorded the views of Chaudry Zafer Ullah Khan who wrote in his Autobiography. There was great need to make units in different areas of Hindustan even it was also being discussed on the Newspapers about making units. Muslim’ side was weak in majority, Ludina area was going to be declared as Non – Muslim area. There were some areas where Muslim were not in the majority even Hindus but Christian were in majority. If Christian of that area will join any group, they would become majority. Then Christian gave favor to Muslim league. 

But unfortunately, later; Christian had been deceived by their trust on the Muslim, what they were thinking about Muslim? Muslim worshiped one God, they may respect Christian. Muslim had been minority in Hindustan; they might give favor to Christian minority. Christian might be proved wrong to vote Muslim after the existence of Pakistan.  It is a tragedy that Christian’ rights had been exploited by Muslim majority in every department of life. Meanwhile when English Government was going to separate Muslim and Hindus on basis of religion. Christian could ask for the separate country but they did help Muslim to make Pakistan.

There were two prominent political parties at that time; first congress and second Muslim League. Even Christian had also Christian parties but they were peaceful. Christian were not seeking freedom from English Government. One of the strongest party of Christian Indian Christian Association*, president of Punjab MLA SP Singha. It came into the existence in 1934. Members of Christian group, BM Raolia Ram who was Headmaster of the Mission High School Lahore and Non – Muslim leaders even they don’t belong to Christianity. SP Singha was member of Punjab Assembly in 1936. Congress had great power in the Hindustan. Units were formed from both parties. Sir Selandar Hayat strongly favored English government; he did not want English Government leave Hindustan. But English Government had been forced to do partition. 

There was no help of Hindus and Muslim’ religious and political groups to establish Pakistan. Because Muslim did not like Quid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Christian might demand separate Christian state as third biggest minority in Hindustan. But Christian had been sending favor to the boundary commission for Pakistan and voted the well qualified leader Quaid – e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on June 1947.  

Before Boundary commission, SP Singha invited Quid – E – Azam in Lahore and Nawab Khan Mumdot also joined this meeting for mutual consultation. Because British Government wanted to give favor to Muslim League of Quaid – E – Azam. Muhammad Ali Jinnah promised with Christian nation. Christian will be sacred Trust (Mukadus Amanat) for Pakistan. Pakistan will respect Christian to have equal rights in the National and Provincial assemblies. Christian’ protection, rights and lives will be our duties of Pakistani Leaders.  But all promises became lies after the death of Quaid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Why the promises were not fulfilled practically? Because racialism rejected the founder of Pakistan Quaid – E – Azam’ vision. Racialism started among nations of Pakistan due to bias mentalities. 

Racial spirits mainly condemn Christian’ right and humans’ values after the existence of Pakistan. Racial spirits started forced conversion against sacred trust (Mukadas Amanat) of the founder of Pakistan “Quaid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Now It had become terrible to trust someone in this world. Now people give lesson to fellow humans that don’t trust anyone.

It is tragedy that humans don’t want to be trustworthy. Sacred trust became now scared trust. It means that humans had become so much selfish. Current situation of Christian nation is below the humanity’ standard. How our basic rights had been exploited in these seven decades? It is terrible experience of trusting.

 But Christian had been trustworthy in their promises with Muslim, Christian proved when Akali Dil’s leader, Master Tara Sing declared loudly on the stares of Punjab Assembly. Who will ask Pakistan? They will get graveyard. There were 88 Muslim League members of Punjab Assembly, nobody dared to answer Hindus’ leader Master Tara Singh. But Christian leader SP Singha answered that we will face your fires on our chest but we will make Pakistan without any fear. It was proof of the faithful and trustworthy promise with Muslim on the right time.                                  

Dialogues of Hindus Leader Master Tara Singh and Christian Leader SP Singha on the stares of Punjab Assembly in Hindi Urdu translation.

Master Tara Singh: Jo Maange Ga Pakistan Ussay Meele Ga Kabristan.

Christian leader SP Singha:  Seenay pae Goli Khahay gay Pakistan Banaye Gay.

In this way, Pakistan came into existence. People who were closed to Quid – E – Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, they realized the struggles of Christian nation for Pakistan. How Christian helped to make Pakistan.  Christian’ role with Muslims had been always good in accordance with Islamic History.

Fact: - 1. A Christian, Warqa Bin Nofil was first evidence of prophesy in the beginning of Islam.

2. Habsha’ Christian King gave shelter to Muslim, disciple of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who came to get shelter. Christian King got enmity with Arab by refusing and giving them back to Arab.

3. Christian with children got martyrdom by giving favor of drinking water to the Muslim in the Karba war. 

4. Christian did perform good human acts to bury dead Muslim in the graveyard and save them from wild animals and birds in the war of the Karba.

5. Christian gave veils to women when prisoner Muslim’ women had been unveiled from head and feet in the war of Karba.   

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