World may not respect Monroe doctrine for long. USA should shed isolationism and learn to live in competitive & unitary world. By Hem Raj Jain


The message from Chinese President & Prime Minister to their counterparts in Cuba to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their bilateral diplomatic relations (as reported at ) should be seen in the background that two years ago China installed electronic spy facility in Cuba. Now China is looking forward to an opportunity to establish military assets in Latin American & US-neighboring island countries where China has already extended its ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ (BRI) project and where China has already started giving financial / economic help to some of these countries (it will be something like what China did in Pakistan when it was also under the influence of the USA). The USA should not remain under the delusion that the world will respect Monroe doctrine eternally (brief history of Monroe doctrine is given below which in effect considers its neighborhood as monopoly of the USA and its exclusive area of influence)

“[During the president’s message to Congress in 1823 Monroe expressed the basic tenets of what would later become known as the Monroe Doctrine according to which the Old World and the New World were fundamentally different, and should be two different spheres of influence. In 1904 President Roosevelt claimed the U.S. government’s right to intervene to stop European creditors who were threatening armed intervention in order to collect debts in Latin American countries. President Kennedy invoked the Monroe Doctrine during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when he ordered a naval and air quarantine of Cuba after the Soviet Union began building missile-launching sites there. In the 1980s, President Reagan similarly used Monroe doctrine to justify U.S. intervention in El Salvador and Nicaragua, while President Bush (Sr) similarly sanctioned a U.S. invasion of Panama to oust Manuel Noriega in 1989]”.

Now when China has emerged as world power to reckon-with and when the USA is having its military assets around the world including around China (in South & East China Sea too) then China also has every right under international laws to have its military assets in those countries which hitherto were considered out of reach to other countries under self-proclaimed ‘Monroe doctrine’ of the USA. Hence it is merely a matter of time that China gets a foothold in some country in the immediate neighborhood of the USA where China would have its military assets (including naval base, missiles etc). Therefore, it is time the USA prepares itself to survive in a competitive world where the USA will also have to operate & survive like any other country of the world. But it is easier said than done for the simple reason that the USA has made some fundamental political mistakes (which have harmed the USA) out of its historical isolationist mindset which now the USA should shed for good, if the USA still wants to maintain its predominance in global affairs. 

After World War II when the USA dissolved ‘League of Nations’ and launched The United Nations (UN) on its soil, it made a fundamental mistake because the USA did not realize that only the inheritors of the Greco-Roman civilization (Europe and Europe-origin countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc) are the only people who (when in comfortable majority) are capable of running the democracy. Most other people from Asia, Africa, Latin America etc are simply incapable of running their country satisfactorily through democracy. This is the reason an Asian country China could progress and become so powerful not through democracy but through authoritarian communist rule. This is the reason China will find it easy to propagate ‘Chinese democracy’ (through hegemony over authoritarian regimes) in Asia, Africa, Latin America etc specially in contemporary world where due to IT revolution (internet, mobile, TV) the economically humble people of Asia, Africa, Latin America etc are seeing economic progress in some parts of the world hence they also want better living conditions without any further delay and which China is promising to them (also through BRI).

The USA  [which erroneously thought that by merely adopting secular democratic constitution (as India did) these non-European countries will also be able to practice the Western democracy satisfactorily] rather should have enforced the Western democracy by military power through the mechanism of ICCPR of the UN where instead of optional protocol OP-1 the mandatory protocol MP-1 would ensure (even militarily) that not merely the governments but even the citizens of the member countries (who are progressive and believe in Americanism / Western democracy) are able to move the UN for securing their human rights against the ‘erring governments of their countries’ which try to browbeat the progressive elements of their country.  

Now this fundamental mistake has started harming the USA. China is on its way to bring the majority of the world's population under its hegemony which in due course of time will make authoritarian China economically / militarily more powerful than the leader of the free world, the USA. The USA (when China has already started militarily from its immediate neighborhood, the enlargement of the area of its influence) is still not realizing that military power is needed to propagate any ideology. When the West (led by the USA) is not interested in propagating Western democracy then newly emerged power China is trying to propagate Chinese democracy at least in Asia starting from militarily crucial countries India & Pakistan. By taking military initiative China has already won the first round of fight between Western democracy & Chinese democracy by militarily humiliating India (the most important US-ally in this region) at Eastern Ladakh.

Now authoritarian China can easily control Pakistan through its military whereas India through its Brahmins (RSS). Once India & Pakistan come under Chinese hegemony & Chinese type of democracy it will only be a matter of time that remaining countries of the Indo-China region (having about 40 % of world’s population) also do so (as mentioned below) unless the USA adopts & propagates Americanism with integrity backed by military power: -

The USA has done maximum harm to global order by insisting that despite comparatively high wages / salaries in the USA it will provide employment to all its working age people on the soil of the USA. Rather the USA (instead of giving its capital to the companies of other countries) should have asked US-companies to use this capital to start their own companies in other countries where 10 to 15 % of employees (managerial, supervisory, skilled and unskilled workers) can be the citizens of the USA (at wages / salaries of the USA which can easily be accommodated without harming viability of such US-companies in foreign countries rather it will solve problem of unemployment in the USA in much better way). 

The way millions of illegal immigrants are moving freely in the USA (snatching jobs from the legal residents / citizens of the USA) without being identified and tracked [what to talk of deportation or commensurate exclusive mineral rights from their host countries (and some reasonable fine on these illegal immigrants) in lieu of granting legal status to these illegal immigrants] it has sullied the record of the USA about its commitment to rule-of-law even within the USA. 

In addition to lack of commitment to rule-of-law (national & international), one more fundamental mistake the USA has made about the UN which is that the USA has forgotten the principle on which it fought the war of independence against Britain. In 1776 the USA (it’s 13 colonies) said that ‘no taxation without representation’ because Britain was not prepared to accommodate in its Parliament the people’s representatives from these colonies but was collecting tax from these colonies. Now the USA wants to do the same in the UN what Britain did to13 colonies of the USA in the 1770s. The USA has accepted veto power to 5 countries (which ironically are responsible for most of the present global problems) but wants every member country of the UN to share the burden of not only money but also the lives & blood (through UN - Peace Keeping Force). Therefore the USA should rectify its mistake (which is patently anti-democracy) and should start working for amendment in the constitution of the UN where there will be no veto right rather every member will be entitled to vote as per its contribution of money (generally proportional to its GDP) and men & material (including martial) to the UN and commensurate with its record about human rights. The USA should not listen to countries like India which wants to join this privileged veto group while leaving other member countries without any voting right in the UN Security Council.

It is hoped that the leader of free world the USA will understand that the few people in governments and some business interests in these economically humble countries may be interested in Americans (in similar fields) but the majority of people in these countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America etc are interested in Americanism which the USA has given goodbye to, for some time. Hence unless the USA takes the propagation of Americanism all across the world seriously with integrity backed by military power (as a mission), the predominant era of the USA will be relegated to history & memory for the simple reason that whether some people like it or not in this age of democracy, majority of mankind matters.

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