USA facing huge problem as NOW China will decide future of Western democracy in India & Pakistan. By Hem Raj Jain


It is not the first time that the people across the world got surprised / amused on the use of the words ‘Democracy in China’ by Chinese leaders when President Xi Jinping used democracy in China in his UNGA 2020 speech (as given at ) . Even last year at a plenary session Xi talked about Chinese democracy (as reported at  where Xi said that “policy decisions by the Chinese Communist Party are made through a system that is completely democratic in a Chinese sense”.

Earlier no one was giving any importance to this ideological formulation of China because people thought that China is an overpopulated poor country like most other countries of Indo-Pacific region. But now China becoming a world power to reckon-with (especially, when as compared to China, the highly populated democracies like India and aspiring democracy Pakistan have remained poor and have failed to provide better life to their citizens) this debate of Western (led by the so-called leader of free world the USA) type of democracy (with universal adult franchise & separation of military from political process) v/s Chinese democracy has necessitated urgent consideration. 

Everyone is talking about democracy because it is the modern political ideology as it brings power to the State for the simple reason that in contemporary world power comes from modern science & technology which is developed by the people hence empowering people (through democracy)  tantamount to making the State more powerful militarily too which crucially depends on economic progress of the State.  Indo-China region has about 40 % of world’s population hence if Western democracy has failed to bring prosperity & military power to its followers in this region then the successful (in this regard) model of Chinese democracy is bound to bring rest of the countries of Indo-China region under the political model of Chinese democracy (as mentioned below) and this is bound to create huge economic, political, strategic and military problems for the West (led by the USA): -

(1)- Presently there is a serious political turmoil in Pakistan after September 20 speech of former PM Nawaz Sharif to the ‘All Party Conference’ (APC) where all opposition parties have launched ‘Pakistan Democratic Movement’ (PDM)  for the civilian supremacy in Pakistan where as per APC the Pakistan military unconstitutionally controls the various organs and process of the State of Pakistan.

(2)- In view of the mention of Pak Foreign Minister Qureshi’s statement against Saudi Arabia (about its neglect of Kashmir issue in OIC) in Nawaz Sharif’s said speech at APC, many commentators (including strategic and India bashing government functionaries) in Pakistani media are saying that this APC / PDM is sponsored / instigated by USA, Israel, India and some Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia etc) who want militarily to wean Pakistan away from China. If it is true then this USA & Co. should know that after Eastern Ladakh episode (where China is refusing to restore status-quo-ante of April 2020) Pakistan sees ONLY China as an  ally who can militarily get remaining J&K (or at least Muslim Kashmir) from India to Pakistan. Moreover Islam which has media-reportedly given lives of about one hundred thousand Muslims for J&K will not allow theocratic government of Pakistan to forget J&K. Therefore if this USA & Co. think that without solving the Kashmir problem now Pakistan will leave military alliance with China, then they are living in their make believe world.

(3)- In Pakistan the task of China is much easier. Even if all the opposition parties resign from State & National Assemblies which is claimed by APC to  create serious problem for government and the so-called establishment (the Pakistan military) what China has to do is to simply ask Pak government & its military to arrest all these people’s representatives & office bearers of the opposition parties of Pakistan and in due course of time this PDM will fizzle-out. As far as killing of some or even a considerable number of people during said arrests there should not be any problem for the Pakistan military (predominantly from Punjab) to do it in other provinces (as it has been already doing so) and even in Punjab.  China can always constrain Pak government & military to do it as China does not have any qualms & compunction about it as China has done so with its large number of people throughout the history of communist regime in China.  

(4)- The situation in India is different. Unlike India, in Pakistan its military has a very different mindset [The people in Pakistan military are the descendants of the Muslims who ruled and conquered India for about one thousand years from 8th to 18th century (this is the reason the military of Bangladesh will never think in such a way). Hence Pakistan military never allows the civilian government of Pakistan to do anything which will put Pak military in poor light vis-a-vis Indian military. This was the reason, notwithstanding public postures by Pakistani authorities, the former PM Bhutto was hanged during military rule in Pakistan as mainly he was considered politically responsible by the Pak military for the loss of East Pakistan, presently Bangladesh, in 1971].  In India its military does not have such self-importance mindset because due to Brahminism of Hindu order the warrior class (the ‘Kshatriyas’ or martial element) of the Hindu majority India submit to the Brahmins of the Hindu order. Hence China will have to take a different route to bring India under its political / military control. In a nutshell in Pakistan China has to bring its military under control whereas in India, China has to bring its Brahmins under control.

(5)- Fortunately for China there has been a preference for socialist form of economic & political model in India as the West (led by the USA) has been complaining since India became independent (it was loud & clear during rule of Nehru & Indira Gandhi but it has never left India after that also even during the BJP led governments). Very few people understand that it is also due to Brahmanism which wants to keep the Businessmen (the Banias of Hindu order) at a subordinate place. Moreover due to the present form of reservation the Indians are unfit for Western democracy. There is nothing wrong in reservation especially to those sections of society who can’t get adequate representation in government services (hence can be given to any identifiable human group whichever demands reservation commensurate with its percentage in population). But it should not be given with a demoralizing tag in the name of the oppressed (Dalits), backward etc as it demoralizes the beneficiaries (which is majority of Hindus). Moreover demoralized people not only can’t get justice but also can’t run democracy. This is the main reason that India is neither concerned about economic progress nor opposed effectively the economic persecution of India by governments through demonetization and unprepared Corona-lockdown. 

(6)- China knows that despite talks of about one third territory of India under Naxalism (militant Marxism) these Naxalites can’t bring Chinese rule / hegemony in India. But China must be knowing that it can easily rule India through RSS (‘Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh’ an outfit of Hindutva forces which controls the BJP, the ruling party and it's all the MPs, MLAs and even it’s government functionaries including PM Modi). Fortunately for China due to Eastern Ladakh episode now India (rather RSS) has realized the importance of economic progress, which China can help India in achieving.

(7)-  Fortunately for China the RSS has gained strangulating control over all the organs of Indian State [including higher judiciary as has been evident during Babri-Masjid case, writs (including habeas-corpus petitions) about J&K after August 5 , 2019 etc]. Hence it will be very easy for China to rule India through Brahmanical RSS (to which martial element of India will also submit according to Hindu order) merely by creating a place for RSS in the constitutional arrangement & governance of India.

(8)- Here China has immense advantage as it need not destroy the Western type of democracy presently being practiced in India and instead will merely have to make its parody by accommodating the RSS in an mandatory advisory body something like ‘National Advisory Council’ (NAC of which Sonia Gandhi of Congress was Chairperson). For this NAC the RSS representatives need not contest elections and can be nominated by the Member of both the Houses of Parliament (where BJP is in majority) and which will be like the ‘Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party’ hence this NAC will control every organ of Indian State.

(9)- As far keeping India under rule / hegemony of China through RSS filled NAC during the period when China will help India in its economic progress, it should not be difficult for China as China has already developed an expertise in these matters out of its experience in Pakistan through CPEC & Gwadar port projects.

Once two militarily somewhat-powerful nuclear countries India & Pakistan come under Chinese hegemony it will only be a matter of time that other countries of the Indo-China region also do so. Therefore the USA which thus far has taken its predominance in global affairs for granted is now in real political trouble at the hands of China which is bound to bring about 40 % of the world's population (in its immediate neighborhood) under its hegemony, if the USA, without any further delay, does not adopt Americanism with integrity

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