Patriotic Christian Spirit for Nationalism in Pakistan. By Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti


Pakistan' history starts from India. History clearly explains that how Christian leaders had been effectively supporting the founder of Pakistan " Muhammad Ali Jinnah' ideology" for an existence of Pakistan. Hindu leaders raised many questions about Pakistan' existence.

A Hindu leader “Jowar Lal Nehro” asked to Muhammad Ali Jinnah in “Simla Round Table Conference 1946”. The piece of land that you are claiming for Muslim. Have you schools, colleges, Hospitals or any other Institutions of Muslim for the existence of Pakistan from India?

A Christian leader “SP Singha” replied to hindu leader "Jowar Lal Nehro" in favor of Quaid - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to support the existence of Pakistan.  All Christian’s schools, colleges, hospitals or institutions are for equal human rights to support Pakistan' existence. Christian leader replied to Hindu leader in favor of Quaid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in "Simla Round Table Conference 1946" due to disputes among Muslim and Hindus on lower levels that were going to rise up to higher levels. 

Five most important Christian leaders who vote for the biggest province of Punjab, Pakistan to include in the existence of Pakistan.  SP Singha, C I Kivin, Chaudhry Fazal Allahe, Joshua Fazal ul Din and Chaudhry Chando Lal. Due to the struggle of these five personalities, Punjab province was included in Pakistan’ creation.    

Faith is a main source of attitude, Christian leader SP Singha wanted to see peace among Hindu and Muslim. Christian votes for the existence of Pakistan. Even Christian leaders offered all Christian' institutions for the peace among Hindu and Muslim. British Government also accepted the existence of Pakistan. Pakistan came into existence on 14 August 1947. But irony of fate, Muslim leaders' attitude drastically changed with Christian after the existence of Pakistan.

Pakistani' leaders ruling system came into the hands of racial minded leaders. They strongly condemned the national spirit of Christian citizens of Pakistan who sacrificed for Pakistan. Muslim forgot sacrifices of Christian leaders who offered their institutions to educate New Country Pakistan. The first gift after the existence of Pakistan for Christian field workers in Pakistan that was small pieces of Agriculture land given by the Founder of Pakistan " Quaid - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. But These pieces of Agriculture land were snatched by Ayub Regime from Christian field workers in 1958.

Christian field workers became helpless and hopeless; they left villages and tried to settle in other cities. They could not find any respectable job or labor. Christian were forced to do the least menial jobs such as to clean roads, sewerage and house of Muslim Landlord. Human rights of founding voters - Christian citizens of Pakistan had been condemned for the cause of racialism. So the bright chapter of human values changed into the darkness of religious discrimination. Darkest chapter started for Christian communities in early Pakistan. Then there is a recorded series of persecution since 1948. Christian communities' persecution turned into daily routine till date. But now it has been increased exceedingly in Pakistan.

It is also a tragedy, now there is no British Government over the sub- continent to ask for Justice and ask for separated peaceful land for persecuted Christian communities. Now there is only a United Nations Organization that can do justice with the persecuted Christian communities. It is a tragedy that the UN office* was also attacked by extremists in the capital city Islamabad, Pakistan in 2009.  UN closes offices in Pakistan.  The Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing occurred on the night of 20 September 2008, when a dump truck filled with explosives was detonated in front of the Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, killing at least 54 people, injuring at least 266.  

It is a tragic story of Pakistan and India. India was divided based on two nation theory. Two Nation Theory is being taught in the national curriculum in national educational academies as a social study subject in schools, colleges and universities. Hindus and Muslim are two nations that cannot live together but two nations theory was ideologically proved wrong in India and Pakistan. 

Majority of bias Muslim did not want to move from India to new Pakistan. Majority of Muslim leaders did not support the ideology of Quid - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Most of Muslim leaders called the founder of Pakistan – Quaid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as infidel before the existence of Pakistan. But Christian Leaders supported Founder of Pakistan, Quaid - E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the creation of Pakistan.

Irony of fate is about the Founder of Pakistan, why Muslim leaders called Muhammad Ali Jinnah as infidel? Why majority of Muslim leaders did not support and follow Quaid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’ ideology? There were so many confusions and conflict in the mind of Muslim leaders to move from India. Quaid – E - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’ father was converted Muslim from Hinduism. Majority of Muslim may not like Quaid – E – Azam due to his father’ conversion to Islam. They called Muhammad Ali Jinnah as infidel. His grandFather was expelled from Hindus communities due to fishing business because they were vegetarian. Muhammad Ali Jinnah’ father started business in Karachi, Pakistan.    

It is crystal clear fact, Hindus and Muslim are ruling together in India and Pakistan with harmony and peace somehow; they have no problem with each other. They don’t hate each other, even China and Russia. Is it two nation theory? 

But now It is also crystal clear that showed Christian are stateless under yoke of slavery in this part of the world. Bibles, Christian colonies, churches, Christian villages was burnt in Pakistan, even live burning case, forced conversion, forced marriages, rate of raping cases, fraud cases of property and property snatching cases from innocent and simple heart Christian families.

Even now blasphemy 295 A B C Law is being misused as a threat to blackmail poorest, simple hearted and righteous families. It clearly seems that there is no law to implement for the justice of Christian. Because It is recorded fact, Judges cannot do justice due to mob slogan before courts.  Judges are scared due to extreme of religious discrimination.  If someone wanted to have justice for poorest and righteous families those leaders and workers have been shot dead.  There is recorded fact in international Human rights courts.  There are countless cases of innocent Christian’ death.

Then another Anti – Christian ruler nationalized all Christian’ schools, colleges, hospitals and Christian institutes that were already being used for the development of Pakistani citizens in 1971. Christian names of cities and roads were changed to wipe out Christianity from Pakistan. The strategy of bias Muslim Leaders broke the backbone of Christian nation in Pakistan and blocked all the ways of Christian’ progress. It is constitutionally decided that no Christian can be appointed to any key post of country head according to the Clause of Law*. Bias Muslim feel insults to salute Christian officer as they termed to Christian as infidels.

There is a list of Christian sunrise leaders to serve new Pakistan.  First Commander in Chief Pakistan Army, Sir Frank Messervy 15th August 1947 – 10th February 1948, General Sir Douglas Gracey  11th Feb 1948 – 6th Jan 1951 served as Army Chief of Pakistan.  Air Vice Marshal Eric Gordon Hall served in the Air Force, he was known as a heavy hitter, he was a bomber and fighter pilot in the Pakistan Army against India War 1965. Group Captain Air Force named Cecil Chaudhry fighter pilot in the Indo – Pak war of 1965 and 1971. Chief Justice Alvin Robert Cornelius was removed from the key post (1960 – 1968).

Another extremist ruler took over charge forcibly to revert the attention of people and started implying Islamic laws in the country. He introduced Blasphemy Law such as 295 A.B.C that empowers every bias Muslim to blame their opponents under these laws. To do anything with their opponents by blaming under these clauses. Now It is on the record of Human Rights Courts. Thousands of misuse of blasphemy Law. How many Christian villages, cities, and churches, holy bibles had been burnt? How many Christian burnt alive? How many Christian were beaten to death? But nobody did care for these lives. It is continually going on with brutality over innocent Christian in Pakistan. Who had ever considered these facts about misuse of Blasphemy laws?

After observing decades’ persecution over Christian, why Muslim and Hindus don’t do justice with Christian and gives favor for innocent Christians to have freedom to practice their faith in Christ. Muslim and Hindus had right to have freedom to practice their belief. Why Christian cannot have freedom to practice the Christian faith? Please stop to make it religious discrimination anymore. Humanity has no more favor from religious leaders.  

Why Christian cannot have the freedom to be the third biggest majority in the sub – continent to have their own country. It is ironic that Christian cannot win the sympathies of any “Humanity lovers”. No one has ever considered this fact that if Pakistan can be granted to Muslim on religion basis. Why Christian cannot have their homeland to practice their belief because they are feeling insecure from all points of view as stateless citizens in this part of the world.

When Sikh demanded a separate homeland by the name of “Khalistan” then Canada opened their doors and welcomed thousands of Sikh to take protection and residence in their country; they have their own country. When Ahmedias sect were only declared as minority, because they have no national right in Pakistan. Then British, Germany and other European countries permitted them to settle in their countries even helped them to construct Mosques in their countries. When forty Shia Muslim were killed, then Australia opened their gates for 2500 Shai families to settle in their country.

Now most of Christian consider the patriotic Christian spirit who votes for the creation of Pakistan to betray with Christian generations in Pakistan. Why? Due to injustice, forced conversion, forced marriage, discrimination, persecution in Pakistan. Christian are very sorry that our so called Christian leaders betrayed Christian generations to generations to be slaves forever in these regions of Pakistan and India. This is the reason that Christian are being crushed socially, economically and politically. Christian are spending their lives worse than Israelite in Egypt. May God mercy on Christian in Pakistan.

Christian don’t hate Muslim but they hate us, Christian hate their hatred not Muslim. Can love and hatred live together in the context of two nation theory.  The Muslim countries do not grant Pakistani Muslim nationality in their countries. But Christian countries give human rights, to have nationality even to educate them, provide respectable jobs, good atmosphere; even the right to be established economically. At the same time, they give chance to construct Mosques in their countries. English countries talks about human rights but Bias Muslim talk about domination over world. It is a strange thing for Human Rights Organizations. 

Some Powers supported also keep the world in the darkness and don’t let the world be known about real facts. Now it is appealing to all who claim that they are humanity lovers for coming forward and helping stateless Christian for their safety and achieving their rights for justice. Majority of Christian communities are feeling insecure in Pakistan, fleeing from Pakistan to seek Asylum and Refugee in other Countries. 

More than 1,000 girls in Pakistan are kidnapped every year, forced to marry and convert to Islam. Prime Minister Imran Khan says the practice must stop. And a parliamentary committee wants a law to stamp it out. It is published in Al Jazeera's Charles Stratford reports.


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