Pompeo evasive & misleading about India-China . By Hem Raj Jain


In his interaction with Press on September, 2 (https://www.state.gov/secretary-michael-r-pompeo-at-a-press-availability-12/ ) the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked about many subjects but one issue namely of India-China is the most important and deserve closer scrutiny as it will have implications & ramifications on wider scale (on economic, political and military matters) all across the world.

Pompeo said that - “[Staying on China, but moving beyond our borders: We’re hoping for a peaceful resolution to the situation on the India-China border.  From the Taiwan Strait, to the Himalayas, and beyond, the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in a clear and intensifying pattern of bullying its neighbors. That bullying is also evident in the South China Sea. We’re also concerned about Chinese actions in Tibet, in light of the general secretary’s recent calls to “Sinicize” Tibetan Buddhism and fight “splittism” there.  We continue to call upon Beijing to enter into dialogue with the Dalai Lama or his representatives without preconditions, to reach a settlement that resolves their differences]”.

Pompeo has dealt with three issues. The military standoff between India and China at Eastern Ladakh, bullying by China in South China Sea in which India is also involved with the USA in its solution through QUAD and Tibet. On all these issues Pompeo still needs to come clean, as given below:-

(1)- As far as the military standoff between India and China at Eastern Ladakh, it is the result of the irresponsibility of not only China and India but also of the USA (the founder of the UN and the leader of the free world) that this dispute is still alive.  The Indo-China border dispute is a legal dispute unlike India's dispute with Pakistan (which is political about united-J&K and has also caused the chronic & gory Kashmir problem). Hence the USA should have ensured that China & India refer this dispute to the ‘UN Judicial Commission’ which can easily resolve this dispute. [It is like resolving a dispute between two parties in a country. In India the Executive Magistrate maintains status-quo of disputed property and directs the contending parties (under section 145 of Criminal Procedure Code) to get the title decided by civil court which will justify the possession].

(2)- China’s border dispute with India involves united-J&K also hence there can’t be peace unless the Kashmir dispute is resolved because CPEC passes through united-J&K (including Gilgit-Baltistan). The solution of Kashmir problem is very simple which is plebiscite not only as per UN resolution but also as mandated by the ‘Instrument of Accession’ the relevant part of which reads as -“[the question of Accession should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the people of the State, it is my Government's wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir, and her soil cleared of the invader, the question of the State's Accession should be settled by a reference to the people. Yours Sincerely Sd/- Mountbatten of Burma]”.

(3)- There is one problem in this plebiscite in united-J&K . The friend and strategic partner of the USA, India has been complaining that Pakistan does not remove its security forces and Pakistanis from its side of united-J&K hence plebiscite is not possible. In this matter the USA can easily intervene (independently or through the UN) and can  exert pressure on Pakistan. The USA can tell its friend Pakistan that - “[when Pakistan is confident (rightly or wrongly) about the result of plebiscite in its favor then why should Pakistan worry about removing its security forces and Pakistanis from Pakistani side of united-J&K for some time, for facilitating the plebiscite in united-J&K in the presence of international media and the observers of the UN]”.

(4)- The way the USA is not solving the problem of India-China (and Pakistan) which can easily be solved as mentioned above rather is passively watching the region inching towards nuclear flare-up, it gives rise to reasonable conclusion that the USA is under strangulating evil influence of the military-arms-ammunition complex and global capital which are more interested in wars than in peace for their unethical economic & financial gains.

(5)- As far as the bullying by China in South China Sea (SCS), will Pompeo enlighten the world that why the USA dragged India in QUAD (of USA, India, Australia and Japan) to solve the problems created by China about free navigation in international waters in Pacific, especially when this is a matter which should have been solved by the UN. The USA should have taken to its logical end the matter between Philippines and China which was reported on July 12, 2016 in the media as - “[A tribunal of five judges at Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration issued a highly anticipated and unanimous award in Republic of Philippines v. People’s Republic of China, a case filed in 2013 by Manila concerning maritime entitlements and the status of features in the South China Sea, among other issues. The Tribunal’s award is highly favorable to the Philippines, ruling that China’s nine-dash line claim and accompanying claims to historic rights have no validity under international law; that no feature in the Spratly Islands, including Taiwan-occupied Itu Aba (or Taiping Island), is an island under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS); and that the behavior of Chinese ships physically obstructing Philippine vessels is unlawful. Perhaps the most significant finding–and the one most likely to disturb China–is the Tribunal’s award that China’s nine-dash line and claim to historic rights in the South China Sea are both invalid under international law]”.

(6)- The USA should have ensured that China either files a review petition against this verdict or this verdict is implemented with the armed forces of the UNSC because China even in 2020 is behaving as if the entire SCS belongs to China and is firing missile on ships (of even the USA) in international waters . If China uses veto then China should have been removed from permanent membership. For this purpose if the UN has to be dissolved and a new world body has to be constituted, the USA should have done it (as the League of Nations was dissolved and the UN was constituted by the USA after World War II). But the USA is preferring to put the burden of the UN on the gullible countries like India who have been unethically roped-in by the USA (through QUAD) to constrain China for observing international laws. Pompeo has not even cared to admit that the present military coercion of China against India at Eastern Ladakh is the result of this QUAD and India’s out of proportion opposition to CPEC on the instigation of the USA. In other words the USA landed India in military confrontation with much more powerful China (and  Pakistan likely) and have now left India alone to face the military music from China at Eastern Ladakh.

(7)- As far as Tibet is concerned the USA should first decide whether it wants to solve Tibet problem by keeping Tibet as part of China or by engineering the independence of Tibet [also as per the  legislation (H.R. 6948 introduced by Congressman Scott Perry , on May 19 ) to the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs , to recognize the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China as a separate, independent country - or otherwise].

(8)- If the USA wants to keep Tibet as part of China then what Pompeo has said (about sorting out the matter with Dalai Lama or his representatives) in this September 2 interaction with the press, is OK (with only one rider that now Dalai Lama has publicly declared that he has stopped dealing with political matters of Tibetans). But if the USA wants independent Tibet then first of all the USA should demand a reply from India that - ‘how can India use Tibetans (who are not Indian citizens) militarily against China (as reported at https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/chinese-aggression-against-india-is-uniting-protestors-in-far-off-canada/story-yXItFzuYSjuZ8XKw1gyRFJ.html ) without first giving-up ‘one China policy’. It does not require a genius of political science and Pompeo also must be knowing that the day India (having about 3500 Kilometer border with China, rather with Tibet) declares (which the USA should ensure) that India does not subscribe to ‘one China policy’ and instead will work (even militarily) for the ‘independence of Tibet’ (of course with the real support of the USA which means US boots on ground), the problem of Tibet (and of China) will be solved once and for all. 

It is hoped that Pompeo will be guided as mentioned above by Americanism and not by Americans at least  in this year of US-Presidential & Congressional elections for (i)- Solving the global problems (of China which has become a global problem) mainly by asking India to work for the ‘independence of Tibet’ by giving-up ‘one China policy’ (ii)- Solving Kashmir problem through plebiscite in united-J&K and (iii)- Free navigation in international waters through the UN (existing or new) and not through QUAD etc.

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