China should understand India has no genuine complaint against it except Corona & Tibet. By Hem Raj Jain


Presently since May 2020 the military stand-off is going on at Eastern Ladakh of united-J&K between India and China where casualties have also taken place and further military escalation is highly likely between nuclear China (plus nuclear Pakistan which will certainly be on its side due to Kashmir factor) and nuclear India and which is a matter of utmost concern to the people of Indo-China-Pak region and beyond. Therefore it is time that China (being economically and militarily more powerful hence under ethical obligation and also in its own interest) starts thinking seriously about the real & genuine problems between India and China and then about ways to address these issues / disputes especially when these can easily be resolved by China without any harm to its interests, sovereignty and prestige.

First and foremost (as happens also in extended families and societies) China should understand that the West (led by and especially the USA) on one side and India on other are not comfortable with the rapid rise (after cold war) of economic & military power of China. Hence India (which managed its political affairs badly and has missed the bus on the economic front which has adversely affected its military capacity / preparedness too) is jealous of China and will naively do everything in its power & capacity to stop this onward march of China.

As far the West (led by and especially the USA) its situation is like many cases of upper castes in India who’s grooms ride on horse during marriage procession but  do not tolerate the grooms of ‘oppressed castes’ of Hindu order (the emerging Dalits, who have progressed and got empowered mainly due to universal adult franchise in democracy) on horse during marriage procession and beat the groom (of oppressed castes) and people in his marriage procession.

The West and India are deliberately not trying to realize that China of such big economy [which has GDP more than GDP of the USA in PPP terms and which is relevant especially when China imports (going to import) most of its oil and some other commodities not in Dollars but in Chinese currency] will, in this age of globalization, develop land, water and air routes for the transportation of its raw materials and finished goods through ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) etc. This was done earlier by the West (keeping connectivity with their region in view) and now the same is being done by China. When the West did it, nobody objected but when emerging power China is doing it, then some countries are opposing it in a similar way as some misguided elements of upper castes behave against people of emerging oppressed castes in India. 

In such a pincer (of the USA and India) like situation, China should be extra wise and clever which should not be difficult for a civilization shaped by Confucius too (and not merely by Sun Tzu the author of ‘The Art of War’ which seems to be overly & self-defeatingly being followed by the present leadership of China) and should do the following:-

(1)- India is complaining on many fronts and counts against China but most of these outbursts of India do not have any merit. Presently India has only two complaints which are genuine. First Corona-pandemic and second human rights of Tibetans who are in India with the Tibet government-in-exile in India. 

(2)- Like some other governments, India has also said that Corona - virus was made in laboratories in China and China did not do legally-expected-enough to prevent the spread of Corona-pandemic. Hence China should agree to carry-out the UN investigation into the Corona-pandemic related matters in China (or in any other country which China may accuse) which has caused immense suffering all over the world including in India. China should understand that it is not the question of only this Corona-pandemic but in future some countries & organization can use the experience of this pandemic for biological war if proper checks & balances and protocols are not developed under global regime (which is possible only after various informations are available out of this UN-investigation in Corona-pandemic).

(3)- As far as human rights of Tibetans, China should do every thing reasonable which will protect human rights of Tibetans in a way that the Tibetans living in exile in India (and also in other countries) can go back to Tibet and which will make it possible for Tibetans to dismantle Tibet government-in-exile at Dharmshala in India.. It will go a long way to achieve this if China allows India and other countries to launch their media (print & electronic) in Tibet which will be helpful to the government of China as it will highlight the abuses (if any) in China by the authorities and which China can rectify.

(4)- As far Indo-China border dispute is concerned, it is legal unlike India's dispute with Pakistan which is political. Hence China should refer this dispute to the UN judicial commission which can easily resolve this dispute.

(5)- China can not remain in peace unless the Kashmir dispute is resolved because CPEC passes through united-J&K (including PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan). The solution of Kashmir problem is very simple which is plebiscite not only as per UN resolution but also as mandated by the ‘Instrument Accession’ which reads as -“[the question of Accession should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the people of the State, it is my Government's wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir, and her soil cleared of the invader, the question of the State's Accession should be settled by a reference to the people. Yours Sincerely Sd/- Mountbatten of Burma]”.

(6)- There is one problem in this plebiscite in united-J&K . India has been complaining that Pakistan does not remove its security forces and Pakistanis from its side of united-J&K hence plebiscite can not happen. In this matter China will have to (which it can do easily) exert pressure on Pakistan. China can tell Pakistan that - when Pakistan is confident (rightly or wrongly) about the result of plebiscite in the favor of Pakistan then why should Pakistan worry about removing its security forces and Pakistanis from Pakistani side of united-J&K for some time, for facilitating the plebiscite in united-J&K in the presence of international media and the observers of the UN ?

(7)- As far CPEC the stand of India is patently unfair rather objectionable. Rather there was no need for China for CPEC & Gwadar port if India had offered the transport route to Chinese goods through Kandla port (which gives Chinese access to Arabian Sea) and which would have immensely benefited India too. Therefore  China should not listen either to India or to the USA about any objection to CPEC / BRI & Gwadar port except a solemn & verifiable assurance from China that the Gwadar port / BRI & CPEC will be used by China only for economical activities and not for military purposes.

(8)- Most of the problems China is facing from many countries is due to the simple reason that like other permanent & influential members of the UN, China also does not believe in rule-of-law (international). All these problems can easily be solved if China pursues the UN for the constitution of the ‘Judicial Commissions at UN’ which will make documents about territories, will formulate laws, rules and  regulations for international matters like territorial waters, freedom of navigation, river water sharing etc. 

(9)- China has progressed economically by way of legitimate trade , industry and business and not through violence / war. Therefore China has every right to grow not only in the interest of the prosperity of its about 1.4 billion people but in the interest of the people of other countries too, who are and will be trading with China including those who will benefit from BRI / CPEC etc. hence China not only will have to be extra cautious so that other countries who are unnecessarily either jealous or prejudiced do not succeed in putting hurdles in this praiseworthy onward march of China but China should also avoid unnecessary conflicts especially which can be avoided with little efforts (because rising powers / people always get such opposition which, in any case,  goes away in due course of time). 

It is hoped that China will do as mentioned above to resolve all the disputes in the Indo-China-Pak region and also in international waters (including in Pacific) which will not only avoid nuclear flare-up in this region but will also bring prosperity, peace and justice to billions of people of China and of many other relational countries

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