India should not allow the USA & UK to get away, by alone taking-on China militarily as ill-advised by Gen. Rawat. By Hem Raj Jain


The gullible Indians (substantial part of the population) are dancing since August 24 as Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said (reported also at ) that - “India has ‘military options’ to deal with the Chinese on the issue of transgressions if talks between both the countries at the military and diplomatic level don’t yield any results” .

Anybody who knows anything about India (especially about Hindu India of Aryan race, the overwhelming majority) knows that Indians traditionally love nothing more than the war-cries & bloodshed in wars (as Nirad C. Chaudhary mentioned in his book ‘The Continent of Circe’). These war cries (along with some violence & bloodshed) most of Hindu India has been raising specially during last 6 years of Modi-regime against Indian Muslims, Kashmiri Muslims and Muslim Pakistan which has brought handsome electoral dividends to Modi and his party BJP and to Hindutva forces. Indians know that the many talks between India and China since June 6 have failed and would fail for sure in future hence now Indians are in for entertainment of the highest degree where they foolishly think that their beloved India will thrash China (joined by Pakistan) squarely in this coming war.

These gullible Indians do not understand that what Gen. Rawat has advised (of military option against China) is a sure recipe for the destruction of India especially if India alone takes-on China militarily (in which Pakistan will certainly join China militarily due to Kashmir factor). Moreover Gen. Rawat does not understand that India presently is in this soop of two fronts-war due to the USA & UK hence it will be foolishness on the part of India if it fights this two fronts-war without militarily involving on its side the USA & UK.

The USA is responsible for this crisis because - [President Trump  instigated his politically (in military matters) naïve ‘friend’ PM Modi for what he did on and after August 5, 2019 in J&K. Due to US-support Indian Ministers after August 5, 2019 started threatening China (without having any intention because of lack of adequate military capabilities) about imminent retrieval of Aksai Chin militarily from China  and damage to CPEC, also through retrieval of PoK & Gilgit-Baltistan militarily from Pakistan. The USA instigated India to join QUAD (of the USA, Australia and Japan) to militarily confront China in Pacific]. As far the UK the way it carried out the partition (where it condoned illegal population transfer under horrible violence despite no provision of population transfer in law related to Independence of India and its partition) which has communalized the Indian subcontinent and UK (the head of Commonwealth) did not ensure plebiscite in J&K which resulted in chronic & gory Kashmir problem, all these about UK are mentioned at

The USA (the present emperor) and the UK (the past emperor) are quite expert in power politics hence they will not join India militarily (especially when the USA no more has any appetite for putting its boots on ground and more or less so for the UK) unless they have willing support from and some reasonable control on the political process of Greater-India. 

Therefore India should rope-in the USA &UK in new political arrangement where the President and vice-President of Greater India will be nominated by the Head of the States of the USA & UK respectively and the Rajyasabha (Senate) of Greater India will be manned by the representatives of former & deposed princely States of Greater- India (like House of Lords in UK) as generally mentioned at  [Otherwise also culturally, India does not give utmost importance to political power that is why Muslims (including Mughals) and Britishers could rule India easily when they ruled with reasonable justice, which  may be due to the influence of Jainism & Buddhism. Therefore merely the President and vice-President (who are mostly termed as rubber stamps in India) nominated by the USA & UK should have no problem with Indians] .

Here it is pertinent to mention that Balochistan which is about 40 % of the total area of Pakistan is already agitating to come out of Pakistan because unlike ‘Instrument of Accession’ (IoA) of J&K to India which was signed by the former ruler of J&K willingly, the IoA of Balochistan was extracted from the former ruler by Pakistan under military pressure and against the resolution of the house of the representatives of the Balochs.

This Greater India (present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) in first stage and the Extended SAARC (from Myanmar to presently in great problems and source of problems, Iran and independent Tibet as its members) in second stage will have three languages at national level namely English, Hindi and Persian (Urdu is mixture of Hindi and mainly Persian). It is relevant to mention that Iran has much more deep relations with India than people generally think. Throughout the period of rule by Muslims (including Mughals) and even for some time after partition in 1947, the Persian language (and Urdu) was the official / dominant language of India and the aristocracy (ministers, bureaucrats, academicians, writers, poets etc) during Muslim rule were mostly from Iran and even Emperor Nadir Shah who ransacked, looted and massacred Delhi in 1739 (with his General Ahmad Shah Durrani who defeated Marathas at Panipat in 1761 as King of Afghanistan) was an Iranian King.

Once military problems and communal problems of this region of extended SAARC are solved then it is bound to achieve economic progress at an unprecedented level. The present polity of India is incompetent & incapable hence it will not take political initiative for this extended SAARC hence India should start mobilizing former & deposed princely States of Greater-India  for this purpose.

Gen. Rawat should have thought before giving such wrong advice that the leadership of the Security forces of India (its operation & intelligence wings) first slept & goofed and allowed China to come in Indian territory and now militarily & economically much less powerful  India (alone) is being advised to fight a two fronts suicidal war. 

It is hoped that India will avoid unnecessary and unethical loss of lives, blood and properties due to two fronts war with China & Pakistan (as ill-advised by Gen. Rawat) and instead will try to achieve said extended SAARC (from Myanmar to Iran and independent Tibet) with a political model where President and vice-President will be nominated by the Head of the States of the USA & UK respectively and the Senate will be manned by the representatives of former & deposed princely States of Greater- India / extended SAARC region.

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