Biden too like Trump unconcerned about core Christian values of HR & working-class friendly secular democracy. By Hem Raj Jain


Christianity should stop putting cart before horse: People thought that in a situation where Prez Trump is totally oblivious of the Christian values of human rights & working-class friendly secular democracy, at least Democrat’s Presidential nominee Joe Biden will promise to uphold these Christian values if he is sent to White House. But he also disappointed during his speech as given at .

Some people may say that what Christianity or for that matter any religion has to do in a secular country, the USA. But this is the false propaganda the derelict Christianity has succeeded in spreading. People don’t understand that Jesus Christ though was born in and worked in and around Jerusalem but Christianity could be launched (in the proper sense of the term) and could flourish  in the West (mostly in Europe) due to democracy (thanks to Greece / Athens) and rule-of-law (thanks to Roman Empire) which are precisely the core elements of Christianity. These values also support human rights (as Jesus preached all his life) and Jesus himself being from the working class (a carpenter) the Christianity is pro-working class which got immensely empowered through modern science & technology (which for this reason, despite some & minor resistance by official Christianity, flourished mainly in Christian Western world in the last about 500 years).

Democracy with universal adult franchise is in favor of the working class (because employees are always much more than employers) and secularism facilitates free thinking in temporal matters which promotes science & technology which is again in favor of the working class. Therefore HR & working-class friendly secular democracy is the core element of the message of Jesus Christ and that the Christianity (especially Christianity of the USA, the leader of the free world) is under obligation to propagate it all over the world.

Every religion is the custodian of the values of the society but in  case of Christian societies the core values of Christianity about temporal matters (the HR & working class friendly secular democracy) is the responsibility of the State hence secularism is possible in Christian majority countries. This does not mean that Christianity will not be bothered whether the State in Christian societies ensures these Christian core values in their territories or not. Unfortunately, on one hand, this precisely Christianity is doing in the West including in the USA where Christianity does not question US politicians even when they are evidently least concerned about these Christian values.

On the other hand, there is one problem which has come in the way of Christianity for ensuring these core Christian values in other countries which is that like other religions the Christianity also tried to spread Christianity DIRECTLY all over the world wherever it was possible (specially in the colonies of Christian countries) without ensuring that the governments / State of such countries first spread these Christian values through their constitution and politics. In other words the Christianity has failed to spread Christianity in non-Christian countries (which is its religious duty) because so far Christianity has been trying to put cart before the horse.

This is evident also from the United Nations launched by the USA after World War II on the soil of the USA with its office at New York. Though at various times the USA has talked about propagating HR & working class friendly secular democracy in UN member countries but in reality the powerful USA & Christian West has not only done nothing in this regard but on the contrary has also supported politically and even provided economic support to authoritarian communist regimes (like China etc which benefited form Western System and has now become threat to West as manifested also through Corona-Pandemic which originated from China as per US-administration) and theocratic regimes (many Islamist and even Jewish of Israel which both have caused and are still causing immense loss of lives, blood, properties and honor in their regions and beyond). This flirtation of Christian West led by the USA with authoritarian & theocratic regimes (which is against said core Christian values) has now brought the world even on the brink of WWIII (as is evident from what is happening in Pacific, Indian subcontinent, NAME region etc)

In the present situation when campaign for Presidential elections 2020 is going-on in the leader of free world,  the USA - the US-Christianity should stop its said dereliction and should come out of its slumber and should stop putting cart before horse and instead should bring  religious pressure on both Trump & Biden to constrain them to declare publicly that they (if comes to White House) will do the following in the interest of spreading core Christian values of HR & working class friendly secular democracy all across the world, by doing the following: -

(1)- First and foremost the USA should understand that the compromise with secular democracy by the closest allies & strategic partners of the USA [namely Israel, Saudi Arabia (SaAr), India etc] has seriously weakened the West led by the USA. Hence Trump & Biden should declare that the USA will ask them to establish secular democracy in their countries as given below:-

(i)- Israel should declare that it is no more a theocratic country of Jews rather a secular country and should accommodate all the Palestinians in their native land of one State of Israel-Palestine.

(ii)- SaAr should convert itself into a secular democratic country. In its constitution (like the House of Lords in the UK) the SaAr can accommodate its princes etc in its upper house (the Senate).

(iii)- India should be asked (A)- To work for dual citizenship (one for India and other for Pakistan or Bangladesh) of about 160 million people (Hindus and about equally for Muslims) who were displaced (by violence) due to partition (which has communalized the entire Indian subcontinent) and to scrap communally discriminatory Citizen Amendment ACT  (B)- To restore legally expected status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in 1992 despite Court orders in presence of Supreme Court Observer ( C)- To  carry-out plebiscite in united-J&K as mandated by ‘Instrument of Accession’ after talking to Pakistan.

(2)- China in league with some militant Islamic theocratic countries has become the biggest threat to Christian values of the West and at the same time suppressing the human rights of the Tibetans who have formed the government-in-exile at Dharmshala in India. Hence Trump & Biden should publicly declare that they will work for the independence of Tibet to give effect to (or otherwise)  the  legislation (H.R. 6948 introduced by Congressman Scott Perry , on May 19 ) to the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs , to recognize the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China as a separate, independent country.

(3)- The working class and economically humble people have suffered and are suffering maximum and even got killed maximum during Corona-pandemic in the USA which is mainly due to inadequate healthcare system because it relies exclusively on private capital. Hence Trump & Biden should declare that they will work for a main health-care system which will be based on contribution by employees and employers and government and the management of which will be by the representatives of these contributors and which will provided free healthcare to the working class and to economically humble contributors from employers (and to their dependent children) throughout their life.

(4)- Due to the prominence of the service sector in the economy mobility of the working class has increased which has made the ownership of houses an obstruction and even liability. Moreover many economically humble people can’t afford exorbitant house rents hence they live & sleep on roads and in Parks etc. Therefore Trump & Biden should be asked to declare that they will deploy State-capital profitably to construct government houses all over the USA which will be given on rent to be decided by ‘Statutory Rent Commission’.

(5)- Trump & Biden should promise that every member of the UN will be told that they have to be a secular democracy and if it is not possible then the USA should dissolve the UN and should launch another world body in which members will be only those countries which will be secular democracies. Let only those countries benefit from the global political system of the Christian West which follows the said core Christian values of HR & working class friendly secular democracy

It is hoped that the US - Christianity instead of putting cart before horse will first start propagating core Christian values by constraining Trump & Biden to publicly declare that they will ensure that the governments / States of non-Christian countries will also adopt HR & working class friendly secular democracy so that in due course of time the remaining world can also either adopt Christianity in the present form or through SYNTHESIS of Christianity with other religions having  human rights & working class friendly elements in them.

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