30 % global population the Christians & Jews posing almost elimination threat before remaining ~ 70 % of Muslims, Chinese and Hindus if present nuclear crisis not handled properly. By Hem Raj Jain


It will be Hinduism, Christianity & Judaism (with lives & blood to be given mainly by Hindus for this alliance) v/s Islam & Chinesism 

Three nuclear countries namely India, China and Pakistan have territorial claims over united J&K and three factors have made present Indo-China situation (as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3615 ) more explosive -

(i)- Earlier it was only India which was under political pressure to get status-quo-ante of April 2020 restored in Galwan region of Eastern Ladakh but after June 19 (when China declared that entire Galwan valley belongs to China https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/chinas-galwan-valley-claims-mark-shift-from-past/article31867941.ece) now China is also under pressure to retrieve those territories in Galwan valley which are with India (under exclusive possession or joint-possession of India). As per report in prominent Indian media China has increased its troops deployment by 30 % in this area after June 15 confrontation - https://www.business-standard.com/article/defence/india-china-border-face-off-beijing-talks-peace-amid-troop-build-up-120062302210_1.html with mirror deployment by India too.

(ii)- Especially after June 22, 2020 the ‘Organization of Islamic Cooperation’, the OIC’s call (as reported at https://www.oic-oci.org/topic/?t_id=23539&t_ref=14053&lan=en ) on the international community (to strengthen its efforts to assist the people of Kashmir to decisively practice their legitimate rights denied for decades), it has become diplomatically easy for China to ask Pakistan to ‘liberate’ Kashmir militarily with Chinese help. [Earlier Saudi Arabia, UAE etc were not ready to criticize India on Kashmir but now Pakistan has succeeded in roping-in these countries too on its side which may be due to the reason that now OIC finds China deeply interested in the matters of united - J&K especially after June 15 incidence at Galwan].

(iii)- On June 25 on the basis of sources and satellite images the prominent Indian media reported that China has brought tent at the Galwan site of June 15 clash (https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/galwan-valley-tensions-rise-as-china-brings-back-tent-at-clash-site/articleshow/76586367.cms ) which has left no other alternative with Government of India than to send another military team (this time in daylight with fire arms and permission to use these fire arms whenever necessary) to remove this reconstructed Chinese tent so that the martyrdom of 20 soldiers and their Commander on June 15 at Galwan, does not go in vain

Islam and Communism do not mind killing millions of people for achieving their ideology hence the combination of theocratic Pakistan (with support from OIC) and Communist China is doubly frightening. Moreover India has been laboring for the last ~ one hundred years under the Mahatma Gandhi type of non-violence which guided independence struggle of India too and which resulted in ~ 1 million killed and ~ 15 million displaced in most gory situation during partition of India which was approved by Mahatma Gandhi (so much for non-violence). Hence the overall situation is quite scary, if the saner element of the world community does not wake-up to ward-off this catastrophic situation.

How much Christian west (led by the USA) is under the influence of Jews / Israel (especially of their financial power) which has been instigating Modi - government against Pakistan (which has CPEC the important project for China) is no secret and can fairly be gauged in the manner West has allowed the Jews  to do whatever they like in Israel (against Palestinians who have been illegally forced out from their native land) that too through theocratic State of Israel in this age of secularism. As far Christian Russia it would willy-nilly join the Christian camp. The USA, the leader of the West (NATO) will of course side with India (most important member of Quad, led by the USA) due to present US-China rivalry including in Indo-Pacific region.

The gullible & naïve people may be thinking that there are so many alliances and political & economic compulsions which will not allow such clear cut demarcation & array between these five religions but they do not understand the formidable driving force of religion which historically has always trampled under it all the economic and political considerations. For example Muslim world (represented by OIC) will eventually go (also under tremendous pressure of militant Jihadis) against Hindus (India) in a fight for Muslim majority united-J&K. Moreover because China will be on the side of Muslim Pakistan on the issue of united - J&K neither Chinese nor Muslims will be able to resist the temptation of allying with each other.

No doubt world-wars happen only when some country / countries are willing to provide blood for it and there are adequate financial resources on both sides to sustain such global war. In this regard communist China and Islam (who are two sides of the same coin) who do not mind killing millions of people for achieving their ideologies would find no problem about providing blood for this global war. As far financial resources global capital provided finance to both the belligerent powers during World War I & II, and now China (with present economic power) and Muslims (with petro-dollars) would find no problem about finances.

As far as Hindus (India) are concerned present day India is not old India rather it is governed by Hindutva forces hence Hinduism will see to it that sufficient blood is provided by Indians (mainly by Hindus) against its  arch enemies Pakistan and China. As far as money, the Christians and Jews will see to it that India gets adequate money (maybe as loan) to purchase high technology weapons and to conduct this global war. Moreover India may always be asked by Christians and Jews to recover Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion (45 % of over 2,200 Lakh Crore) income tax from about 1 million tax evaders (as mentioned at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Prominent-people-hiding-taxable-income-Jaitley/articleshow/51408323.cms ) in order to pay back this loan.

But in contrast to World War I & II, in this case (in addition to blood and finance) a third factor is the most influential factor namely of religions (civilizations of Hinduism, Chinese and Islam) which would provide the most powerful fuel to the engine of this global war.

To be fair to Christians the West (led by the USA) and USSR (both Christian blocks) had immense stock of nuclear weapons but they never (even during the height of cold-war) went to the extent of nuclear war. But this may not be the case with China, India and Pakistan because they are countries which may behave like as the saying goes “Bandaron ke haath me ustara” (sharp shaving blades in the hands of monkeys). It is best left to historians to find out whether (despite the denuclearization & non-proliferation regime of the UN) these ‘ustaras’ were deliberately allowed by Christian West to be acquired by these border-sharing ‘bandars’ of Asia.

In a nutshell it will be Islam & Chinesism (Confuciusism, Baudhism etc) v/s Hinduism, Christianity & Judaism  (where lives & blood to be given mainly by Hindus for this alliance). People have been listening about ‘clash of civilizations’ but nobody knew that mankind would have to witness it so soon. We can only hope that the saner elements would prevail in such a gloomy situation in order to ward-off such catastrophe.

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