NATO leader USA should demand UN-inquiry about huge Corona-deaths only in NATO region. Hem Raj Jain


As per global Corona-death data given at  as on April, 26 over 500 deaths per million people (DPMP) have happened in Belgium, Spain, Andorra, San Marino - over 400 DPMP in Italy - over 300 DPMP in France, UK, Sint Marten - over 200 DPMP in Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Channel Iceland, Isle of Man, Montserrat - over 150 in USA, Switzerland  - over 100 DPMP in Luxembourg, Monaco - over 50 DPMP in Germany,  Canada, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Bermuda, Saint Martin  and over 25 DPMP have happened in Turkey, Ecuador, Romania, Norway, Panama, Hungary, Iceland, Estonia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Lichtenstein, Antigua & Barbuda, Turks & Caicos, British Virginia Iceland, Dominican Republic, Finland, Bahamas, Barbados.

The leader of NATO, the USA should constrain the UN for an inquiry / study / research that - “Why is the death rate due to Coronavirus so high only in the NATO region?” (The Caribbean and some countries of Europe having high Corona-deaths are sandwiched between the USA and Europe hence they also are part of the NATO region). The argument that ‘more deaths happened where either Chinese visited more or people returned from China more’ is absurd as in China itself it is merely 3 DPMP. Whereas it is astronomically high in NATO region (as exception proves the rule hence Iran, where it is 68 DPMP, proves the rule about NATO region).

Such high deaths in only NATO region may be due to two reasons (i)- The immunity / resistance of the people of NATO region against Coronavirus may be comparatively very less or (ii)- China has used bio-war weapon (in the form of laboratory made Coronavirus) against NATO countries (which infected the NATO region). Some people say that these Chinese data (of comparatively negligible Corona-deaths in China) are not true. But this argument is untenable because China doesn't say so and if so then it is all the more reason that there should be such inquiry / study / research by the UN.

After 9/11 (which caused US war against Afghanistan & Iraq and even UN supported global war against terrorism inflicted by Jihadi-militants) the NATO countries supported the USA, even militarily. Hence it is the legal & moral responsibility of the USA to demand said UN-inquiry / study / research about Coronavirus which has devastated the NATO region too.

If China or any other permanent member Veto the said demand for UN-Corona-inquiry / study / research then the USA should dissolve the UN (which was brought into existence by the USA after World War II at the soil of USA by replacing ‘League of Nations’ which was formed after World War I) and instead the USA should launch a new world-body which will conduct said Corona-inquiry / study / research. After-all no head has rolled so far despite 18 times more deaths due to Coronavirus than the deaths caused by  9/11 in addition to the huge number of Corona-deaths in the remaining NATO region.

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