Corona bound to take USA / World on path of ‘New Horizon’ with joint-capitalism. Hem Raj Jain


The world was already moving towards ‘New horizon for mankind’ where due to unprecedented advance of modern science & technology for the last ~ 500 years (especially of recent IT revolution) the mankind would make space and planets the part of its life and Artificial-intelligence, Robotics, Thinking-machines etc would increase productivity to such dizzy heights that (i)- Only part of mankind would be able to produce for the basic & other needs of mankind which would leave its another part unemployed and who would have to be sustained by State and (ii)- This will require human beings to behave as a single community and different countries would only be a political arrangement of global world order to provide peace, prosperity and freedom to every human being on earth and in space and in planets, as mentioned at .

 The ongoing epidemic of Coronavirus world over (which has dislocated global economic activities) has highlighted  the urgency of realizing this ‘New horizon for mankind’ by emphasizing the need for joint-capitalism (especially by bringing paradigm shift in the thinking of the USA) as explained below: -

 (1)- In the USA its politicians and Presidents have all along been wearing the allegiance to capitalism (only private-capitalism) on their sleeves hence when Prez Trump also aired his allergy to socialism in his previous UNGA speech and in his ‘State of the Union Address’ there was nothing new or special. The USA does not realize that socialism is nothing but joint-capitalism which is ‘Americanism’ because the USA has been raising public debts of tens of trillions of Dollars as State-capital though it is a different matter that the USA also has been squandering  this State-capital out of irresponsibility of its politicians and governments and may be even out of unsavory motivation of defaming State-capital.

 (2)- Till now the private business especially small even medium were considered to be the best way of achieving freedom but ongoing coronavirus (which has hit hard mainly the employees and even the employers of small business) has highlighted the futility of going whole hog after small business in modern world [at the cost of big business which governments across the world are doing illegally & unethically by imposing double taxation on corporate sector through dividend tax as well as corporate tax on legal person of company when natural persons are already available as shareholders (legal persons are invoked when natural persons are not available as in the case of idol of a temple etc) ].

 (3)- The USA and other such countries who have developed ludicrous allergy to joint-capitalism do not realize that the State-capital is the most essential part of Marxism for the simple reason that in modern world of democracy people do not want private capital to enjoy the fruits of labor of the majority of the people. Hence they want State-capital which gives them control (in democracy) over State-capital and its profits. This State-capital got defamed not because there is anything amiss about it but because the incompetent politicians who ran it (as in USSR or even in India where public sectors were not run in profit) could not deploy it profitably.

(4)- Here it is important to understand that the modern democratic State is not supposed to incur public debts for sovereign acts of the State including for war. But the unethical-politicians have been able to incur public debts even for war (including during World War I & II) though wars are mainly fought to protect the interest of the rich people who got double benefit, also by giving money to governments as loan on interest for fighting these wars. This developed the wrong notion about public debts as State-capital which can be squandered or deployed by unethical-politicians in wars.

(5)- Prez Trump instead of remaining in medieval mindset of exclusive private-capitalism should (as a leader of the USA, the claimed leader of free world) lead the world in practising joint-capitalism (where State-capital would also be deployed PROFITABLY like private-capital). To start with India where the essential features of said ‘New horizon for mankind’ can be practiced by: -

(i)- Deploying profitably (almost no profit no loss) the State-capital of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion (recoverable Income tax from about one million tax evaders who are illegally posing as farmers) and which should be deployed in government housing to be given on rent decided by statutory ‘Rent Commission’ (in this age of mobility), the ‘ Public Distribution System' (PDS) and people-controlled healthcare and education (up to at least 12th standard on the basis of experience of healthcare).

(ii)- By asking the countries from Myanmar to Afghanistan (as mentioned at ) to usher (in first stage) into FSD-South Asia which will bring peace, justice and prosperity to ~ 1.8 billion people by solving the ongoing problems about CAA-Kashmir-Afghan, which have presently greatly disturbed this region.

 It is hoped that while entire world is fighting this menace of epidemic of coronavirus (in which hopefully the world would succeed sooner than later) the USA would start preparing the world for ‘New horizon for mankind’ through joint-capitalism (which is the only solution to such global epidemic and resultant global economic dislocation) and which in any way is true ‘Americanism’.

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