Iran should offer (even) military help as 32 killed by Sunni ISIS in violence against Shias in Afghanistan. By Hem Raj Jain


Normally government of properly functioning country takes care of any terrorist organization like ISIS (propagating fanaticism for the religion of  majority community, the Sunni Muslims in case of Afghanistan) but in the first place there is no government worth the name in Afghanistan and whatever little was there, its elan & credibility have been severely destroyed the way the USA entered into agreement with Taliban on February 29, 2020 which on paper bypassed the Government of Afghanistan. The USA has been erroneously trying to give an impression that Taliban is the only other militant outfit which is having presence in Afghanistan hence any political arrangement in Afghanistan in which present government and Taliban are the partners, will stabilize Afghanistan.

 This assumption of the USA was wrong from the beginning but now it has been further proved that it is not merely Taliban but other militant groups are also powerful in Afghanistan to the extent that on Friday the ISIS could kill ~ 32 in an attack against Shia Muslims and wounded dozens more in a function as reported at

 Despite statements of Taliban that they will (after coming to power which Prez Trump is envisaging for them as reported at ) treat every citizen of Afghanistan equally (about religion etc), but the past record of Taliban and the history of Afghanistan cannot inspire confidence in the minds of the Shia Muslims (who constitute about 30 % of the population). Hence Iran should intervene in Afghanistan even militarily in view of given below: -

 (1)- First and foremost Iran should understand that the Trump-administration is making the UN to go the way of ‘League of Nations’ (LoN). The USA, despite its then President Wilson’s recommendation, did not join the LoN after World War I out of its isolationist mindset with the result a powerful country the USA (which could have managed the global order in an effective way) was out of LoN and which resulted in World War II. Now Prez Trump, again out of isolationist mindset, is making the USA unconcerned about whatever happens to the UN, which is evident from the two examples: -

 (i)- Iran nuclear deal 2015, to which in addition to other signatories the UN was also a signatory, was cancelled by the USA unilaterally and arbitrarily without taking the signatories on board. In other words, any deal involving the UN is nowadays not worth the paper it is written on.

 (ii)- What to talk of the UN (through which the USA entered into Afghanistan, post 9/11) now even the Government of Afghanistan is not a party to said February 29 agreement between the USA & Taliban. Rather, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has made a joke of himself when he condemned the said Friday violence in Afghanistan and reiterated - “[that attacks against civilians are unacceptable and those who carry out such crimes must be held accountable,” according to U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric]. - Laughably Guterres forgot that what power the UN has to say that said violence is unacceptable.

 (2)-  Iran should further know that it is not merely the White House but even US Congress will also not do anything for bringing peace in Afghanistan and the institutions brought in existence by the US Congress like ‘US Commission on International Religious Freedom’ (USCIRF) and Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (TLHRC) will also confine themselves to issuing toothless & meaningless statements regarding their ‘concerns’ about dangers to human rights of Shia minority in Sunni majority country of Afghanistan.

 (3)- Iran is not only a Shia majority country and Ayatollah Khomeini (the supreme leader of Iran) is considered to be the leader of Shia Muslims all over the world, but Iran is surrounded by countries which have considerable number of Shias. Hence the said (and similar in future) killing of Shias in Afghanistan will create huge law & order problems in these countries, in addition to threats to the human rights of Shias in these countries.

 (4)- In view of the above: -

(i)- Iran Should offer (to the government of Afghanistan) its military help & assistance in bringing peace to Afghanistan especially where religious and other minorities will feel secured in Afghanistan (simultaneously the government of Afghanistan can keep on using the help & assistance of the security forces & others from the USA & its allies).

 (ii)-  Iran should advice the government of Afghanistan to completely ban (at least for few years) the opium production (which increased phenomenally after intervention of the USA and its allies post 9/11) and which is the main reason behind the rise of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan (as reported at  and )

 (iii)- Iran should further advice the President of Afghanistan to launch his political party with inner party democracy. It is not a mere coincidence that President Karzai and President Ghani could not succeed in stabilizing Afghanistan because both were ‘independent’ candidates (and not from any political party).

 (iv)- Iran should advice the government of Afghanistan that the military power should not be used merely to bring Afghanistan under control but also to ensure the implementation of human rights all across Afghanistan. Hence Iran should advice that there should be NHRC & State-HRC in Afghanistan which will be entitled to intervene in the court proceedings (with the permission of courts) in order to protect (in serious cases) the human rights of the people of Afghanistan.

 (v)- For this to happen Afghanistan should be advised to frame laws to constitute “Peace Keeping Force” (PKF) in which other countries especially the neighboring countries of Afghanistan may be requested to contribute their security forces. On request from this NHRC President of Afghanistan can requisition this PKF for enforcing human rights in Afghanistan.

 It is hoped that Iran (which has been associated with Afghanistan historically even as one country) will rise to the occasion and will do the above mentioned (even by working for establishing a modern and progressive political model which may not be similar to one being practiced in Iran) in the interest of bringing permanent peace, justice and prosperity in Afghanistan (which will also be in the interest of Shia Muslims in Afghanistan & in the region).

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