Raut right. Savarkar should get ‘Bharat Ratna’ for one nation theory & militarily powerful united-India. By Hem Raj Jain


Not CAA / NRC & troubled Kashmir. Rather India should work for Savarkar’s ideas of one nation and militarily powerful united-India. Shive Sena Member of Parliament Sanjay Raut has again demanded ‘Bharat Ratna’ award for Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (popularly called Veer Savarkar) as reported at - https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/sanjay-raut-those-opposing-bharat-ratna-for-savarkar-should-stay-in-jail-for-at-least-2-days/articleshow/73351090.cms . Savarkar has remained the most controversial & misunderstood political ideologue of India. Raut is also demanding Bharat Ratna for Savarkar not for all the right reasons as explained below: -

 (1)- Savarkar is wrongly blamed for two nation theory because it is presently being practiced unconstitutionally (which is bound to be struck-down by SCI) by BJP government under the influence of RSS (the ideological mentor of PM Modi which highlights Savarkar as its icon) without understanding that Savarkar was for one nation from Attock (in present day Punjab of Pakistan) to Cuttack as he repeatedly mentioned in his book “Essentials of Hindutva”.

(2)- Savarkar was the only political ideologue who during his period wanted one nation from Sindhu (river) to Sindhu (ocean). During this time not only Jinnah / Muslim League but even Congress / Hindu leaders believed in two nation theory which is evident from the fact that (i)- As per Maulana Azad (in his autobiography) Gandhi agreed for partition when Patel convinced him that it will be easier to manage Hindu India than Hindu-Muslim India (ii)- Gandhi, Nehru, Patel etc allowed and accepted population transfer practically on religious line due to partition.  Had India then made clear - [that every refugee in India (mainly Hindus) will have to be taken back and proper law & order will have to be provided by East & West Pakistan for these religious minorities otherwise India will be constrained to negate the partition] - neither so much loss of lives, blood, properties and honor would have happened (which is otherwise is happening now too) nor so much displacement would have happened. Due to this wrong policy of India ~ 80 million Hindus (presently their children) came from Pakistan and Bangladesh to India (~ 20% from each Pakistan and Bangladesh which is 20 % of ~ 400 million population of both countries combined = ~ 80 million).

(3)- Savarkar is the only political ideologue who wanted India to become militarily powerful whereas Congress leaders Gandhi and even Nehru (who did not use Indian air force against China in 1962 war and instead preferred humiliating defeat) were against military power under misconception of non-violence.  Savarkar wrote in said book that – “[Let our people remember that great combinations are the order of the day so as to be better-fitted for the struggle for existence and power. Those who are not naturally and historically blessed with numerical or geographical or racial advantages are seeking to share them with others]”

(4)- Of-course Savarkar wrote about Hindu Rashtra also and might have taken some controversial decisions as political activist but we should not forget that (i)- Savarkar was basically a political ideologue and not a political activist as Allama Mohd. Iqbal was political ideologue (of two nation theory for Pakistan) and Jinnah etc were political activists (ii)- Some pressing contemporary political realities constrain any person to say or do some thing which is against / contrary to the basic ideology of that person. It happened with Jinnah also who never wanted to make Pakistan a theocratic State (as he said in his August 11, 1947 speech too in Constituent Assembly of Pakistan) but had to do so many things which paved the way for theocratic Pakistan.

(5)- In consonance with two basic political theories of Savarkar namely one nation from Attock to Cuttack and militarily powerful united-India, India should think of first uniting India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as it was territorially before partition and then forge alliance with USA through UN (if USA takes interest in making united-India a really sovereign nation) otherwise by starting the process of realizing extended-Common wealth as generally mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/3530  or  https://www.alwihdainfo.com/Now-Musharraf-should-come-to-Pakistan-to-launch-a-party-for-realizing-extended-Commonwealth_a81305.html

 (6)- But Pakistan and Bangladesh will not come that easily with India and will continue to watch Indian subcontinent mired in communal hatred and violence (presently also going on due to Kashmir problem, Citizen Amendment Act, National Register for Citizens etc). Hence for this to happen the Supreme Court of India (SCI) should be moved (in which Sanjay Raut should take maximum interest) (i)- For making a declaration that ‘Population transfer’ is against the mandate of partition of India and against Secular Constitution of India (ii)- For declaring ~ 80 million said Hindus from Pakistan & Bangladesh (after identifying them) as refugees / asylum seekers (iii)- For directing GoI to work for giving these ~ 80 million Hindus dual citizenship (one for India and another for Pakistan or Bangladesh) (iv)- If in future anyone (of any religion) from Pakistan or Bangladesh want to come in India then GOI should give them also the dual citizenship.

(7)- One nation of united-India (as mini-SAARC in first stage) deserve to come out of the poison of communal strife (which is going on in present form since before partition of Bengal in 1905) and this peace & harmony in sub-continent is very much possible in present time because young generation (the majority of population) in India , Pakistan and Bangladesh are not so moved by communal hatred and instead want to move forward in the interest of basic needs of modern life. Moreover, constitutionally uninterrupted Secular Democratic India will be a powerful bulwark against communal forces in united-India. As far fear of Muslim Pakistan & Bangladesh about Hindu domination, it can be easily taken care of by genuine Federalism which India will easily adopt (which was foolishly denied to Jinnah by the then Congress leaders)

 Therefore, instead of unnecessarily getting bogged down in the unrest going on in India due to CAA / NRC & troubled Kashmir, India should work for Savarkar’s ideas of one nation and militarily powerful united-India as mentioned above.

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