World community & media worried about Indian deradicalization camps should also demand probe into deep-States of India & Pakistan nexus. By Hem Raj Jain


The world-community (including its human rights organizations / activists) and media have shown concern and have protested against deradicalization camps in India which are in existence as per Statement of Chief of Defense Staff of India General Bipin Rawat as reported also in prominent media of the USA (as mentioned at   and ).

 Globally the human rights friendly people are concerned that these Indian deradicalization camps may be like such camps in China against Uighur Muslims in its Xinjiang province which has caused hue & cry amongst HR activists across the world against this inhuman treatment of religious minority in China. But as far as India is concerned this worried world community will not achieve anything if tries (especially after case of pro-terrorist DSP Davinder Singh who was arrested on Saturday ) to handle in isolation the problem of Kashmiris in deradicalization camps. Rather this should be considered as a part of Kashmir problem, the problem of terrorism & two nation theory incessantly troubling Indian subcontinent for the last about a century, as explained below: -

 (1)- As is being widely discussed in Indian media the people are accusing that Davinder (who’s house is near military camp in Srinagar as the house of Osama Bin Laden was near military camp in Abbottabad Pakistan) can do this, only if he is a part of deep State of India (RAW etc) which means that Davinder was taking these terrorists to carry-out false flag terrorist operation in Delhi on Republic Day (January 26, 2020) as Davinder reportedly told (to DIG Police Atul Goyal who arrested Davinder) that don’t spoil the big game. When India says that all the terrorists operating in J&K are patronized by deep State of Pakistan (ISI) this means that deep-State of India is in hand in gloves with deep State of Pakistan.

 (2)- This suspicion gets solid footing in view of the following: -

 (i)- About 2001 Parliament attack it is reported that Afzal Guru in a released letter told to his Advocate that Davinder forced him to carry one of the terrorists Mohammad (killed in Parliament attack) from Kashmir to Delhi and to arrange a car and rented accommodation for him which Afzal did. But this accusation (which can easily be confirmed from car dealer and landlord) was never investigated.

 (ii)- The investigation of Karkare’s murder was dismissed by Supreme Court in 2018 because Ajmal Kasab was already hanged ( ).  In 26 /11 / 2008 terror attack at Mumbai, Ajmal Kasab was surprisingly hanged in hurry in 2012 though there was a pending writ petition in Mumbai High Court ( ) on the basis of book “Who killed Karkare” by Maharashtra IG Police SM Mushrif where he wrote that Hindutva forces killed Karkare (because he was about to expose these forces in bomb blast in Malegaon etc).

 (iii)- In January 2016 Pathankot attack the terrorists came in a Police vehicle of SP Police Salwinder Singh which was allegedly snatched by terrorists from Salwinder. But Indian State did not take Salwinder’s laughable story to its logical legal end though it is a matter of common sense that terrorists would not leave Salwinder alive and even if so then how come Salwinder did not immediately inform Police department about his vehicle snatched by terrorists which obviously would be used in some terrorist activity.

(iv)- Davinder was posted in Pulwama when Pulwama attack happened on February 14, 2019 where the terrorist Adil Ahmd. Dar was already under police surveillance but surprisingly Adil (unchecked at merger point) could merge with convoy of security forces with a car in which for explosion Adil could get (during police surveillance) and carry huge amount of RDX. Moreover, after Pulwama attack the Balakot strike carried out by India on February 26 and counter strike by Pakistan on February 27 along with release of Indian Pilot Abhinandan by Pakistan gives an impression of ‘Noora Kushti” (fixed match)

(3)- Some people may say that Pakistan and India are sworn enemies hence why the deep – States of India and Pakistan will join hands. These naïve people do not understand that it is not merely Pakistan but communal Hindutva force (with its political wing BJP) also believe in two nation theory. Hence India wants to keep hatred of Muslims in India and Pakistan wants to keep hatred of Hindus in Pakistan alive so that the politicians and establishments in these countries, which are thriving on this two nation theory, may continue to do so.

(4)- It is not merely Hindutva forces (BJP) which believes in two nation theory even Congress party does so even from the days before independence.  India's partition happened in which ~ 1 million were killed and ~ 20 million displaced under gory conditions mainly because transfer of population under two nation theory was accepted & allowed by leaders of Hindus (Gandhi, Nehru, Patel etc) who were in majority in then undivided India too. Regarding cases of Babri Masjid, Kashmir and CAA where Muslims have been unconstitutionally discriminated against, the Congress is equally to be blamed if not more.

(5)- This conspiracy of communal forces, which are in majority both in India and Pakistan, is evident from the fact that (in addition to UN resolution 1948) as per ‘Instruments of Accessions 1947’ of J&K to India the political fate of J&K is mandated to be decided as per will of the people (plebiscite) but neither India nor Pakistan not even Kashmiris want it and instead prefer to shed blood of each other.

(6)- Regarding terrorism also both India and Pakistan are making fool of rest of the world. Everybody knows that terrorism can be against those people who can be terrorized namely civilians but not against the security forces (which is war and not terrorism). But India and Pakistan rightly call 9/11 or 26/11 (where civilians are killed) as terrorism but wrongly call Pathankot, Pulwama etc attack (where security forces ae killed) as terrorist attack whereas these are act of war by Pakistan against India.

 Therefore, the World community / media (which is worried about the  deradicalization camps in India and rightly wants these camps to be dismantled) should simultaneously demand that the governments of India and Pakistan should thoroughly probe (preferably under the surveillance of some human rights related global organization) into the links between deep-States of Pakistan & India which has allegedly caused through so-called terrorism in the past (and likely to cause in future, if not stopped) huge loss of lives, blood, properties and honor in Indo-Pak region.

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