South ultimately winning remaining civil war. By Hem Raj Jain


Preposterous to think whites killed whites for blacks (ii)- South getting vindicated after justified partial defeat in 1865 (iii)- Christianity got-away cheaply from the blame of civil war (iv)- USA (both North and South) should now work for winning remaining civil war

There were 34 Sates in USA in 1860, out of which seven slaves-owning Southern States (South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas) first declared their secession from the country starting from December, 1860 and formed the Confederate States of America (CSA). Then 4 more slaves-owning States (Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina) joined Confederacy hence by June 1861 its number rose to 11. During civil war West Virginia parted from Confederacy and became part of Union. The border states of Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware, despite occasional claims and efforts of Confederacy, remained with Union.

There is controversy whether war fought between Confederacy (popularly called South) and Union (popularly called North) in 1861-65 should be called U.S. civil war or not as there was nothing civil about it because more than 3 million Americans (about 10% of the then US population) fought each other in this war as mentioned at . More than the number of U.S. military deaths in all other wars combined, in civil war about 750,000 people were dead from battle death, disease due to war etc. (437,000 from North and 313,000 from South on proportionate basis) as mentioned

Just to gauge the severity & tragedy of civil war for South, if dead are 750,000 out of ~ 3 million fighting population (which is 1 dead out of 4) then population of whites fighting for South was about 313,000 x 4 = 1,252,000 because blacks were not recruited in Confederate army as combat troops hence entire dead from South were whites. As per 1860 census the population of USA was 31,433,321 out of which the population of South was 8,726,644 as per and population of blacks in South was 3,629,967 as per Hence population of whites in South was 5,096,677. This means 1,252,000 / 5,096,677 which is 25 % population of white Southerners which was fighting in civil war which comes on average of one man from a family of four (three others are wife and two children).

This gives a fair idea that how much South was convinced about the legitimacy & righteousness of their cause for which they were giving their life, blood and much more. Let us be honest that given the callousness of both North and South about the human rights of not only blacks but also of the native Americans (who had suffered immensely at the hands of whites from North and South since the end of 15 th century) it is preposterous & absurd to think that during civil war whites were killing whites in hundreds of thousand, for the human rights of blacks.

It is important to know that both North and South owned slaves and practiced racial discrimination and prejudices against blacks (even Lincoln wanted to send blacks out of USA in Africa etc through ‘Colonization program’). But the numbers of slaves were much more in South due to farms where slaves were used as agricultural-labor in large numbers. At the same time movements for the abolition of slavery was concentrated mainly in North (even Grimke sisters from South could participate in abolitionist movement only after coming to North). The U.S. Christianity should have persuaded the people of Christian-majority USA to give-up slavery and racial prejudices which would have avoided civil war but Christianity got-away cheaply from the blame of civil war.

Wars which are fought for protecting or propagating some ideology (including religion) are to be considered to be over only when the contending issues are settled by way of victory to the side or sides who were espousing those issues / cause / belief / way of life / ideology. The U.S. civil war 1861-65 was such a war which was fought between North and South on the basis of ideology / issues.

The need to solve the controversy between North and South became urgent in 1857 when in Dred Scott case the Supreme Court, on the basis of what is written in the US Constitution, ruled that slaves are properties hence cannot be taken away without due-process of law (which was ultimately done through 13th amendment of the Constitution in 1865 for abolition of slavery) and S.C. then said that all the laws passed by States in favor of abolition or curtailment of  slavery were unconstitutional hence void. In a nutshell there were no free-States rather all were slave-States in USA in 1857 as per this Supreme Court judgment. Lincoln and his pro-abolition Republican Party kept the people in the dark about what precisely they were going to do once they win the elections in 1860 for Congress and White house.

 This raised the suspicion and panicked South especially after the armed attack in South at Harpers Ferry Virginia by John Brown in 1859 (with the help of mostly blacks and allegedly with financial support from North). This was a part of armed emancipation movement which Brown was carrying-out which resulted in ‘Bloody Kansas’ too in 1856. Hence this 1859 attack of Brown created fear of black uprising in South. This resulted in chain of secession by Southern States after the election of Lincoln as President in November, 1860 and which led to civil war the short story of which is given at 

The issues involved in civil war were 9, first 2 pressed by North and last 7 pressed by South, namely (1)- No State right about secession (2)- Human Rights of Slaves as per Bible & U.S. Declaration of Independence, where all men are created equal. (Blacks were emancipated by legislation during civil war) (3)- State rights regarding Federalism where only martial subjects with Fed (U.S. government) and civil subjects with States (4)- Incompetence of some races / people hence all men are not equal (which is evident from the fact that now-days people in Asia, Africa and South & Central Americas are unable to properly manage their political affairs) (5)- Labor hiring rights of slave owners (this practice still going on across the world even in USA where workers / employees  including legal immigrants are legally constrained to work with particular employer, though not in the name of slavery) (6)- More capital in slave-labor v/s more wages as revenue expenses (born by profit) in free-labor (slaves were purchased on average at ~ $ 500 before civil war) (7)- Conflict between Fed  and States about tariffs meant to protect crony-capitalists of North (8)- Conflict between Fed and States about illegitimate printing of money for favoring crony-capitalism in the name of ‘internal development’ benefiting especially  rail-road companies which had been hiring Lincoln as advocate (9)- Different treatment to agriculture from business / industry (USA still using millions of illegal immigrants without any human rights, in the name of using cheap labor, especially in agriculture).

Civil war resulted in victory for Union hence the first two contended issues pressed by North (of territorial integrity of USA and human rights of slaves) were decided in favor of Union but remaining 7 issues pressed by South remained unsettled. On the contrary presently South is winning about these 7 issues. But South has to realize that though it is in the process of winning civil war about these remaining 7 issues, so far it has not won the war.

These last 7 ideological issues are not confined to South but are the concern of entire USA (even of entire world in this age of globalization).  Hence if ‘South’ rather USA wants to win the war about these 7 issues then the people of entire USA (both North and South who believe in these 7 remaining issues pressed by South in civil war) will have to make preparations and garner the will for winning this remaining civil war by doing the following:-

(i)- By launching International Political Parties (IPPs) (ii)- By persuading US Christianity to start ‘Participatory Philanthropic Institutions’ (PPIs) across the world in order to spread the message of Lord Jesus Christ of compassion across the world generally as mentioned at or  (iii)- To constrain UN to replace Optional Protocol OP-1 of ICCPR with Mandatory Protocol MP - 1 so that UN can intervene (even militarily on the complaint of citizens of the member Countries) if related erring member country violates their human rights brazenly (iv)- By getting dollar converted into global currency with proper asset back-up with its central bank at UN / USA and its branch offices in every member country of UN (v)- Getting mini-UN launched if veto wielding countries create trouble in launching PPI, IPP, MP-1 and dollar as global currency.

It is hoped that the people of USA (both North and South) will rise to occasion about getting the victory for the remaining above-mentioned 7 issues which were pressed by South before & during civil war and for which on average every working age person from South fought the immensely gory civil war.


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