US Christianity betraying Jesus Christ by not caring for suffering world. By Hem Raj Jain


US Christianity more interested in wealth than bringing succor to suffering world (ii)- US Christianity should work for launching IPPs with mini-UN to tackle Caravan / immigration problems (iii)- US Christianity should spread Christianity in Asia & Africa (mainly Hindu & Muslim world) (iv)- China can be presently left till it gets democracy
Like other religions Christianity also commands huge wealth (including land and landed properties) in USA and in other Christian majority countries. But US Christianity is also least bothered about removing the sufferings of the people across the world though that is the central message of Jesus Christ.
It is a matter of shame for Christianity in the USA (economically and militarily the supreme power of the world) that:-
(A)-The suffering thousands of people are coming to USA from Central America through Mexico in Caravan (all Christian majority countries) but US Christianity is watching all this sordid drama apathetically.
(B)- Majority of people in Asia and Africa are suffering because their religions (Islam & Hinduism) are not bothered about their sufferings. But US Christianity does nothing, to convert these people to Christianity, by taking lame excuse (despite fundamental right to freedom of religion as enshrined in the human rights related laws of UN) that governments of these countries in Asia and Africa oppose religious conversion.
Therefore US Christianity should become serious about spreading the message of Jesus Christ all across the world by doing the following three:-
(1)- First the immigration & Caravan problem by protecting the sovereignty of USA. The USA is out of clue as to what is to be done about illegal immigrants and also about Caravan. The policy paralysis of USA about this matter is evident from the fact that opposition & others are also not in a position to offer any alternative to what President Trump is wrongly suggesting as solutions to this problem, namely :-
(i)- Sending 15,000 troops to US-Mexico border to handle unarmed civilians of Caravan [even (as per Prez Trump) to shoot at the people of Caravan if they throw stone]
(ii)- Thinking of bringing executive order (Instead of getting desirable amendment to Article 14 of the Constitution through US Congress with bi-partisan approach) for rightly ending the automatic right to citizenship for any one born (of illegal immigrant parent) in the USA. Prez Trump is not realizing that unlike Constitution of other major democracies (where Executives are upper in hierarchy) in the US Constitution the Legislative are upper in hierarchy (first comes Article 1 the Legislative then Article 2 the Executive and then Article 3 the Judiciary in US Constitution) which is in consonance with non-violent nature of US Constitution where Supreme Commander of armed forces (the US President) is second / lower in hierarchy than US Congress. Hence effrontery to US Congress by US President (especially in the matter of amending the plain text of Constitution) will certainly be discouraged by US Supreme Court.
Prez trump has also forgotten (though it was one of major promise on which he won Presidential election in 2016) to solve the problems, of millions of illegal immigrants in USA, by identifying, tracking and deporting them (or by giving them citizenship with appropriate fine after claiming commensurate territory from Mexico).
This policy paralysis in the USA about immigration matters too, is for the simple reason that the USA has failed to keep pace with time and has not prepared itself to effectively & properly deal with fast globalizing world though it can easily be done by launching 'International Political Parties' (IPPs) as mentioned at:-
This policy paralysis in USA in other matters too is due to the reason that the people in USA do not understand (despite famous saying that democracy is of the people by the people and for the people) in democracy everywhere people rule through political parties. But in USA too, people want 'free lunch' and do not take requisite interest in the functioning of their political parties. Therefore in the interest of protecting their legitimate interests the people in USA too should take the matter of their political parties seriously as mentioned at - ;
In a nutshell US Christianity should press for launching IPPs with mini-UN to tackle Caravan / immigration problems.
(2)- The dereliction of also the US Christianity about spreading the real message of Jesus Christ is due to the reason that it has given up the philanthropic activities (of health-care and education) all over the world. Earlier Christianity was known for these philanthropic activities but US Christianity too gave-it up because it could not develop a working model for these philanthropic activities commensurate with changing time, the democracy. Hence US Christianity should take the responsibility of health care & education in USA as given below and then extend this model in rest of the world for converting non-Christians to Christianity:-
(i)- Whosoever controls the institutions of health-care and education controls the society. Hence first and foremost US Christianity should make the people to give up their mindset of 'free lunch'. The institutions of health-care and education were mainly with State in monarchies (rule of Kings and emperors), if in democracy these institutions are not with the people then democracy has no meaning.
(ii)- In USA people should give-up existing model of health-care (which is prohibitively costly and not up to the mark) and should go for 'People's State Insurance' (PSI) model. In PSI most of the contribution from employees and employers (and some from State) will be there and in addition to some representatives from the State mainly the representatives of employees & employers (from all the sectors) will manage these PSI. The management of these PSI can manage these PSI themselves or preferably can give it on lease / contract to Philanthropic wing of US Christianity.
(iii)- On the basis of experience gained from PSI, the education (especially and initially up to XII th standard) can be brought under the direct control of the people.
(3)- The IPPs initially registered at mini-UN (sponsored by USA) and then later on registered at UN will go a long way for converting non-Christians to Christianity mainly in suffering Asia & Africa (China can be left temporarily till it gets democracy).
It is hoped that US Christianity instead of indulging in meaningless activities will work for spreading Christianity all over the world in the interest of bringing succor to suffering mankind for which Jesus Christ suffered so much.

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