USA should launch IPPs with mini-UN to tackle Caravan problem. By Hem Raj Jain


In a fast globalizing world the USA cannot remain as island of prosperity amidst poverty and suffering all around (ii)- It is time USA concretize its claim of 'The leader of free-world'
If illegal immigrants enter USA stealthily as they have done for decades which has resulted in more than million illegal immigrants in USA mainly from Mexico then this problem can be resolved by identifying, tracking and deporting them or even by taking commensurate territory from Mexico militarily in lieu of giving citizen rights to these infiltrators, with appropriate fine, as mentioned at
But when thousands of people march openly to enter USA by saying that they are persecuted or in serious trouble in their countries (as being done by the people from Central America through Caravan as mentioned at ) then it is a different problem especially for USA which is never tired of boasting about its exceptionalism and claiming to be the leader-of-free-world.
About half of mankind mainly the people in Asia, Africa, South & Central Americas are suffering (for want of better political management) which flies in the face of US Claims of being the leader-of-free-world. Hence it was suggested that in addition to other measures the USA should launch International Political Parties (IPPs) registered at United Nations (UN) and global-currency to tackle these problem and it was also suggested that USA can start this process from India as mentioned at
But USA did not pay any attention to it because these problems were not knocking at the door of USA. But now when said Caravan is on the way and likely to knock at the door of USA at its Southern borders then USA will do well to concretize its claim of 'The leader of free-world'.
For this to happen, the USA should consider itself as patron / sponsor of mini-UN (because through UN the USA will not be able to do it due to veto from some permanent members and opposition from many other not so-friendly members. Hence the USA should:-
(i)- Launch IPPs (registered at head office of mini-UN in USA) which will operate, to start with, in these four countries of Central America namely Honduras, Guatemala, El-Salvador and Nicaragua (from where people are there in said Caravan)
(ii)- Make Dollar with proper asset back-up as currency of mini-UN with head office of its central bank in USA and its branch offices in all the member States, first in these four Caravan-making countries of Central America
(iii)- Not give veto right to any member (including USA) of mini-UN and should give voting rights to all the member countries of this mini-UN commensurate with their contribution of men (including martial) money and material (including military) and also their records about human rights
(iv)- Introduce something like ICCPR at UN in this mini-UN too along with replacement of optional protocol OP-1 with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 where even citizens of member countries of this mini-UN can move mini-UN to get their human rights protected (even by military intervention of mini-UN) in case their human rights are violated grossly by any erring member State
(v)- Extend the membership of this mini-UN to other countries which ever wants to join it.
The USA should realize that due to unprecedented advance in modern science & technology the Globalization is inevitable. In a fast globalizing world it will be naïve on the part of USA to expect that it can remain as island of prosperity amidst poverty and suffering all around the world where tens of millions of people are bleeding and weeping profusely and many are devoid of their democratic / human rights.
In this back-drop once the USA launches mini-UN as mentioned above, the citizens of these four Caravan-making countries of Central America will be assured of peace and prosperity in their countries and will never think of coming in Caravan or otherwise to enter USA, illegally. Moreover once this launching of mini-UN by USA brings the signs of permanent peace and prosperity in these four Caravan-making countries then other countries of the world will also join mini-UN patronized and sponsored by USA. This and only this will make USA the REAL leader-of-free-world.

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