Threat by Saudi Arabia to USA creates existential crises for Israel. By Hem Raj Jain


The disappearance since October, 2 from Consulate of Saudi Arabia (SaAr) in a NATO member Turkey (rather murder by Saudi Arabian authorities as alleged by Turkish authorities) of Washington Post Columnist Jamal Khashoggi, has exposed the weakness and absurdity of foreign policy which USA has been following. If allegations of said murder are true then in view of likely US sanctions against SaAr demanded even by President Trump, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and other Congressmen etc, SaAr has issued threats against USA through its controlled media as mentioned also at
Though for a long time SaAr has been an important ally of USA having considerable mutual business interests but SaAr has over played its hand (not only in Khashoggi case but also about bloodshed & human rights related issues in NAME region including in Yemen) and has mistakenly taken USA for granted. SaAr forgot that the USA is a country which certainly values financial / economic benefits from SaAr but more than that the USA (i)- Believes in its Exceptionalism which is evident also from the human-rights-friendly strong response of President and Congressman to alleged murder of Khashoggi (ii)- Takes its national pride seriously (iii)- Will not take lying down these threats by SaAr about profoundly changing global military & strategic scenario by SaAr going with Russia, China & Iran and by inviting Russian military at Tabuk etc, and by threats of raising oil prices and trading it in Yuan.
To be fair to SaAr the said humiliation and embarrassment of USA by the threats of SaAr has been possible because USA has not changed its foreign policy commensurate with changing times hence has been mistakenly following the outdated global-power-balance policy which already failed in the first half of twentieth century and which caused World War I & II. Rather the USA, as a leader of free world, should have tried to bring peace and prosperity in the world by resorting to rule-of-law (national & international) through globalization in which apart from other measures 'International Political Parties' (IPPs) registered at UN and Global currency should have been launched as mentioned at .
But the USA did not opt for globalization with the result USA during 2018 UNGA too failed as world-leader as mentioned at .
Not only these but out of its misplaced foreign policy the USA has brought the world on the brink of another World War by unilaterally & arbitrarily withdrawing from 'Iran Nuclear Deal' and by insisting on stringent sanctions from November, 4 not only against Iran but also against those countries who will deal with Iran about oil etc. as mentioned at
Moreover the West led by USA has been pampering Israel without realizing that what will happen to PERMANENT security of Israel. If the USA and its allies thought that the Palestinians (who had nothing to do with holocaust) who were ~ 90 % at one time in Israel-Palestine and majority of whom were driven out from their native land (by force by Israel mainly with the support of West led by USA and by roping-in misguided Palestinian leaders who have accepted unjust & absurd two-state-solution) was a right solution and will bring permanent peace in that region then they have been living in make believe world.
Now said threat by SaAr to USA has created existential crises for Israel because PRESENTLY even if SaAr does not go with China, Russia and Iran and even if SaAr does not invite military of Russia on the soil of SaAr, such thought (by way of said threat) in the mind of SaAr, for all the future, has already changed the existential parameters for Israel.
Therefore, not only in the interest of protecting its national pride but also to ward-off existential crises for Israel, the USA should wake up and should endeavor for Globalization and for this the USA should talk to other countries so that apart from other measures the 'International Political Parties' (IPPs) registered at UN and Dollar as global currency (with head office in USA) can be launched.

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