Every religion of the globe whether God made or man made perches love, liberty, equality, forgiveness, sacrifice, patriotism, social harmony, cooperation religious tolerance and universal brotherhood. Unfortunately man has butchered man and nation ha

If we dive deep into the pages of the history of the Sub-continent we come to the conclusion that the thick dark clouds of the religious terrorism covered its sky completely in the Vedic Age. THE CASTE SYSTEM of the Aryans crushed and crippled the conquered Dravidians culturally socially, morally, economically, religinously and politically. They enslaved them for good. It was the height of religious terrorism. The seed of religious terrorism sown by the Brahman Hinduism that is The Caste System has taken today the shape of a huge, lofty and deep-rooted poisonous tree. Whosoever tastes its fruit is poisoned and kills the people who love Him.

The fanatic rulers of both the major states of the Sub-continent, India and Pakistan have promulgated dozen's of black laws based on religious terrorism to ruin and annihilate their minorities. They are brutally butchered in an organized manner. The sad incident of The Golden Temple, The Terrible attacks on the Christians, The ruthless killings of the christian priests and Nuns, The Destruction of the Dallas Temples, The Babri Masjid, The shrine of Hazrat Bal, The chirah sharif incident and the chitti Singh pura massacre (India). The merciless murder of Sadhu nizam din, The Matta Catastropy, The Rawalpindi christian Firing Case (1972), Burning of The Rahim Yaar Khan church, The Shanti Nagar Episode, The Essa Nagri Karachi case, The Thatha chenna ncident, the Bible Society Lahore Firing Case, The Murray College Bible Reading Room Firing Case, The Brutal killings of Nehmet Ahmer, Arif Iqbal, Manzoor Masih, Bantu Masih, the recent Bahawalpur organized butchery, and the hunders! Of false frivolous and fabricated cases against the Christians under 295B/C (Blasphemy laws) (Pakistan) are the living examples of this religious terrorism. Their properties have been confiscated inspire of the verdicts of the supreme Courts. Their young girls are abducted, raped and forced to embrace the religions other than their own. Their Schools, Colleges and Hospitals are nationalized. The key posts are denied to them. Their religions, Holy Books, and Holy Places are constantly under attack. They are unable to defend them. Their historic role in the creation of their states is not visible in the syllabus of their Educational systems. Their journalists, writers' women and the youth are not respected and honored. Their voice in the Parliaments is of no significance, and what not. These are the flagrant violations of the human rights and the international Pacts such as The Triparti Agreement of July 22, 1947.The Jinnah, s pact with his Indian counter part of Oct 1947, The Liaqa! Nehru Pact of 1950 and the Charter of U.N.O.etc.

Indian genocidal policy towards her minorities such as Muslims, the Christians, the Sikhs and the Dallats is understandable because the hatred against the minorities is in the blood of the Caste Hindus. No one is surprised to find death hanging upon his or her heads like a loaded pistol or a naked sword. However the critics of history are astonished to see the stormy wave of religious terrorism in Pakistan, a country that is claimed to be created in the name of Islam meaning peace and security.

We do hope that the present Governments and the majority communities of India and Pakistan would love honor and respect their crippled minorities. They should take drastic measures for the safety and security of their life and property. I pen it down with gratitude that General Pervez Musharraf, the President of Pakistan has certainly taken some drastic steps to save the Christians and other minorities from the cruel hands of religious terrorists. He and the members of his team are determined to award the capital punishment to the terrorists responsible for the Bhawalpur Massacre. He had directed his Ministers for Interior and Religious Affair to keep a vigilant eye on the fountains of religious terrorism. The Madrisas and the so-called Jehad Organizations and to crush them if necessary in the wider interest of Pakistan. The Indian Prime Minister Mr. Vajpai should step in his shoes and take immediate measures for the security of the minorities of India by impose!

Nag ban on Vishaua Hindu Perished, Restrict sheik Singh, The Bajrang Dal and other terrorist Hindu Organizations.

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