The Real Face. By Zeeshan Christopher


Finally the Christian-Muslim riots broke out in Nigeria have shown the real power of those hidden forces working to prove the theory of “Conflict of Civilizations”. The protestation across the Muslim world against the profane sketches of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not gradually turning violent only but also promoting this issue as more religious instead of political. Although the moderate forces are in motion to promote harmony among religions and a peaceful solution of this issue but it seems more difficult in prevailing scenario.
At the moment, there is a need to understand the political stunt on which this whole issue is based. Although many will negate my opinion considering this issue as the reflection of Christians’ hatred for Islam and Muslims but the hidden aspect of this issue seems totally politicized which is more horrible than the visible aspect. And while understanding this issue politically we must peep into the whole context of its occurrence, related objectives and desired results.
After 9/11 the world has seen two atrocious wars by the super power and its allies in Afghanistan and Iraq to combat with terrorism. These two wars were repeatedly criticized by the civil society of the whole world and many governments. The western media exploiting its “Right of Expression” took a lead role to resist these wars and on aired many pictures and videos showing the brutality of soldiers towards war prisoners. The freedom of media and right of expression jerked the super powers those imposed wars on Afghanistan and Iraq and exposed their hollow slogans of action against terrorism and Peaceful world. The absence of the fatal weapons and not moving back position of the super powers’ soldiers from Iraq and continuous bombardment in Afghanistan persuaded UN to instruct the allies to wind up the war state and hand over the government to the natives.
Meanwhile, this issue raised in the countries where socialist powers are in majority. Norway where the leftist parties are in government and who has continuously criticized the Human rights violations in Iraq and Palestine becomes the place where this issue emerged. Norway banned the US goods in its country and recorded its protest on the violation of human rights on various platforms. Not compromising on the freedom of media and right of expression, the governments of Norway and Denmark straight forwardly refused to apologize in the beginning. But later the government of Norway and Editor of Danish newspaper apologized the Muslim world and told that it was never an attempt towards the contempt of a faith.
The story does not end here as the persistent demand of the Muslim world to apologize at state level remains continuous. OIC, the dead representative of the Muslim world is being given the responsibility to raise this issue in UN and pressurize them for legislation on such blasphemous acts. Within the countries, Pakistan has become more symbolized in reaction of this act where rallies and million marches are being organized. Even within the Pakistan, another political stunt is engineered where one party is utilizing the issue to bring people outside and making their political game successful whereas the other is busy to stop them tending to show themselves liberal and the only cure of Mullahism and terrorism.
The question is still not answered that what benefits have been attained by the super powers. Simply, The socialist powers those were challenging the inhumane policies and practices are badly criticized and became notorious in Muslim world. The violent reaction by the Muslim world leading towards Christian-Muslim riots have become a source of verification of Islamic terrorism and the wars imposed on Iraq and Afghanistan are automatically rationalized.
But this whole story jolted the “Freedom of Media” and “Right of Expression” across the world and particularly in third world countries where Muslims are happened to be the majority. Re-thinking on the right of expression has been started and the limitations of the freedom of media are being measured. Thus the press and electronic media who brought a revolution in 20th century are in crucial stage in 21st century.
More significantly, “Theory of Conflict of Civilizations” is being proved by many hidden forces. Isolation between the Muslim world and Christian World is increasing, even though many more can be written on the religious and political isolation of these worlds. Very earnest and revolutionary efforts are required to make people aware about the roots of this issue avoiding any more conflicts among civilizations and religions. This could only be happened if we start thinking politically and acting logically.

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