Mehbooba should go global & derive strength from modern Islam and not from Muslims. By Hem Raj Jain


Islam is easily the most modern and humane religion but Muslims all across the world (instead of practicing the basic of Islam) are indulging in rituals of Islam with the result tens of millions of Muslims are weeping and bleeding profusely from AF-PAK-Kashmir region to NAME region (including Syria, Palestine etc).
After resigning on June,19 as Chief Minister of J&K after BJP withdrew support, the interview telecasted on July, 8 given by ‘People’s Democratic Party’ (PDP) Chief Mehbooba Mufti to ‘India TV’ in program ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ is another such proof where Mehbooba could have solved not only gory & chronic Kashmir problem but also the problem being faced by economically & socially disadvantaged majority of ~ 1.3 billion Indians and she could have easily gone from strength to strength but sounded helpless and even beleaguered (due to defections caused in her party PDP allegedly by Modi Government of BJP at Delhi) as given at:-
This helplessness of Mehbooba is mainly due to two reasons namely (i)- She has identified mostly with Muslims of Kashmir and not with modern Islam and (ii)- Instead of going global she is trying to become a regional leader of Kashmir only. - Whereas Mehbooba is the leader in India who has potential and who can not only bring succor to Kashmiris but can also contribute immensely in restoring the lost glory of Islam across the world if Mehbooba does the following:-
(1)- First and foremost Mehbooba should understand that she needs to be faithful to Islam otherwise she will become irrelevant in public life of Kashmir. Every religion by nature is proselytizing, only difference is that in contemporary human-rights-friendly world this should be done in a legally acceptable peaceful way. Moreover every religion came in existence during monarchy (rule of kings and emperors) hence most of their values (about this-worldly matters) come in conflict with democratic values. Hence every religious leader needs to be part of the creative process (Ijtihad).

(2)- Anyone who has not merely read Quran but has practiced its basic principles knows that egalitarian Islam is a religion closest to democracy. Hence when human-rights-friendly Islam can become the religion (through political ideology) of most of the mankind all over the world, the defensive attitude of Mehbooba is patently un-Islamic. Hence Mehbooba should show not only pragmatism but also allegiance to Kashmiris too. This can be done if Mehbooba endeavors to-
(i)- Work for unification of Kashmir by retrieve of PoK (militarily if necessary) which may even result into realization ‘Federation of SAARC’
(ii)- Establish a political model in J&K and in India and ultimately in SAARC which will establish a global political order commensurate with the basic principles of Islam. This new global political order is the need of the hour and it can easily be ushered into if Mehbooba transforms PDP into national political party based upon democracy, secularism, party-democracy, federalism, socialism, rule-of-law, globalization [such PDP will attract huge support from overwhelming majority of India including Muslims, SC, ST and various backward castes of India who not only all have been left behind in the economic race of India but are also being tried to be relegated as second class citizens of India].
(3)- Though there are many issues which PDP will have to address but some (if included in PDP constitution) will catapult PDP from a wounded regional PDP to an important & powerful national political party with international outlook supporting just-global-order:-
(A)- PDP believes that due to unprecedented advance in modern science & technology especially in IT sector, the highly desirable Globalization is unavoidable. Whereas in addition to global currency without International-Political- Parties (IPPs registered at United Nations, the UN) the Globalization is impossible. Hence:-
(i)- PDP will work for and demand that in place of veto to 5 nations, in new UN the voting power should be given to all member countries commensurate with their contribution of men (specially martial), money and material (specially military) and the record about human rights of member countries
(ii)- PDP will work for and demand that Optional protocol OP-1 of ICCPR at UN should be replaced with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 so that even the citizens of member countries can move UN to protect their human rights
(iii)- PDP will work for and demand for global currency (with proper asset back-up) with its Central Bank at United Nations and its branches in all the member countries of UN
(iv)- Because many member countries of UN on their own cannot manage their political affairs and this leads to even global terrorism hence P will work for and demand that IPPs should be launched by UN.
(B)- Dispute with Pakistan is political but dispute with China is legal which can easily be resolved peacefully. Hence PDP will demand that India should asks UN to resolve it through ‘Judicial Commission’ in which member nominated by India, China and some other countries can be there.
( C)- PDP will demand that India should retrieve PoK (integral part of India as per Constitution and unanimous resolution of Parliament) without any further delay. Because otherwise it is giving legal advantage to Pakistan due to adverse possession (as Pakistan much smaller than India tried, even militarily, to snatch Kashmir (rest of J&K) many times but India not even once.
(D)- PDP will support right of self-determinations of Tibetans living in China and out of China as refugees. This will solve the problem of human rights for Tibetans about 25 % of whom are in exile and half of which are in India. [J&K in consonance with right to self-determination can be (if its people want) another member of ‘Federation of SAARC’ like Nepal, Bhutan etc]
(E)- PDP will work for rehabilitation of about 5 Lakh (as per NGOs of KPs) displaced Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) by providing volunteers (protector-companions) of PDP with them in Kashmir
(F)- Socialism is joint-capitalism where like private-capital the state-capital will also be deployed profitably especially in the service of the human-rights of the people including for removing unemployment.
(G)- Federalism will mean that all civilian subjects (including natural resources) will be with States and only martial subjects like defense, foreign affairs, currency, communication, national transports etc will be with union of India. Even railways will be National and State.
(H)- In ‘Rajtantra’ State run the people where as in ‘Prajatantra’ people run the State hence the moral of the people should be higher than of the State in any democracy. But the people who consider themselves as Dalits backward etc their moral cannot be high. PDP believes that there is nothing wrong in reservation especially to those who otherwise do not get proportional representation in government, but it should not be in the name of demoralizing tag (fatally harmful for democracy) of SC, ST, BC, OBC etc. Rather reservation should be given to any recognizable human group whichever demands it proportional to its percentage in population.
(I)- If justice is not delivered at moderate cost & promptly by Courts then rule-of-law has no meaning. Hence PDP will work for and demand that High Courts under Article 227 of the Constitution should check every file which comes to it from subordinate Courts (District and Lower Courts in appeal, revision writ etc whether presiding officer has granted adjournments unnecessarily) with commensurate punishment to erring presiding officers of subordinate Courts. Moreover government lodging and boarding facilities at nominal charge should be provided at all the seats of appellate Courts (under supervision of Bar Council of States and of India) for advocates coming from lower Courts so that cases in appellate Courts can be contested at much lesser cost.
(J)- PDP will demand Constitutional obligation regarding public debt against security of consolidated funds under Article 292 & 293 and not under FRBM which is unconstitutionally promoting unethical unbridled usury (interest earning) and increasing public debt unconstitutionally.
(K)- Regarding Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 riots PDP will demand responsibility of and punishment to executive magistrates and armed forces who failed in stopping riots under sections 129, 130, 131 Cr.P.C. This will ensure effective & prompt stoppage of any future communal rights.
(L)- PDP will demand recovery of Rs ~ 1,000 Lakh Crore of State capital from Income-Tax from about ~ one million tax-evaders so that the tears from the face of every suffering Indian can be wiped-out by properly & profitably deploying this huge State-capital.
(M)- Due to economically untenable small land holding not only there is agricultural-distress in the country where tens of thousands of farmers are committing suicide every year but farm labors are also not getting benefit of labor laws. Hence PDP will demand large land holding through co-operative farming and government take-over.
(N)- PDP believes that whosoever controls the institutions of health-care and education controls the society. In ‘Rajtantra’ (during rule of Kings and Emperors) health-care and education remains with Raj (State) if in ‘Prajatantra’ (democracy) health-care and education are not directly with the people then democracy has no meaning. Hence State-capital should be deployed profitably in following areas which will take care of roti (food), kapada (clothes), makan (housing), health-care and education of Indians (in addition to using this State-capital for eliminating rural distress):-
(i)- For opening outlets, godowns, cold-storages, departmental transport etc of Public-Distribution-System all over India which will also genuinely provide fair & remunerative prices to farmers.
(ii)- In cloth etc manufacturing factories which will provide basic needs for under-garments, other clothes, bed-sheets, blankets, shoes etc of the people, at moderate price.
(iii)- For making residential and commercial buildings all over India which will be given on rent to be decided by ‘Statutory Rent Commission’.
(iv)- In making health care for all (whether in organized or un-organized sectors) through modified ESI workable [In the management of modified-ESI in addition to the representatives from government of India (GOI) the representatives of employees and of employers should also be there. Moreover there should be a body (majority nominated by employers with appealing right to statutory tribunal) which will look into the complaints against doctors of this modified- ESI recommending unnecessary leaves to so-called sick employees].
(v)- On the basis of the experience of modified-ESI in second stage the education (at least up to Higher Secondary level) should also be given under direct control of the people.
It is hoped that Mehbooba Mufti will come out of present depressing policies of her party PDP and instead will lead India into a global responsible power by transforming PDP into a national political party as mentioned above which will be in consonance with basic egalitarian principles of modern Islam.

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