AMCCC comes forward for rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits. By Hem Raj Jain


Indian Muslims second to none about patriotism regarding rehabilitation of KPs and retrieve of PoK (ii)- Rather champions of Hinduism / Hindus (VHP, AHP etc) should prove their integrity.
-Mostly Muslims are blamed (for their acts of commission) for the problem of Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) but champions of Hinduism / Hindus (VHP, AHP etc) are equally responsible if not more (for their acts of omission) and should prove their integrity by helping to solve these problems as given below:- OR
Meanwhile the NGO - SCHWCC ( led by Laxmi Arya had talks with some KPs at Jammu including Desh Rattan Pandita the President of ‘All Migrant Camps Coordination Committee’ (AMCCC) and conveyed that:-
(i)- Out of Rs 4,000 Crore per year expenditure of taking 7 Lakh persons (2 Lakhs KPs + 5 Lakh volunteers) in Kashmir for rehabilitation of KPs 80 % will be for food which SCHWCC expects Hindu organizations like VHP, AHP etc to arrange through ‘Lungur’ provided by prominent & rich Hindu religious institutions / shrines like Vaishno Devi etc from all across India. Remaining 20 % funds will be mobilized from India and abroad.
(ii)- AMCCC has asked SCHWCC to organize a meeting for this mission. Hence SCHWCC has decided to organize a meeting at Jammu (at the earliest preferably within a week) because in contrast to Delhi the KPs of Jammu take interest in rehabilitation in Kashmir. In this meeting KPs (mainly through AMCCC), veterans of security forces, office-bearers of SCHWCC and others will participate.
(iii)- SCHWCC has further decided that once AMCCC gives number of KPs which it will provide for taking to Kashmir for rehabilitation (SCHWCC expects 2 Lakhs out of ~ 5 Lakhs KPs refugees which NGOs of KPs claim) then SCHWCC will start the preparation for this meeting at Jammu.

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