Instead of defaming Bala Saheb, Uddhav should reach-out to Shiv-Sainiks in rest of India. By Hem Raj Jain


During Balasaheb Thackeray , BJP was playing second fiddle to Shiv-Sena (SS) in Maharashtra but during Uddhav Thackeray , the SS is playing second fiddle to BJP (ii)- Inevitable has happened. Now SS is severing its ties with BJP (iii)- Uddhav trying to call meeting of NDA minus BJP, is ridiculous (iv)- Uddhav has failed to derive strength from Shiv-Sainiks of rest of India (v)- Shiv-Sainiks in rest of India joined SS only due to Bala Saheb (vi)- Uddhav should restore the glory of Balasaheb by making SS genuinely a national party which will fill-up political vacuum in India.
Prominent TV Channel on June, 1 has shown that Shiv-Sena President Uddhav Thackeray is planning to organize a meeting of ruling NDA alliance minus BJP (the leading ruling party of NDA led by PM Modi). It is due to estranged relationship of SS with BJP (latest where SS fought election in Palghar Parliamentary constituency of Maharashtra). Uddhav was appointed the party's working president (due to declining health of his father Bala Saheb) in January 2003 and has had complete control over the organization since. By 2003 Bala Saheb, who was called Hindu-hriday-samrat (ruler of Hindu’s heart), had already spread SS in rest of Hindu majority India and Shiv-Sainiks were fighting elections for Parliament and State Assemblies.
Since 2003 Shiv-Sainiks in rest of India (than Maharashtra) have been waiting that (i)- Uddhav along with other members of SS National Executive will come in rest of India during elections in support of SS candidates and (ii)- SS under Uddhav will give respect and recognition to SS from rest of India by conducting organizational elections where Shiv-Sainiks from rest of India will also find place in national bodies of SS and its various fronts & cells. -- But Uddhav has done nothing about these and is confining himself only to Maharashtra.
Due to this betrayal of Shiv-Sainiks since 2003 by Uddhav (facilitated by dereliction of Election Commission of India) many Shiv-Sainiks have become politically inactive especially in rest of India.
This betrayal of Shiv-Sainiks (from rest of India) by Uddhav has rendered Uddhav and SS to such a pathetic situation that (instead of reaching-out to Shiv-Sainiks from rest of India which will make SS a formidable political force to reckon with, which will rule at Center and in many States) the SS is now constrained to knock at the door of small political parties of NDA alliance, in order to remain politically relevant not only at national level but even in the State of Maharashtra.
Even now there is time. If Uddhav declares that SS will carry-out organizational elections in all the States of India within 2018 (by amending Constitution of SS) then nobody can stop SS from giving spectacular performance in coming elections in States (including in Rajasthan, M.P., Chattisgarh etc) and in 2019 Parliamentary elections.
Uddhav need not fear about his Presidency of Shiv-Sena due to challenge in organizational elections from Shiv-Sainks of rest of India. The Indians are grateful people and when they can keep Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi at top positions in Congress out of respect for Jawahar Lal Nehru then there is no reason why Shiv-Sainiks will not keep descendants of Bala Saheb Thackeray at top positions in Shiv-Sena.
Hence Uddhav should endeavor to restore the glory & excellent name of Bala Shaeb Thackeray by taking full political advantage of anger & frustration of overwhelming majority of Indians (including farmers, SC, ST, BC, OBC and minorities) mainly by reaching-out to Shiv-Sainiks all across India through organizational elections and also by ensuring that SS functions on the basis of “Federalism, Secularism, Democracy, Globalization, Socialism and Rule-of-law”.
Here it is in context to add that contrary to public perception SS is not anti-Muslims. I came in contact with SS in 1986 in Navi Mumbai through Shiv-Sena Trade Union leader Ganesh Naik (in whose house there was a Mazar of a Muslim Saint where Naik used to offer prayers daily). Even after coming to Kota in late eighties I kept on working for SS in Rajasthan and later in Madhya Pradesh and then in Delhi and nowhere I found SS to be working against Muslims.
It is hoped that if not for Shiv-Sainiks of rest of India at-least for the sake of his illustrious father Balasaheb Thackerey, Uddhav will change his course and will reach-out to Shiv-Sainiks of rest of India through organizational elections in order to make Shiv-Sena the supreme political force in India.

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