Military Veterans should help Army Chief in avoiding being misused by GoI in Kashmir. By Hem Raj Jain


It does not behoove Army Chief challenging Indian civilians than Pak Army for PoK (ii)- If India retrieves PoK all the problems narrated by General Rawat will go-away
No-doubt Army Chief General Bipin Rawat is a human-rights-loving person and is not happy when security forces kill Indian civilians in Kashmir which is evident from his statement where he said that Army doesn’t enjoy killings, as reported at
But Gen. Rawat seems to be suffering from the hang-over of ‘Rajtantra’ (rule of King and emperors, the monarchies) when the orders of the rulers (governments) were never questioned and Army was supposed to obey every order of the governments blindly. In ‘Prajatantra’ (democracy) also the Army and other wings of the security forces are supposed to follow the orders of the government but with one difference.
The difference between monarchies and democracy regarding expectations from military can be best understood from the example of USA during Vietnam War. Military of USA was fighting war in Vietnam but stories of this war (being an unjust and unnecessarily brutal war) started coming in US media (also by stories narrated by US military people returning from Vietnam War) and ultimately public protests ensued. With the result USA was constrained to call-off Vietnam War.
In this case of Kashmir problem too Indian Army is fighting unjust and unnecessarily brutal war with Kashmiris, the Indian civilians. Because instead of militarily retrieving PoK from Pakistan the security forces of Hindu majority India are training their guns (under the protection of AFSPA etc) mainly at Kashmiri Muslims, the Indian citizens. No-doubt Indian Army cannot work in civilian area without AFSPA but why in the first place Indian Army is there in Kashmir (among civilians) instead of taking-on Pakistan Army for retrieve of PoK.
There is a difference. In USA the media and civilians raised voice against unjust and unnecessarily brutal war in Vietnam. But in India they will not do so about unjust and unnecessarily brutal war in Kashmir for the simple reason that civilians (including its media) in India are not well versed in martial culture because Indians did not (unlike Americans) raise guns for independence against Britishers. With the result Government of India (GoI) is misusing its security forces for killing and injuring Indian citizens (civilians). General Rawat (the incumbent Army Chief like his predecessors) either does not understand this or considers himself under obligation to follow orders of GoI blindly despite these orders are about unjust and unnecessarily brutal war in Kashmir.
No-doubt security forces in democracy too are supposed to obey orders of GoI faithfully and loyally. But in democracy one remedy is open to Indian military which is subjected to said misuse in Kashmir. Military veterans (as civilians are not raising this issue) should raise voice publicly including in media (where about two dozen, including retied top brass of military, appear regularly in print and electronic media) and should demand that India without further delay should retrieve PoK (even militarily if necessary). India and its military should know that Pakistan much smaller than India tried to take Indian side of J&K (which Pakistan considers its own territory ) militarily many times in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971 during Kargil and even through Proxy war.
Though India claims PoK as its own territory [as per Constitution and through unanimous resolution of Parliament as if territories are decide by water (ink on these papers) and not by blood] but India did not try to take PoK militarily (not even once) and this is increasingly giving Pakistan a better title (legally) on entire J&K as against India, due to adverse possession.
It is high time India realizes that without unification of J&K there is no Kashmir solution and Pakistan can’t forget Kashmir because Islam, as per media, has already laid down the lives of about one hundred thousand militant Jihadis for Muslim Kashmir. The issue of theocracy vis-à-vis secularism (which partitioned India in 1947) has to be settled one day. Hence without retrieving Muslim PoK by secular Hindu majority India from theocratic Muslim Pakistan there is no Kashmir solution.
Therefore, Military Veterans of India should come to the rescue of General Rawat (who is making himself a laughing stock with his frequent press-conferences for issuing meaningless and ineffective threats and challenges to Kashmiris) and for this purpose Military Veterans should publicly demand from Government of India that PoK should be retrieved (militarily if necessary) without any further delay. (as-far nukes with Pakistan, the Indian Air-force Chief has already said that India has capacity and capability to de-nuke Pakistan).

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