Deve Gowda can again become PM easily, if plays anti-BJP and anti-Congress card well across India. By Hem Raj Jain


The March, 14 election result of bypolls in U.P. and Bihar though seems to be insignificant in numbers of Loksabha seats but the stunning defeat of BJP in these elections (at the hands of SP-BSP alliance and RJD) has sent a message across India that anti-BJP and anti-Congress alliance of parties with base of SC, ST, various Backward Castes and Muslims can dislodge BJP from power during 2019 Loksabha elections. Entire print and electronic media is full of reports, discussions and articles that BJP still has a chance to win Loksabha elections 2019 because there is no leader in India who can challenge PM Modi. These ignorant commentators are forgetting that former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda is such leader who can easily mobilize anti-BJP and anti-Congress forces across India and can easily ensure victory of such Gowda led alliance in 2019 Loksabha election, if Gowda does the following: -
(1)- Gowda’s party ‘Janata Dal Secular’ the JD (S) is already fighting Congress and BJP in Karnataka and JD (S) has already entered in poll alliance with BSP, the party of Mayawati. Gowda has to only declare publicly that he is taking lead to form an alliance of political parties across India which are not only prominent (like parties of Mamta Banerjee in W.B., Naveen Patnaik in Odisha, Naidu in A.P., KC Rao of TRS in Telangana, SP-BSP in U.P., RJD in Bihar, NCP in Maharashtra, PDP / NC in J&K etc) but also of smaller existing or to be newly launched parties especially with base support of SC, ST, various Backward Castes and Muslims. With such winning Gowda led alliance, the substantial part of upper caste of Hindu order is also bound to support Gowda as PM candidate
(2)- Before winning Loksabha, Gowda first of all will have to incorporate in the Constitution of his all India level party JD(S) that it believes in Democracy, Secularism, Socialism, Federalism, Globalization and Rule of law. Without democracy in party there can be no democracy in the country. For this all the office bearers of JD(S) should be elected by members of the party (active members can have 2 or more votes as compared to one vote to ordinary members in organizational elections of the party). There should be difference between ‘Padadhikari (other office-bearers) and ‘Kshetradhikari’ (territorial office-bearers) and there should be no ‘Kshetradhikari’ without party office in his relevant territory with flag and banner / board of JD(S). Also, the membership of JD(S) should be terminated if any of its member (ordinary or active) does not sign in a register kept at nearest party office once a month and does not pay (say) Rs 5 per month, the party contribution.
(3)- in the interest of rule-of-law and especially secularism, JD(S) should file following petitions in Supreme Court of India (SCI) about: -
(i)- Legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in 1992 in the presence of Observer of SCI also with a prayer that SCI should direct GOI to be ready to requisition UNPKF in case Hindutva forces create law & order problem all across the country (if security forces of India can go in other countries for maintaining peace though UNPKF then security forces of other countries can also come in India for maintaining peace through UNPKF)
(ii)- Query about retrieve of Muslim PoK (including militarily if necessary) in the interest of removal of AFSPA, SPA etc from J&K (through writ first in J&K High Court and then in SCI, if needed)
(iii)- Constitutional obligation regarding public debt under Article 292 & 293 and not under FRBM which is unconstitutionally promoting unethical unbridled usury (interest earning).
(iv)- Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 riots regarding responsibility of and punishment to executive magistrates and security & armed forces in stopping riots under sections 129, 130, 131 Cr.P.C.
(v)- Quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) Reservation Policy which is giving reservation to also those castes of Hindus which once ruled in India. [In ‘Rajtantra’ State run the people where as in ‘Prajatantra’ people run the State hence the moral of the people should be higher than of the State in any democracy. But the people who consider themselves as Dalits backward etc their moral cannot be high. There is nothing wrong in reservation especially to those who otherwise do not get proportional representation in government, but it should not be in the name of demoralizing tag (fatally harmful for democracy) of SC, ST, BC, OBC etc. Rather reservation should be given only in government service on merit (and not in education or elections) to any recognizable human group whichever demands it proportional to its percentage in population].
(4)- If justice is not delivered at moderate cost & promptly by Courts then rule-of-law has no meaning. Hence JD(S) should work for and demand that High Courts under Article 227 of the Constitution should check every file which comes to it from subordinate Courts (District and Lower Courts in appeal, revision writ etc whether presiding officer has granted adjournments unnecessarily) with commensurate punishment to erring presiding officers of subordinate Courts. Moreover, government lodging and boarding facilities at nominal charge should be provided at all the seats of appellate Courts (under supervision of Bar Council of States and of India) for advocates coming from lower Courts so that cases in appellate Courts can be contested at much lesser cost.
(5)- Foreign policy of India is nothing but a comedy where India thinks that without resolving border disputes with its neighbors (mainly Pakistan and China) it can become world-power. Dispute with Pakistan is political which will be solved once JD(S) will file petition (first in J&K High Court and then in SCI if necessary) for retrieve of PoK. Dispute with China is legal which can easily be resolved if JD(S) demand that India should ask UN to resolve it through ‘Judicial Commission’ in which member nominated by India, China and some other countries can be there.
(6)- Support to Socialism by JD(S) will be crucial factor for victory of JD(S) in coming States & Parliamentary elections. For this JD(S) should (from all across the country) provide explicit-vehement-moral-support to PSHRC in realizing RS ~ 1,000 Trillion State capital so that the tears from the face of every suffering Indian can be wiped-out by properly & profitably deploying this huge Stae-capital, as mentioned at:- OR , During said India-wide demonstrations by JD(S) for mobilizing support for PSHRC the JD(S) should ask GOI to clarify that why GOI did not recover black-money of said Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital from ~ 1 million tax-evaders and instead merely for Rs 3 to 4 Trillion black-money (that too ultimately could not be realized) preferred to harass most of ~ 1.3 Billion people of India through illegal & criminal de-monetization (in which majority of population especially the farmers, farm-labors and their children working in cities and even in other States too were the worst sufferers).
(7)- Due to unprecedented advance (done mostly by Christian West) of about 500 years in modern science & technology especially in IT sector, the highly desirable Globalization is unavoidable. Whereas in addition to global currency without International-Political- Parties (IPPs registered at UN) the Globalization is impossible. Hence in the constitution of JD(S) the Globalization should also be its objective and for this following should be mentioned:-
(i)- JD(S) will work for and demand that in place of veto to 5 nations, in new UN the voting power should be given to all member countries commensurate with their contribution of men (especially martial), money and material (especially military) and the record about human rights of member countries
(ii)- JD(S) will work for and demand that Optional protocol OP-1 of ICCPR should be replaced with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 so that even the citizens of member countries can move UN to protect their human rights
(iii)- JD(S) will work for and demand for global currency (with proper asset back-up with its Central Bank at United Nations and its branches in all the member countries of UN)
(8)- But before winning Loksabha election, Gowda will have to first form Govt. of JD (S) led alliance in Karnataka. This can easily be done if Gowda works for getting extra 151 TMC Kaveri water for Karnataka. The politicians, commentators, media etc are not giving true picture, to the people of Karnataka especially to its farmers, when they are saying that Karnataka has gained about 15 (precisely 14.75) TMC of Kaveri water whereas in reality Karnataka has lost 151 TMC of water through Supreme Court of India (SCI) judgment of February 16, 2018. In its legally-bad judgment the SCI violates Federalism when it says that ‘waters of interstate rivers are national assets and no single State can seek full rights over it’. The SCI forgot that in Federalism natural resources including water belong to States and not to Union of India. Federalism also allows for ecological flow (and not merely minimum flow), protection against floods (including man made), drought, environment-protection etc while one State shares water with other States. Hence reference of Helsinki Rule, Compione Rule, Berlin Rule, equitable utilization etc (in SCI judgment for the purpose of granting 151 TMC of water unjustly to Tamil Nadu at the cost of Karnataka) is irrelevant, legally-untenable and ultra-vires as these violate Federalism. As far 4.75 TMC of water to Bengaluru it should not be the concern of SCI but the headache of Government of Karnataka how it allocates its water in Karnataka (once it gets 151 TMC of unjustly-lost-water). In this case out of available 740 TMC of water the 726 TMC has been distributed by SCI between Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry. Between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 689 TMC of water has been given [284.75 (41 %) for Karnataka and 404.25 (59 %) for Tamil Nadu].
But between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu the inflow from Karnataka is 63 % whereas that from Tamil Nadu is merely 37 %. That means Karnataka has lost 22 % of water and Tamil Nadu unjustly has gained 22 % of water which is 151 TMC of water. Hence Government of Karnataka, instead of dancing naively, should immediately file a review petition in SCI in order to get 151 TMC of water which SCI has denied it unjustly and illegally by violating Federalism. Therefore JD(S) should mobilize public opinion (in the run-up to election 2018 for Karnataka Assembly) to move Government of Karnataka so that said review petition is filed in SCI. If Karnataka gets 53% extra Kaveri water (284.75 x 0.53 = 151TMC) then not only the financial condition of farmers but to what Himalayan- heights the economy of entire Karnataka will rise, is any body’s guess.
It is hoped Deve Gowda will start thinking of becoming Prime Minister again by winning States (including Karnataka, Rajasthan, M.P., Chhattisgarh) and Parliament elections 2018 & 2019 by promoting an anti-BJP & anti-Congress alliance of parties all across India with base support of SC, ST, various Backward Castes and Muslims so that India can usher into a human rights friendly pro-globalization powerful country (economically and militarily).

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