Dictatorship Of 1.4 Billion Human Beings In Communist China ¨C U.N. Must Act ¨C FREE CHINA NOW: By Jeffrey Imm


Today, we see one of the gravest attacks on our universal human rights on a massive population in modern history. But as 1,413,342,905 officially now have any last vesitiges or possibility of democratic leadership removed from them, much of the world is silent. Too many of the human rights activist groups are silent. March 11, 2018 will be another historic date of contempt for human rights of Chinese people, alongside other dates such as the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre (ÁùËÄʼþ).
The repression and persecution of our fellow human beings in China is an attack on the Universal Human Rights for all. Xi Jingping¡¯s war on human rights must be condemned by all people of conscience.
On March 11, 2018, in the People¡¯s Republic of China (PRC), the PRC¡¯s National People¡¯s Congress (NPC) controlled by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CPC) officially approved the end of presidential term limits for the office of president, effectively dismissing even the appearances of an elected ¡°republic¡± in the PRC. The CPC Central Committee had recommended the removal of presidential term limits, which the PRC NPC has now approved.
President Xi Jingping has been elected for two terms, with a second ¡°election¡± (unopposed) as president by the PRC NPC earlier this month on March 5, 2018. There was previously a term limit of 10 years for the PRC President, which has now been removed from that nation¡¯s constitution. The new change to the PRC Constitution by the CPC will now allow Xi Jingping to continue to run (unopposed) for the rest of his life.
The Communist-led PRC (aka ¡°Communist China¡±) has for many decades been an authoritarian Communist nation with totalitarian treatment of every aspect of the lives of its citizens, totalitarian controls, totalitarian re-education camps, totalitarian censorship and control of speech and press, and totalitarian surveillance measures.
Today, the Chinese people that dare to speak out against the dictator Xi Jingping are quickly silenced and censored, as if their views and concerns never existed.
The Democrat-Gazette reports that: ¡°Shaken by the proposal to eliminate term limits, Ma Bo, a renowned writer, wrote a social media post urging China¡¯s ruling Communist Party to remember the history of unchecked one-man rule that ended in catastrophe. ¡®History is regressing badly,¡¯ Ma wrote in his post. ¡°As a Chinese of conscience, I cannot stay silent!¡¯ There¡¯s a lot of fear,¡± said Ma, who writes under the pen name Old Ghost. ¡®People know that [President Xi Jinping]¡¯s about to become the emperor, so they don¡¯t dare cross his path. Most people are just watching, observing.¡¯ ¡± But it concludes that ¡°Censors silenced him anyway, swiftly wiping his post from the Internet.¡±
Wu¡¯er Kaixi, a prominent Chinese dissident who fled into exile after helping lead the 1989 Tiananmen protests, has told the Guardian that ¡°It will get worse, for sure ¡­ the consequences will be very severe.¡±
Guardian reports on PRC¡¯s Xi Jingping efforts to become ¡°Dictator for Life¡± over 1.4 billion people
Another 1989 Tiananmen protest democracy activist Wang Dan, who R.E.A.L. has met and supported in previous protests for democracy in China has issued an emergency statement on the dictatorship. Wang Dan¡¯s emergency statement calls on those who ¡°call on all those who oppose the Chinese Communist party efforts to rebuild the empire and restore the autocratic rule, to stand up bravely at such a critical historical moment, by means of a co-sponsorship.¡± Wang Dan¡¯s emergency statement urges support from the world, stating: ¡°We call on the Chinese and foreign countries to adopt various ways in which they will be opposed to the establishment of a system of heads of state for a lifetime dictatorship, as an opportunity to promote the establishment and growth of civil society, to establish a constitutional democratic rule of law in the future, and to, equality, rights and well-being, for the fair justice of Chinese society, and work together!¡±
Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) stands with those who continue to seek democracy and human rights for the Chinese people in the PRC, as we do with our fellow human beings around the world.
There are not separate struggles in diverse nations or with different people for our shared Universal Human Rights, but there is ONE SHARED STRUGGLE for all of us together as fellow human beings for our Universal Human Rights for all.
While too many confused individuals in privileged countries that enjoy freedom, free speech, dignity, and human rights may view that the PRC¡¯s Communist totalitarian controls over the lives of Chinese people are merely ¡°socialist measures,¡± the reality for the human rights community remains that Communist China¡¯s totalitarian measures and regime has been and continues to be an enemy to our shared, universal human rights.
Since 2009, as an organizational entity, Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) has been advocating for human rights, democracy, and freedom for the persecuted Chinese people in Communist China. R.E.A.L.¡¯s founder has been an activist for such causes in Communist China since 1989. R.E.A.L. does not believe that we can find global peace, security, and a consistent position on universal human rights, if we ignore the persecution and attacks on democratic Human Rights of over 1.4 BILLION Chinese people.
On this day, as we have said many times before, and will continue to say ¨C we call upon the Communist Chinese authorities to:
R.E.A.L. calls for the human rights community to protest and demonstrate the outrage of Xi Jingping assuming a role as dictator over 1,413,342,905 of our fellow human beings.
Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) has directly reached out to the United Nations, to the U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and to the United Nations Human Rights Office fo the High Commissioner (OHCHR), and received deafening silence in response from the U.N., which states it commitment to democracy, and a democratic rights in our Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
On this day, when 1.4 BILLION of our fellow human beings¡¯ human rights were lost to a dictatorship, the United Nations did and said nothing. In this most critical test, the United Nations and its leadership has failed. Nor is this a small failure. It is a failure to 1.4 billion fellow human beings ¨C a sizable part of the population of Earth¡¯s people. Where can our international forces for peace and human rights go from this failure of a historic nature? We must again challenge the leadership of the United Nations to act in the role of the now dictator-led PRC as having a senior role in the United Nations Security Council.
Let us remember that the signatory to the December 10, 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights was the Republic of China at that time, not the Communist revolutionaries behind today¡¯s PRC. We now are faced with a situation once again, after the fall of the USSR, where the PRC is also controlled by a dictator. The permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) should not be any nations run by a dictatorial regime. This undermines the very concept and mission of the United Nations.
R.E.A.L. once again urges the United Nations to act to send a clear and unequivocal message that such an attack on human rights is unacceptable, not just in PRC over Chinese people, but to the world.
R.E.A.L. calls for the United Nations to recognize this change in the PRC from a Communist nation to officially a Communist totalitarian dictatorship, an ¡°act of aggression¡± in full violation of the principles of the mission of the United Nations described in the United Nations Charter. This dictatorship over 1.4 billion people is an act of aggression unlike any in modern history. R.E.A.L. calls for the United States of America to introduce a resolution in the UN Security Council to amend the Charter and remove the PRC as a veto-wielding permanent member. Let us be clear, the ¡°Republic of China¡± as described in the U.N. Charter Article 23, only exists in Taiwan, and it has not existed in the PRC for nearly 70 years. The continued refusal to implement U.N. Charter Article 23 as it was written remains another historical failure of the United Nations. But this latest act of aggression by the PRC over 1.4 billion people gives the U.N. an opportunity to act and remedy this.
Should this fail in both the UN Security Council and the General Assembly, it is time for the United States and other nations of the United Nations to do the long and serious work to develop a new international organization for peace, if our United Nations cannot address an attack on human rights of this magnitude. We have see change before, with the ending of the League of Nations, and the creation of the United Nations. The League of Nations ceased its activities after failing to prevent the Second World War. Now the United Nations stands silent as a dictator takes over control of the human rights of 1.4 billion people. The PRC dictator Xi Jingping is leading a war on human rights unlike any the world has seen in modern history.
We must not accept the dictatorship over 1.4 billion people as simply a ¡°China problem.¡± It is world problem for human rights of all people. If it can happen there with no consequences, it can happen anywhere.
We can not and should expect peace and human rights from dictators. It is a contempt against all of our fellow human beings to expect international leadership from literal dictators. With the official change to a dictatorship in the PRC, should there be no ability to remove the PRC from the UNSC, it is clearly time to evolve to a new international organization that is genuinely committed to peace and human rights.
We need nations that can and will work together for our shared universal human rights, as described by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Dictator run nations like the PRC, totalitarian North Korea, and others must remain on the outside of an international community of responsible nations that represent their people. The PRC has no more right to be part of the United Nations organization created in 1945, than Nazi-controlled Germany led by the dictator Adolf Hitler would have had a right to not only participate, but also to control decision-making as part of the U.N. Security Council. It is past time for the U.N. to recognize that there are consequences for the appeasement of dictators. In fact, this was the concept behind the formation of the United Nations itself in 1945.
Xi Jingping, the CPC and its Central Committee, and PRC¡¯s CPC-led NPC must understand that there are consequences in the world community for such dictatorship over our fellow human beings.
We oppose the dictatorship of Xi Jingping ¨C because we are¡­
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