India faces existential threat if doesn’t retrieve PoK before Sunni-NATO consolidates. By Hem Raj Jain


Pakistan itching to complete unfinished agenda of Islam to rule and convert Hindu India (ii)- Pakistan will use China (if not neutralized through UN Judicial Commission) for defense and Sunni-NATO for offence against India in Kashmir (if Kashmir problem not solved by retrieving PoK) (iii)- After former President / General Musharrf’s statements, can India get Pakistan declared as terrorist State by UN / USA?
There is a difference between Pakistan and Bangladesh (both part of undivided India before 1947). The descendants of Muslims who ruled India (in varying degrees) for ~ 1,000 years are mainly in Pakistan and came from many presently-Muslim-countries from Central Asia (including Mongolia) to NAME region. In this region of Asia, unlike Iran etc India is the only country which could not be converted to Islam completely (still Muslims in SAARC region are presently about 650 millions).
Though after first decade of 18th century (after death of Emperor Aurangzeb) many Hindu groups of Rajput, Jats, Sikhs etc and especially Marathas rose against Muslim rulers and even successfully but most powerful amongst them the Marathas were defeated squarely at III rd battle of Panipat in 1761 by Muslim-power led by Ahmad Shah Abdali (from Afghanistan) in alliance with Muslim powers from Rohilkhand and Awadh in India.
After Panipat III, Muslims could not realize their Islamic agenda of ruling and converting Hindu India because Britishers intervened and conquered and ruled India up-to 1947. Moreover during first war of independence in 1857 the sepoys / soldiers (who were 90 % Hindus) when revolted against Britishers they chose their leader the Moghul Emperor of Delhi Bahadur Shah and not any Hindu King including any Maratha ruler though Marathas before Britishers, conquered / subdued major part of India [for the simple reason that these Sepoys knew that only a Muslim (Moghul) could replace Britishers for the purpose of ruling entire undivided India]. Therefore Pakistanis (who told Britishers when Britishers were leaving India that India should be handed over to Muslims from whom Britishers took India) still wants to realize the unfinished agenda of not only bringing India under Muslim theocratic rule but also to convert Hindus of India to Islam.
Some people may say that in this 21 st century converting Hindus to Islam is not possible because the grip of religion is not that strong in 21st century. But these naïve people do not understand that India is still predominantly an agriculture based country (due to wrong policies of earlier governments hence India missed Industrial revolution which only could have taken-out most of farming population from agriculture to manufacturing). Therefore like any other agricultural population / country (especially of beleaguered farmers) India is also inclined to supernatural believes due to helpless dependence of agriculture on the caprices of the elements / nature which always leads to fear and then worship and ultimately firm allegiance to some religion [which may be to Islam also (if not Christianity in said flux, turmoil and blood-bath), due to lures or under political pressure & coercion].
That does not mean that Hindu India is a low hanging fruit for Islam through Pakistan or even can be grabbed with some efforts [because the presence of powerful West (the Christian community) and huge mass and size of Hindu India may ultimately come to the protection of Hindu India from Islam]. But it will be foolish on the part of Hindu India to underestimate Islam and its militant-Jihadis. If consolidation of Sunni-NATO is not stopped (which can be done only by retrieve of PoK, militarily) then Pakistan / Islam will inflict (starting with Kashmir) on India immense destruction in every sense of the term It is pertinent to add that Jihadis in Pakistan are getting closer to Jihadis in Bangladesh and in Pakistan it is not merely Hafiz Saeed but other Islamist organizations are also gaining strength as is evident from recent development of massive protest where law minister of Pakistan had to resign because he omitted mention of Prophet Mohammed from an amended law.
[God only knows when India will understand that world community does not take seriously any complaint of India about ‘terrorism emanating from Pakistan’ because India is not serious about solution of chronic and gory Kashmir problem (which is nothing but unification of J&K / Kashmir). Even designating Hafiz Saeed as terrorist by UN / USA is a farce because former President & Army Chief of Pakistan General Musharraf nowadays is openly saying on TV interview that in order to take Kashmir from India the Pakistan government has supported the activities of Hafiz Saeed and his outfit LET in Kashmir / India. If PM Modi is still under any delusion then (why only Hafiz Saeed) let India try to get Pakistan declared as terrorist State by UN / USA due to said statement of Gen Musharraf]
Therefore if PM Modi does not cease to be (unnecessary obeisant to USA, poverty –lover, anti-Globalization, lenient to USA/UN and paper tiger) and if India does not stop taking Sunni-NATO (which will provide all the martial weapons & strengths to Pakistan) lightly, then it will be too late for Hindu majority India, as mentioned at;- OR OR
In a nutshell whether India likes it or not when Pakistan is itching to complete unfinished agenda of Islam (to rule and convert Hindu India) the only way out of said destruction is to retrieve PoK militarily, without any further delay by India, before consolidation of Sunni-NATO.

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