Enroute School System Celebrated Universal Children day 2017. By Cynthia Sohail


Enroute School System Celebrated Universal Children’s day at Ferozepur Road Lahore on 20th November 2017. On this occasion children organized tableau in the school hall and then went to Ferozepur Road Traffic signal near Children hospital and delivered pamphlet regarding awareness of children along with the teachers and other School Staff. The Children ages between 4 and 6 delivered pamphlets under the supervision of teachers. They have banners in their hands written on them “So let’s be friendly with our children, to make them understand the real values of life and make them a useful and respectable citizen of the society. In the pamphlet they wanted to tell the people let’s understand the following things so that we can better up bring our children in this changing world and protect them from all kinds of abuses i.e. physical, mental, emotional and sexual. The pamphlet also focusing the differences between us (Parents) era and children modern time.
Our Childhood
One TV Channel (PTV )
News Paper and books source of Information.
All family members sit together and watch TV.
Parents and children spend their time together with each other.
Limited resources.
Importance of moral values.
Respect for elders.
Our Children’s Childhood
Easy access to more than 250 TV Channels
Internet, mobile phones, newspapers and books source of information.
Father TV, Mother mobile phone, daughter computer and son busy in tab.
Parents Busy in fulfilling the family needs.
Unlimited resources.
So called freedom.
Disrespect for elders.
Keeping in views of these changes, are we performing our responsibilities for building a balanced Society?
The foundation of free Society (Yes)
Mobile, internet and Television. (Yes)
Awareness about human rights and children. (Yes)
Adoption of principle (dealing the children with love and care instead of corporal punishment and abuse. (Yes)
Character building. (No)
Using Principles. (No)
Performing the responsibilities related to rights. (No)
Alternative methods to deal with the children without corporal punishment. (No)
Dear Parents, lets understand that today’s world is totally different from the world which our Children are spending their Childhood. Today’s child is facing different challenges.

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