Pakistani Christian Nurses need Support and Encouragement. By Cynthia Sohail


As we all knows that Christian community play an essential part in the improvement of Pakistan whether it is military, education or Health Christians humility is tremendous however unrecognized. Their role in making available health and medical aid in rural areas and in backward region both before the partition and afterward has been particularly outstanding.
In 1852 Christian community begin a mission to advance women health and education. Other restorative missions were additionally propelled, for example, Dr Jack Anderson’s mobile hospital in 1960. It was comprised of trailers and make more dispensaries. He moved each three to five years to far-flung territories of Hyderabad and the inside Sindh, where medical facilities were rudimentary at best. The Holy Family Hospital was established in 1928, and later converted into a Nursing School to help spread medical education in Pakistan. The St Theresa Nursing Home was established. Belgian nurses visited Christian hospitals in Pakistan to help treat patients, and train doctors and nurses. The Christians first established orphanages in Lahore in 1892 and ‘93. In 1897 they set up a school for orphans in Rawalpindi and helped to improve lives. In two years alone, 118 orphans were relocated. In 1904, an entire village, called Francisabad was founded to house famine-stricken orphans.
Dr Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau (9 September 1929 – 10 August 2017) was a German-born Pakistani doctor and nun set a major example that how Christian woman are assuming their part in the improvement of Pakistan. It is assessed that 60-70 percent nurses in Pakistan were belongs to Christian community, in addition these nurses are additionally circulated unevenly crosswise over areas with Sindh confronting the severest lack of nursing staff while Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has the most nurses.
As of now, Pakistan has 162 enlisted nursing institutions with more than 50 understudies selected in each of them every year, it is to be noted here that majority of Christian nurses are from rural areas of Pakistan, they reach for this profession to support their families living in villages, having very limited resources to make both ends meet as peasant workers on the land of Muslims.
This is very important reason to keep Christian nurses silent on rape, kidnap and discrimination from Muslim staff. Its fact that Christian played very positive part in the heath department of Pakistan by establishment of hospitals, nursing homes and heath care centers with competent Christian staff to provide service to people but in 1973, the PPP government nationalized these institution and the Christian staff was transfer to government hospitals with low medical services and sub standard professional availability not familiar to these Christian staff.
The Muslim staff behaved as second-class staff and affronted them being Christians. On these issues, Christian nurses endeavored to form ‘Christian nurses organization’ yet those nurses were transfer to far flung areas in rural vicinity and compelled to leave their jobs, when they experienced the Muslim bureaucratic action against their unity, the campaign of unity of Christian nurses became limited. The Christian social, religious and political association likewise never gave due thought to help to organist nurses.
Nursing is not generally considered a high-prestige job and usually written-off as an option for the less-privileged which is also one of the primary reasons for the shortage of nurses due to the general stigma attached to the profession. As the Christian nurses has improved the situation just about two centuries, to spread training, education, awareness, health and love, they work for every one of us and give alleviation in the troublesome moments of our lives. Its need of time that all the Christian elements to step onward to help nurses to gain unity to face decimation because Christian nurses are very important part of Christian society in Pakistan and play an important role in revival of Christian nation hood in Pakistan.

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