What Baghdadi could not do Hafiz Saeed as Pak PM can do for the benefit of Islam & world: By Hem Raj Jain


Hafiz Saeed launching his political party will be game changer (ii)- Present circumstances in Pakistan conducive for making Saeed Prime Minister (iii)- Israel has reasons to be concerned about a Jihadi becoming PM of nuclear Pakistan (iv)- Pak nukes under PM Saeed will either change global nuclear non-proliferation regime or will change Jihadi mindset (v)- Pak PM Saeed can change Kashmir situation fundamentally for better (vi)- If Pak PM Saeed adopts basics of Islam it will benefit not only Pakistan but also Islam & entire world
As per reports in prominent media Jihadi Hafiz Saeed (head of Jamaat-ul-Dawah etc) is launching his political party in Pakistan who after becoming Prime Minister (which is highly likely) if adopts basics of Islam, is bound to be game changer for the better not only in Pakistan or South Asia region but all across the world as explained below:-
(1)- Present circumstances in Pakistan (after removal of PM Nawaz Sharif form office by Supreme Court) is conducive for making Hafiz Saeed as Prime Minister of Pakistan because PML (N) without Nawaz Sharif is nothing and neither PPP nor Imran Khan’s Party nor any other political party has potential and capacity of winning majority in National Assembly of Pakistan. Saeed (i)- with the philanthropic educational activities through chain of Madrasas (which can now be expanded further all over Pakistan in view of Saeed becoming next PM of Pakistan) and (ii)- His unwavering support for the freedom / separation of Kashmir – has become a popular name rather almost a hero in Pakistan. As far USA, India etc or for that matter even UN considering Hafiz Saeed as global terrorist it has no meaning because judiciary of Pakistan does not think so and has never allowed government of Pakistan to treat him as terrorist.
(2)- PM Saeed will have to understand that he needs to be faithful to Islam otherwise he will become irrelevant in public life of Pakistan. Every religion by nature is proselytizing, only difference is that in contemporary human-rights-friendly world this should be done in a legally acceptable peaceful way. Moreover every religion came in existence during monarchy (rule of kings and emperors) hence most of their values (about this-worldly matters) come in conflict with democratic values. Hence every religion needs to be part of the creative process (Ijtihad).
(3)- Unlike Christians Chinese and Hindus (who have one military authority due to NATO and due to China and India being one country) the military power of Muslims is divided in many countries hence no one bothers about the problems of Muslims all across the world. Therefore Caliphate caught the imagination of Muslims because it promised one military power for entire Sunni Muslim World (constituting ~ 85 % entire Muslim World). Pak PM Saeed will have to understand that ISIS of Baghdadi failed because (i)- It indulged in unnecessary violence (ii)- It tried to implement medieval Sharia laws in a modern human rights friendly world and (iii)- It tried to destroy may-countries system being followed by Sunni Muslim world.
(4)- Anyone who has not merely read Quran but has practiced its basic principles knows that Islam is a religion closest to democracy (also due to worship of abstract in this age of modern science & technology). Hence when human-rights-friendly Islam can become the religion of most of the mankind all over the world, the talk of isolationist Muslim World is patently un-Islamic. Misguided Jihadis like ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc have not only brought bad name to Islam but have left millions of Muslims bleeding & weeping profusely especially in NAME and AF-PAK region. In such a gory situation in the Islamic world PM Saeed, by following policies commensurate with modern Islam, can take Pakistan on the road of peace, justice and prosperity and can easily bring succor also to the beleaguered Muslims and can restore the lost glory of Islam all across the world.
(5)- Who so ever controls institutions of health and education control the society. In ‘Rajtantra’ (monarchies the rule of kings and emperors) it is State which controls these institutions. In ‘Prajatantra’(democracy) unless people control these institutions democracy has no meaning. Fortunately Saeed can further expand the chain of schools and colleges (Madrasas etc) with the people’s participation in the management of these educational institutions.
(6)- As far institutions for health care this responsibility can be given by PM Saeed to all the people of Pakistan through the mechanism of modified Employee State Insurance where (in addition to government representatives) representatives of employees and employers will be there in the management of these modified ESI system. Also there should be a tribunal (having nominated members by employers) which will look into complaints by employers of unnecessary medical leave given by ESI doctors to employees along with provision of government appellate authority to entertain appeals from the decision of this tribunal.
(7)- Immense fiscal deficits under the pressure of unbridled usurers have caused public debt 60 to 100 % of GDP in many countries of the world which is main cause of huge unemployment in these countries. The greed for interest earning has caused squandering of State-capital. By adhering to basic principle of Islam which is anti-usury, PM Saeed should (i)- Make currency of Pakistan with proper asset back-up (of precious metal, land and landed property etc) (ii)- Deploy State-capital profitably for making buildings for residential and business purposes by government which will be given on rent to be decided by statutory ‘Rent Commission’
(8)- As far bringing entire Sunni Muslim world under one military authority the present effort of Saudi Arabia to form military alliance of Sunni Muslim world (popularly known as Sunni-NATO) which is headed by former Army Chief of Pakistan General Raheel Sharif will serve the purpose without disturbing the may-countries system being followed by Sunni Muslim world. Moreover federalism should be practiced in Pakistan where only martial matters should be with Union and all civilian matters (including natural resources) should be with States.
(9)- The experience of India regarding demonetization (done in 2016-17) has proved that any tax based on the books of account maintained by the people like Income-Tax, Sales-Tax etc not only increases corruption, tax evasion, harassment by public servants etc but also shackles free entrepreneur spirit of the people which both harm the economy of the country. Therefore PM Saeed should abolish such taxes in Pakistan and should get revenue for Union and State governments from other sources and from profitable deployment of State-capital
(10)- Israel has reasons to be concerned about a Jihadi becoming Pak PM. Hence Pak nukes under PM Saeed will either change global nuclear non-proliferation regime or will change Jihadi mindset. Moreover Pak PM Saeed should work for one State solution for Israel-Palestine problem as mentioned at http://www.alwihdainfo.com/Trump-should-promote-only-One-State-Solution-for-Israel_a50564.html Pak PM Saeed can change Kashmir situation also fundamentally by keeping Kashmir problem for some time (say five years) in cold storage (i)- By stopping export of terrorism from Pakistan (ii)- by asking Kashmiris to stop violence / terrorism (iii)- By asking India to remove AFSPA, SPA etc from J&K.
(11)- PM Saeed should demand change at UN (i)- By abolishing veto system and replace it by voting rights to all members commensurate with their contribution of men, material and money to UN (ii)- Replacing Optional Protocol OP-1 of ICCPR with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 with elaborate mechanism for enforcement of human rights in member countries.
The successful implantation by PM Saeed of above mentioned political model based on modern Islam will be emulated in other countries also and which is bound to restore the lost glory of Islam all over the world and which will contribute immensely in making this world a much better place to live.

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