Shallow and regressive prescription for USA by Trump during address to Congress. By Hem Raj Jain


The massive claps and standing ovations during February, 28 address of US President Trump to joint session of US Congress (which is no more than shallow & regressive prescription for the remedy of various problems and challenges being faced by USA) only gives a clue that why political establishment in USA was looking at a loss during US Presidential election campaign and when an outsider Trump won the Presidential election. This Presidential address is a recipe of sure disaster for USA and if Trump does not make course correction then nobody can stop USA from going further down the path, as explained below:-
(1)- Trump’s confusion is mainly due to misunderstanding of American exceptionalizm. Trump forgot that UN is on US soil and USA is under obligation to practice American exceptionalizm through UN only. But on one hand Trump said that America is once again ready to lead and on other hand he said that my job is not to represent the world, my job is to represent the United States of America. Trump evidently does not understand that American exceptionalizm is precisely the political idea through which world can be represented by US President through UN while at the same time representing USA. Like previous US administration Trump also made this mistake because USA has been by-passing UN and has formed any number of forums, platforms, alliances etc outside of UN.
(2)- No body says that Trump should not create jobs for Americans or should not eradicate unemployment from USA. But Trump should also understand that such unfortunate situation (of unemployment) has come in USA mainly due to two reasons:-
(i)- As Trump has also said due to unfair trade policies (of high terrify on US goods in many countries) and
(ii)- Isolationist mindset of Americans who do not want to go out of USA for jobs. Rather USA instead of investing in foreign companies should have established American Companies in foreign countries in which 10 to 20 % Americans can be accommodated as per condition of investment. Therefore instead of protectionism as a permanent solution to unemployment in USA the Trump administration should resort to economic protectionism only till news norms for fair policies about trade & natural resource utilization are decided after extensive discussion at UN.
(3)- As far immigration laws are concerned it is exclusively the internal matter of USA and whatever is suitable to USA economically and in view of internal and external security, the USA should do it. But illegal immigrant is a different matter. Trump is unnecessarily indulging in building wall across Mexico. Rather Trump should ask Mexico to take millions of illegal immigrants back and if Mexico refuses to do it then USA should demand territory and or exclusive mineral rights as mentioned at
(4)- Exclusive private-capital will not do rather State-capital (born also out of fiscal deficit and deployed profitably especially for the eradication of unemployment) and people’s responsibility in democracy about their health & education will be needed. Therefore Obama-care can be abolished but is should not be replaced by what Trump suggested in said Congressional address. Whosoever controls the institutions of health-care & education controls the country. In monarchies it is State and in democracies it should be people. On the basis of experience of health-care the responsibility of education can be taken up by the people of USA in second stage. In first stage the responsibility of health care can be taken up by Americans through ESI system (as is in India) but with modification where every employee and every employer (whether in formal or informal sector) will contribute and representatives of employees and employers (in addition to representatives of government) will be there in management.
(5)- In this Congressional address Trump has contributed quite some time on the issue of internal security especially about killing of innocent citizens by gun holders and by radical Islamic terrorists. As far gun violence is concerned this is not the problem confined to USA only rather almost every country is facing this problem. This problem can easily be solved if right to guns with non-lethal bullets is made fundamental human right under ICCPR of UN
(6)- As far radical Islamic global terrorism Trump need to do three things:-
(i)- Trump should work for one-state-solution for Israel as explained at
(ii)- Bloodbath in North Africa and Middle East (NAME) region starting from Syria should be stopped because it is the major source of radical Islamic global terrorism. Without adhering to the absurd demand of removal of Assad as President of Syria, Trump should move UNSC for deploying UN Peace Keeping Force (UNPKF, at-least 2 million) and UN Election Commission (UNEC, with at-least 2 million civilian assistance) for carrying out election in Syria after preparing electoral list. These ~ 4 million military and civilian personnel can be increased if needed [this is not a huge number given the fact that India provided ~ 2 million persons (mostly military) during World Wars I & II each to Britishers].
(iii)- But mere democracy in NAME will not solve the problem as in Muslim countries Jihadis invariably get influence and upper hand in political matters (in a nutshell Muslims in general are unfit for democracy). Hence International Political Parties (registered at UN) will have to be introduced in NAME region. [People in Asia are generally unfit for democracy as is the case even with largest democracy India as mentioned at )
(7)- Trump should understand that due to unprecedented advance in science & technology globalization is inevitable and whether Trump likes it or not genuine globalization through rule of law is going to come. Trump should further realize that without participatory UN, global currency, IPP, MP-1 instead of OP-1 of ICCPR of UN – the globalization is impossible, hence:-
(i)-Instead of failed veto system participatory UN should be there where all member countries will have voting rights as per contribution of man, money and material (both military and civilian) and record of human rights in their countries. (Trump does not need one of the largest increase in national defense spending in American history if said participatory UN is there)
(ii)- Without global currency globalization is impossible. Instead of fake currency (without asset back-up and through unbridled fiscal deficit and even quantitative-easing) Trump should convert Dollar into global currency (with proper asset back-up of precious metal gold etc and landed properties) to be issued by US Fed with head office in USA and its branch offices in all the member countries
(iii)- If harassed people in member countries cannot get relief against State oppression through rule of law then globalization has no meaning. Hence optional protocol OP-1 should be replaced with mandatory protocol MP-1 of ICCPR at UN.
(8)- But Trump will not achieve much on foreign front unless he addresses two problems namely Ukraine / Crimea and Nuclear WMDs :-
(i)- Trump should realize that it is West (USA & its NATO allies) which is villain as it started Ukraine / Crimea crises. Even Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, before military coup, said on a TV program that –‘democratically elected government of Ukraine has right to decide whether to trade with EU or with Russia. If majority of Ukraine wants to trade with EU then they should wait till next election to bring their government in power and then change the policy to trade with EU’. But West instigated rebels and even same evening when agreement of government with rebels was reached (negotiated with the assistance of even Germany) military coup was carried out. This panicked Russia and it took Crimea (the only warm water port). Therefore before solving the problem of Ukraine / Crimea Trump should not be swayed away by the propaganda of the West rather should deal with Russia on merit of the matter and with justice.
(ii)- Why should, like previous US administrations, Trump also think that some countries (including India and Pakistan) have divine right to have nuclear weapons (the WMDs) whereas other countries like Iran, North Korea etc do not have such divine right. As far a responsible country which will not use nuclear WMD the USA has the worst record (in Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan). Therefore Trump should act honestly in this matter and should work for effective de-nuclearization (of WMDs) in a time bound program.
It is hoped that Trump will come down from the high horse and will seriously think about making globalization a success through American exceptionalizm, as mentioned above.

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