Bernard Schnee, Senior Minister of First International Doer’s Ministry successful in liberation of Bonded Christians and Hindus in Sindh province of Pakistan. “ Harri Camp” established in Kotri. PCP Report


It is a group of persecuted and enslaved families who had been suffering generation after generation under the heavy yoke of the landlords. Few years ago Pakistan Army Monitoring Cell started to deliver them from their underground jails/cells and they were encamped 15 km. away from Hyderabad near Sikanderabad Kotri District Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan. The first family, which delivered, was the Christian family in 1999.
This camp is called Harri Camp (group of enslaved people). These people are Muslims, Hindus and Christians. When they were delivered they had to leave their all-household goods and escaped for safety of their lives. They were not allowed to move any where without the permission of the landlords. Living under the heavy security on their residences all the time they had fear of heavy punishments.
These people are settled here for temperedly basis in government plots and they have made their own huts due to having no their own property. It would be more appropriate to call it Refugee Camp. They work as a labors in factories on daily wages and earn very little amount to survive.
These people are treated not well by the society and all other people hated them because of considering as low class families. They always had been neglected. People of the area did not want to eat with them not want to sit with them. They were very scared of the other people and were living in just like darkness. No body of God’s servant visited them to lead spiritually nor they had any bible to read. They were become nominal Christians.
After many prayers we started community development programs for this area through First Doer’s International Ministries in May 2005.
As according to the most need of education for their children we opened school for 64 children named “First Doer’s Model Elementary School”. This has been very encouraged for the people of Harri Camp who had never any hope of such facility for their children. This brought a new hope for these families. Still there are many children who need to be enrolled to get education who are anxiously waiting. We have been praying for that God provide us the resources for these children to be enrolled.
In July 2005, we helped to provide Water facility for these families in making water tank including Filter plant and we named it “LIVING WATER” that is a big tank that facilitate to about 2000 people of pure water daily. The reason of providing this facility of water is that they were taking water from about 1.5km far away daily and their wives and girls used to bring the water and many times their young girls faced rape by other people.
From July 2005, we started to conduct one day Medical Camp for all the Harri Camp people including the people from other areas, without prejudice regarding race, color or even beliefs. This is now become monthly Medical Camp for whole day where we often invite some political person or government official for its opening.
We have also started regular Church service, Youth ministry, Women and recently started Men ministry. These ministries are so helpful to these precious people so that they may grow spiritually and remain faithful to Him. We are now in need of a Church Building; all of us have been praying for it. The building will be also used for temporary shelter in the event of any type of emergency. Like the one that just occurred last Sunday, where 5 huts were set on fire, being totally destroyed; our families have been rescued in our school.
We often arrange programs for Harri Camp people and children as like celebration of Independence Day of Pakistan, Christmas Day as well as a monthly gathering where people bring their own dish to be shared with all; the first gathering took place on January 1st, 2006 where over 200 people came.
During our recently program of Christmas Celebration, we invited MPA of Sindh Assembly to be our Chief Guest where he attended the program and declared that he will pay personally for the granting of the ID cards of our families in Harri Camp. Also. Understanding the need of the community, he made the commitment to provide another Water Line from his own funds. Then the Christmas cake was cut and shared.
The people have been realizing that they are most chosen by God and they have realized that they are not any longer alone or neglected. They have been such encouraged to see the great development through First Doer’s International Ministries.
Our ministry is committed to offer its help for those who are neglected and we are given His vision to fulfill for His Namesake. The program for this year is to open our facilities to the death, the mute and the blind, as they all deserve what we have been blessed with. Also we are launching a special program to rescue 250 people from Kashmir where the earthquake hit. We need help from everybody in this matter as many children and widows have been left behind.

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