UXBs. learn the history and teaching of Islam before conceding to the statements of “Peace” by Muslims. Bishop T. Nasir


“UXBs” are “UN Exploded Bombs”. This term is used for any “Bomb” that is dropped, any “Gun Shell” that is fired, any “Hand Grenade” that is thrown and any “Mine” that is laid and does not explode. During war these explosive devices are used extensively. Many Bombs, Gun Shells, Hand grenades and Land Mines either does not explode or the explosion is partial. “Blind Rounds” is an other general term used for these “UN Exploded” explosive devices. These “UN Exploded” bombs (UXBs) are extremely dangerous and lethal. A “nuclear bomb” is much safer than an “UN Exploded” bomb or explosive device. There are number of reasons for these explosive devices not to “Explode”, primarily a male function of its fuse. The fuse get activated once it hits the target, or the target hits it (In case of Land Mines). What happens is that on impact the “Fuse” is activated and triggers the “Boaster” that causes the “High Explosive” to explode or detonate. If it does not explode, then it becomes necessary to dispose off these explosive devices and it is taken care off by the ”Bomb Disposal” people. These “UN Exploded” explosive devices are very sensitive. Their “Fuses” may start working with a very small impulse of “shock wave” on ground. Even a “Rabbit” running by can cause the restart of the function of “Fuse”. On the other hand is very difficult and laborious job to locate (In case of Arial Bombs) to dig it out. Remove the “Fuse” and then to remove the explosive device or explode or dispose it off as and where it is. After every war or battle, it may take years to locate and dispose off these “Explosive Devices.

I am not giving a military briefing on “UXBs” what I trying and have been trying to convey is that “UXBs” are detonating or exploding all over the world. I wrote a brief comment on “Six Million” bombs in United States some time back. I also warned the British High Commissioner in Pakistan about the “Human UXBs in President House Islamabad on 27th December 2004. Neither America nor United Kingdom cared. 7th July 2005 and 21 July 2005 proved my point that there are “Human UXBs” (Suicide Bomber) all over the world and especially in America and Europe enjoying all goodies of these countries and yet “Exploding” in the name of their “Deity”.

Today from Muslim scholars to common Imam and down below it is claimed that Islam is a religion of “Peace”. Five hundred “Ullama” or highly qualified Islamic Clergy gave a “Decree” or “Fatwa” that in Britain that Suicide Bombing is “UN Islamic”. What about rest of the Europe and the world? They have no answer. Living in an Islamic country and knowing Islam and Muslim well enough, I don’t agree that Islam is a religion that preaches or teaches “Peace”. “Jihad” (the Holy Islamic Wars for world domination) is one of the Five Pillars of Islamic Faith. How can Muslim scholars claim “Peace”? Would they “delete” this “Fifth Pillar” and yet be called Muslim? (Other four are, Daily Five Prayer, Fasting in the month of Ramzan or Ramadan, Zikat or giving of Alms and Haj or yearly Pilgrimage to the Islamic Holiest City Macca). We must not forget the history of Islam, when every war against None Muslims or “Infidels” has been termed as “Jihad”. Please consider a very interesting fact of Islamic history. The Holy Land or Palestine was conquered in early 7th Century AD. For good long Thirteen Centuries of Islamic history we fail to find the word “Palestinians” or their right of self determination” under Islamic rule. After World War I, the right of Palestinians is Number One issue of Islamic world. Above all the greatest Islamic General Salah-Ud-Din Ayubi who became “Great” when he conquered Jerusalem, was a “Kurd”. He came from “Kurdistan” that is today divided in three Islamic countries i.e. Iraq, Iran and Turkey. These “Kurds” want an independent “Kurd State” and are getting thrashing from all three Muslim countries. The State of Israel is openly said to be a “Thorn in the heart of Islam”! Every Muslim talks of Palestine yet no one has ever cared for “Kurd” or “Kurdistan”. I asked a Muslim friend, how can he cut the throat of a “goat” or “sacrificial” animal when you are not a “Butcher”? The reply was very straight and simple. “It is a training for every Muslim male to cut the throat of a sacrificial animal so that when we are required to kill or slaughter human beings during “Jihad” we are not hesitant”. Muslim or None Muslim, male or female, child or elderly people are just like “sacrificial animals” for all Muslims. Yet Lord Nazir Ali speaks of Islam as religion of “Peace”! According to Islamic teachings, Islam must dominate the entire world. Convert every person to Islam or make him or her “third rate subjects”. Or slaughter them like animals, Period. Nothing less.

It is very important to learn the history and teaching of Islam before conceding to the statements of “Peace” by Muslims. It might help the West to locate, identify and defuse or destroy the “UXBs” of Islam. Please remember that when a “UXB” detonates at its own, it only brings death and destruction beyond human thinking. The United Sates experienced it in Africa in August 1988 and on 11th September 2001 and Britain on 7th July 2005 and in between, Moscow, Balli, Madrid and so many other places. I need not mention “UXBs” in Pakistan. Let me end this article with an advice, please find and destroy these “UXBs” before they destroy you and the entire world. Interfaith Dialogue, Interfaith Peace and Harmony and Human Rights have no meanings in Islam and if the do talk of it, they are not stating the truth they are buying time.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir

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