In my eyes lie tears of sadness wiped away by tears of joy Filled with comprehension Madness overcome by enlightenment With Thee I will face all trials Knowing that Your hand in mine

Will never leave nor forsake me

I am Yours to guide eternally

Father Yours inspired I am

Breathed in soul for Your true glory

Know not I your deeper TRUTH

For I humbly submit

To your servitude in adoration

Knowing full of Your divine wrath

Yet you choose to love me heal me

Make me see a different path

Am I for the autumn season

Glories untold in your history

Succumbing to your madre vision

Of a holy infant in arms

None can take away thine words

Embedded in mine heart of fire

Filled with emancipating anew

Words of wisdom come from you

Holy Spirit I believe

Victory only comes from You

Timing is of Your divineness

Fear of consequence unknown

Crusaders in Your midst we battle

Holding forth to sword of Omen

Goodness will prevail in Aramaic

Knowing of the legal seal

Nothing can be taken fully

Until you have commanded me

Some will fear the Word of glory

None will be the wiser for me

Only YOU will know the answer

As I walk in words of Light

Falseness in thine actions never

Mine however weakness still

Only in your arms will strengthen

Knowing prophecy prevails

I can fight this war with thine will

Knowing that your will survives

Only those who fight the evil

Know the truth of finding steeples

Still the doubt will creep in sometimes

Children will be fire driven

Only innocence will journey

Into destruction enemy prevails

God is glory

I am sorry



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