The Moral Home Front. Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir


I just read an article on Christianity Today “The Moral Home Front”. I am sure that all who read “Christianity Today” have read this article. As predicted by Six years ago, Harvard professor Samuel Huntington, in The Clash of

I agree with Charles Colson and Anne More, that “America’s increasing decadence is giving aid and comfort to Muslim terrorists. What we see or assume that the United States of America is the only “Super Power” after the collapse of Soviet Union in early nineties. We read and see that the Americans are enjoying absolute freedom. Religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to express one’s views and many other form of freedom worst of all “sexual freedom”. Yet America failed to draw a line in freedom and immorality. Total freedom never existed and will never be seen by mankind. Yet the unlimited freedom has created a very dangerous situation for America, the West and the countries that are under the influence of the Western culture. This unlimited freedom has brought the storm of immorality in all Western countries. America that one said “In God we trust” is far away from God and the Europeans countries that have “Cross” on their national flags are far from “Cross” what to talk of religious values. The night clubs, gambling cities, nudity, pornography, sex shops, homosexuality, same sex marriages, special rights of Gays and Lesbians. The ignorance of the people at the helm of affairs and the ignorance of the main line churches on these issues has not only annoyed the radical Muslims but has caused great pain among Christians who still see America and Europe as Christian continents. I don’t claim that such immorality does not exist in countries like Pakistan or any other Islamic country. It does exist as evil exists all over the world. Yet we have laws to control immorality. In Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, the penal Code that was introduced by the British rulers with little changes is still being followed. The Criminal Law that was introduced and implemented by the British Colonial rulers took guidance from the Holy Bible. In Pakistan “Morality Rules” were made part of Islamic Rules, “The Hadood Ordinance”. Adultery is punishable under this Ordinance. Reference Offence of “Zina” (adultery) enforcement of Hadood Ordinance, 1979, Ordinance VII of 1979 {An Ordinance to bring conformity with the Injunctions of Islam the law relating to offences of zina} “Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part I, 9th February 1979. “Hadood” is plural of “Hud” as defined by Koran and Sunna. Homosexuality is dealt with under Un Natural Offences. Pakistan Penal Code Section 377 that reads, Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of the nature with any man woman or animal, shall be punished with [imprisonment for life] or with imprisonment of either description for a term which [shall not be less than two years not more than] ten years and shall be liable to fine. Gambling, and pornography, is very serious offences in Pakistan and same sex marriages do not exist in Pakistan. As I said earlier that these immoralities do exist in Pakistan but the law of the land does not permit it. On the other hand these immoralities are not only openly existing in Western culture, they are legally but shamelessly displayed. Women in the West is no more a human being, she has become a “commodity” or “Industry” of sex that has taken her modesty away from her. All immoral acts like adultery, homosexuality, pornography, nudity and same sex marriages have the blessing of the law in the West. (One can see millions of pornographic sites with many more million girls and women of all ages are disgracing themselves for money)

On the other hand Islamic countries and their religious leaders, knowing such immoralities in their countries not only condemn them but force the governments of Islamic countries to impose such laws that are necessary to control or at least condone such immoralities. The Islamic religious leadership is more alert than the Christian leadership in the West. Thus Islam has become a body that may be “hollow” in its doctrines, but it is becoming stronger and stronger in its worldly practice. On contrary Christianity with its everlasting and strong doctrines and faith is being depicted by the modern theologians of the Western countries according to their personal wishes. This is presenting a very distorted form of Christianity. Unfortunately Christianity in our part of the world is associated with the West and most of our religious leaders follow modern theology that gained momentum in twentieth century and it is still continuing. Today all main line churches are becoming more and more accommodative to all kinds of immoralities. These churches have not only accommodated “homosexuals” membership but homosexual clergy. Sex crimes by the clergy is not only being over looked but it is encouraged. The Roman Catholic Church has paid billions of dollars to silence the people who have been victims of sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests. The Protestant churches are flooded with advocates of homosexuality and homosexuals. Abortion matter has yet to be settled. Huge funds are being spent on the care of children born out of wed lock, yet nothing is being done to stop it. Thus with all its solid and everlasting doctrine, Christianity has become a “hollow” body. Yes the so-called Christian world has become very strong in technology, weaponry, military might and so on, but very weak in its ideology. “Islam is the greatest religion in the world”, this is the statement of President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharaf. Every head of Islamic state talks of Islam and Islamic values first and then he talks on any other topic. Yet, I have not heard any statement from a Western head of state, that they have any thing to do with Christianity. British Empire, once “Defenders of the Faith” have become “Offenders of the Faith”. Even Pope John Paul II has compromised on Christian faith. In Islamic countries no one can dare to speak against Islam and the Islamic Ideology. (On 5th April 2002, a retired Christian Colonel asked the President of Pakistan to abolish the “Council of Islamic Ideology”; his answer was very straight and stern. He said “Colonel, Pakistan is an Islamic State. You must remember that no one can abolish this council. This happened in my presence). On the other hand the so-called Christian states never speak on religious issues. It is always said that the state will not interfere in religious matters. I ask if state that has authority to make laws and power to implement the law, can not and will not make and implement the laws concerning “immorality” than who will “right the wrongs of society”? If state will leave the religion at the mercy of “Free” people and the church will close its eyes on immorality, then who is going to correct the evils in society? Islam rightly or wrongly has developed a motivational force, an ideology in mind of every Muslim, fundamentalist or moderate that every Muslim is duty bound to fight the evils in the society. This ideology has convinced common Muslim, that Islam merits to rule the world by what ever means it is possible, Muslims have become an ideological force, and ideas are not defeated by military might. You want to fight an idea; you have to fight it with a better idea. Christians have the best ideology yet it is being buried under secularism. Today Christian ideology is being ignored by the Christian states and the church. America has not learnt any lesson from the disaster of 11th September 2001.They failed to understand the Islamic ideology and suffered. Even the church failed to understand Islamic Ideology and instead of projecting Christian ideology to the world, it is still wasting time on the issues that have been settled once for all by God Himself and are mentioned in the Holy Bible. They have miserably failed to preach the morality that has been taught by Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ did say, “Love thy enemy” yet he never said no to correct the society and wrong doers. Lord Jesus Christ preached and demonstrated love for mankind to an extent that He gave His life for our sins. Yet when the time came he took the “whip” and used it with authority and force, to restore the sanctity of the house of God. He rebuked the religious leadership for their wrong doings. He said, I have not come to make peace but to make war. Yes he declared war against the evil people and the wickedness in the society. After having said that, I wish to make some suggestions to the Christian world, (if it is still Christian) that will certainly correct the Western society and it will be well equipped to fight the Islamic Ideology with Christian Ideology. I know very few people will agree with me, yet that is the only way for the West to avoid becoming a Muslim continent in next fifty or hundred years time.

1. Abolish Democracy. (Democracy accepts immorality in society to gain power. Please remember that President Bill Clinton won the hearts and minds of Gays and Lesbian voters in 1992 Presidential Elections). Since 1992 homosexuality gained an upper hand in American society and in 12 years time homosexuals gained special rights.

2. The separation of State and Church be abolished.

3. Set Biblical Standards should be adopted and implemented, not by choice but by force of law.

4. Impose a ban on all kinds of homosexuality, nudity and pornography.

5. Abolish “Child Abuse” so that caring parents can punish their children for their betterment.

6. Abolish “Wife Abuse” let the husband exercise his right as given by the Word of God.

7. Ban all human right organizations.

8. Implement Biblical laws in their true spirit.

9. Get the church involved in correcting of Western Society.

10. Draw a line in personal freedom so that freedom does not cross over to immorality.

11. Punish parents of children born out of wed lock.

12. Restore the family system and ban divorce (unless otherwise allowed by the Holy Bible).

13. Declare that your country is a Christian country and every none Christian will have to live according to the Christian laws.

14. Appoint Church leaders who are loyal to the Holy Bible. Give them authority over religious matters.

15. Ban all kind of gambling.

16. Replace democracy with Christian Dictatorship. Preferably appoint a Military ruler.

I am well aware that my suggestions would be rejected without a second thought, but this is the only way to fight Islamic Ideology. Let not the history repeat it self in Spain and Europe, that suffered under Islamic rules for centuries. Don’t let America become 21st century Spain and Europe. I don’t have to rewrite the suffering of Church under Muslim domination. America and Europe might have forgotten the miseries, their for-fathers faced being subject of an Islamic Empire but the Christians living in Muslim countries do have “first hand experience”. In the end I would like to convey a message to the West, “Respect your self and Protect your self”. Your respect will be restored by the Holy Bible and Lord Jesus Christ will certainly protect you from the forces of evil that you call “terrorism” or Muslim extremism. May the Lord Jesus Christ guide in the right direction.

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