Sitting in a jail cell……………….. By Sara Rebekah Adams


As I sat in the jail cell, I wondered what Gods plan was. I had never in my life ever been in trouble before let alone been arrested by the police. Now I was sitting in a small room, with a plastic mattress for a bed, a toilet and a video camera watc

Father, I don’t understand this but I do know that I love you with all my heart.

Tell me what to do.

I had no desire to cry, even though I was in alien surroundings. I had been to the finest restaurants, stayed in the most expensive suites of hotels and had a very affluent life, yet here I was being treated like a hardened criminal even though I had done nothing wrong.

Suddenly a gentle voice spoke to me.

“Sara sing.”

I stood up and I began praising the Lord, singing at the top of my voice, every praise song I knew burst from my heart and I was filled with great strength and joy. I could not stop singing. When I ran out of praise songs, I began singing love songs replacing the you with JESUS. I knew so many love songs and all I wanted to do was sing my love for JESUS. So I did.

The door of my cell opened and an elderly policeman peered in, his eyes twinkling. “Would you like a bible?”

I grinned at him and said “ Absolutely!” So he gave me one. And I began to read in my cell.

I was released ultimately and freed of all charges made against me……….but the moral of my sharing this with you is that………..

In our most difficult times when we think we are alone, we should never forget that He who died for us and forgave our sins is ALWAYS with us!

He was with me as I rejoiced His Glory and the strength He gave me taught me to never live in fear, just to have FAITH. For truly HE is our Redeemer!

God bless you

Sara Rebekah Adams

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