Separate electorate and minorities


The issue of separate electorate is widely considered and condemned by the Christian religious leaders and church based foreign funded NGOs, taken as only cause of apartheid from mainstream of society, drive to a second class citizenship and an attem

Regarding the brave participation and support in Pakistan movement by the Christians of sub continent of India and by the elected leaders through separate electorate under 1935 act of India of unionist party on costing favorable vote in roundtable conference and Boundry commission. The separate electorate was introduced and practiced in sub continent of India by the British Empire on demand of all India Muslim league, on fears that Hindu majority representatives in legislative assembly cannot protect their social and religious values. In 1942 legislative assembly the all India Muslim league proved majority in some Western and eastern region of India, which laid down the foundation of existence of Pakistan in 1947.Although in separate electorate under British rule the eligible voters, were only adult members of any religious community. The landowner’s the government employees, educated persons or those awarded special certificates by the deputy commissioner of any district. The separate electorate even not established on franchise voters still played in an effective and positive role in South Asia.

The separate electorate was fully protected by the Constitution of Pakistan of 1952 and Constitution of Republic of Pakistan of 1956,the legislative assembly’s elected after independences of Pakistan, the Christian leaders elected under separate electorate enjoyed the privileges to b speakers, deputy speaker and ministries and raise voice in the parliament on Christian issues. The legal framework presented by the martial government of general Yaheya Khan in 1970 for national general elections of 1971, the minorities snatched the separate electorate and joint electorate was introduced. In the same legal framework the privilege of separate electorate was awarded to Kashmir Muslims and moreover rights of duel voting was given to them.
Therefore, in the legislative assembly of 1971, at the time of adoption of Constitution of Republic of Pakistan of 1973, there was on Christian Rep. Present in the house, the indirect selection of 6 national assembly Christian members by the nomination

Of the ruling Pakistan people’s party was made, the minority representation in the provincial assemblies was also made by the nomination of the provincial majority parties and voters in this indirect selection’s were the Muslim elected members of parliament and Christians were unable to cost their votes to elected their own representatives in the parliament. During the period of Pakistan people’s
Party rule in Pakistan, by the fourth amendment in the constitution the constitution the Ahmedy Muslims were declared a religious minority and educational institutes and hospitals of Christians were nationalized. The Christens of Pakistan, on such an anti Christian acts its of the government, when their so- called representatives in the national assembly were silent due to their associations with the ruling party. The Christians organized demonstrations and rallies and demanded separate electorate that they may elected their own representatives by their and votes, who may raise voice in parliament to safeguard their rights

Keeping in view, the Christians demand of separate electorate, the military government of general zia ul Haque, by the president order, fulfill the demand of separate Electorate for the national general election of 1985.and by eighth amendment, the separate electorate was constitutionally protected and duly enforced in
The rules of election of Pakistan.

It is important for the correction of the record that Christian religious leaders and church based NGOs appreciated the constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan
Of 1973 and fully supported the government of Pakistan people’s party and it should be more surprising to note that again when sharia laws were implemented on
Christians of Pakistan, in public meetings and duly presentations with authorities praised Islamic laws. The substandard policies of church leaders and church NGOs
Always played negative role and damaged the Christians point of view only to save their vested interests.

The church leaders and church based NGOs experienced during the period of separate electorate since 1985, when the government gave preference to consult with
Elected representatives of Christians and extended invitations to them for presentation on Christian problems, when the religious leaders and NGOs were neglected,
Again they ‘re trying to maintain their interest and demanding joint electorate in Pakistan. They don’t dare to demand to rename the Islamic republic of Pakistan
Constitution to be the people’s republic of Pakistan constitution, they don’t have even courage to publicly condemned the implementation of Islamic laws on
Minorities, instead whenever they are provided an opportunity to present Christian problems in western countries they praise the polices of prevailing governments.
For instance on June 17 1998,the bishops conference of Pakistan representative, Munawar Rumalshah, bishop of Peshawar, made presenting before the committee
On foreign relations Untied States Senate, instead of presenting Christian problems he maintained on the incident of suicide of Bishop John Joseph, in the end he
Prayed to the chairman, U.S. Senate committee, not to take any severe action against the countries of religious persecution as U.S. House of representatives
Mandates severe economic sanctions against countries that engage in persecution and insisted to take action according to Nicholas Lieberman bill which provides
Range of options. The church leaders have never paid attention on the youth programs when 50 percent of Christian youth has become drug addicts, they never
Adopted such measures that academic facilities may be provided to them in church schools and colleges, they even failed to provide protection to Christian ladies who have been victimized by the majority community members during the job, they remain silent on the incident of abduction and rape of Christian ladies, they always hesitated to organize social uplifting programs for the ladies. The never have been interested in establishment of professional colleges and universities in Pakistan as the Agha Khan Muslim community have opened medical University and purchased lands in the North frontier province for their member. The Vatican Council condemned the liberation theology but unfortunately some power Hungary clergymen of Pakistan through their NGOs always aim to establish Relations with the governments denying the facts that Christianity â€" state relations were clarified in 18th â€"century in Europe.

When they condemned separate electorate, they forget the facts that 99 percent elected members in the national assembly and Senate of Pakistan belong to feudal
Muslim voters to their such representatives is difficult after the elections, how difficult it should be for the poor Christian to approach them for their problems when
The contact to Christian leaders is easier for them as they belong to them and they are community members, elected by their votes through separate electorate.
Their claims of apartheid is due to separate electorate and they don’t remain in the mainstream of society but these human rights activists have never condemned the
Extra judicial murders, fabricated cases against human rights activists and abuse of power against the different religious communities. They have been even failed
To initiate Christian Muslim dialogue on national level by the funds provided to them by the Vatican and other funding agencies.

So it is the best interest of the state and minorities that duel voting rights may be given to them that they may elect their own representatives and may vote to
Majority candidates in their constituencies.

The indirect system of nomination and selection of Christian representatives in the parliament under joint electorate really makes the Christian second class citizens
Not the separate electorate when they can elected their own representatives. In the best interest of the minorities of Pakistan if limitation and de limitation of their
Constituencies are carried out and their election results are made transparent, the true elected to presentation of Christian should be more capable to solve their
Constitutional problems and uplifting in social economic fields.

So, we demand to the government of Pakistan that local bodies elections for the minorities in Pakistan may be organized under separate electorate and important
Constitutional issue of election system may not be changed as the judgment of Supreme Court of Pakistan notifies not to bring any changes in constitution of Islamic
Republic of Pakistan of 1973 during three years period of this government.

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