A suggestion for 40 day Lenten devotion (or anytime through out the year). By Jeanne Swartz. Delware


The Purpose-Driven Life - a review of the most popular book being read now in the USA By Jeanne Swartz. If you could do one, simple thing this year to improve your faith life I urge every Christian, especially young adults age 15-30 to take just

This book takes you on a 40 day journey using the Bible and short daily readings for reflection about important issues of life. The basis of the book is that there is no such thing as 'self-help' to develop your personality or character or to be an effective person in the workplace, as a husband/wife, respectful child in family, brother, sister, single, wise in age, when you are sick or having any type of problem - no matter your position in life only GOD and God alone can guide you, through His Holy Bible words, to know how to live a life worthy and be a true follower of Jesus.
I will cite just a few examples of some daily reflection topics - Seeing Life From God's View, When God Seems Distant, Cultivating Community, How Real Servants Act and of course, Becoming a World-Class Christian. I also think this book could be used in small groups, and especially with youth groups, to read and discuss together. It is definite that you will never be the same after you read it, because it clearly quotes scripture and shows the many ways God is always uplifting, supporting, teaching, reaching out and loving us into being the best person we can ever become.
The single small criticism I have is that Mr. Warren uses several different translations of the Bible through out the book. To me, most of the newer translations used do not reflect the full power of God's word, but one can always refer to the Bible verse noted and simply read their own R/KJV or NIV, which are much closer translations to the original Greek and Hebrew. But as the cover notes for the book indicate, I agree that "this is a book of hope and challenge that you will read and re-read, and it will be a classic treasured by generations to come. This book will help you understand why you are alive and God's amazing plan for you - both here and now (on earth), and for eternity. Billy and Franklin Graham are quoted as saying "Make sure you're not missing the point of your life - read this book!"
Rick Warren is founding pastor of Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California - one of America's largest and best-known churches. He has written several other books that have also become best sellers and have been translated into 20 languages. I am sure that in a short time The Purpose-Driven Life will also be translated into many languages. This book reaches beyond cultural and denominational boundaries in that it asks the person reading to reflect on how God is working in your own, personal life. So the book can be used by anyone around the world as a devotional to center their mind on things of God as well as find the true purpose and lifeplan God has for them. In fact, remember this book is the #1 bestseller not just with Christians, but through out America. And it was recently stated that many important businessmen and several large companies with world-wide divisions are reading and even using this book for training - Praise God! So what is great is that the book can be read by the average person or by a pastor as a change of pace from his heavy Biblical studies - and each one will definitely get something great out of it!
So, if you can buy one book for someone you love this year - and especially for a young person graduating high school or college who will be going out into this ever-changing world, this would be the book I recommend - because God and His word in the Bible is never-changing and this is the most important grounding we all need as we go out to share the Gospel in the world.

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