If Jesus Is Born For You? (Church Restoration Series XIII) By Father Anand Muttungal


A meditation upon the memory of the birth of Jesus Christ is the need of the hour. It often surprises me that how the Anointed and Chosen one of God who asked His disciples to penetrate the spirituality into the daily life has been caged into a subjective spirituality. Lord Jesus was a spiritual revolutionary who mesmerized the thoughts of thousands in His life time and billions thereafter. It was His spiritual thoughts based on social life gave birth to numerous thoughts including the economic theories, even to the latest concept of social responsibility of the corporate classes. The fundamental principle of His teaching was the establishment of the Kingdom of God which meant welfare of all. This teaching inspired people to care for the sick, unwanted, educate the little ones, protect the nature and also wage a war against all kinds of oppression and corruption.
All through His life He fought a war against all kinds of oppression by the powerful and religious hypocrites. The nucleus of His revolutionary thoughts is inherent in His preaching in the synagogue based on words of prophet Isaiah that “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty to those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”(St. Lk. 4:18-21). The double dimension of the mission of Christ is very clear from the passage given here. One side He is a spiritual healer but on the other side He heals the haughtiness of the powerful by empowering the weak to face them.
Jesus felt that He was the chosen one of God for a specific task of letting people to know the TRUTH which can empower them, His message had a special focus on the poor, He offered them a new justice system based on forgiveness to the repentant soul, He dared the religious leaders who used God’s name and His scripture to keep up their own positions. If we can identify some of these traits in us then we are not far from the kingdom of God. At this time of the history we are faced with a similar situation where the Christ’s chosen ones are engaged in many corrupt practices otherwise would not have been doing.
We are faced with a typical situation where in the name of Lord Jesus millions of rupees are invested in building Churches, residents, convents, schools, colleges, universities etc. whereas the poor devoted Christians live in one room rented houses without basic amenities. In the name of minority many benefits are snatched form the Governments yet very little benefits are given to the poor Christian minority. There are many faith-based organizations which own properties worth billions but without the consent of anyone it is being used and misused by the appointed ex-officio presidents. It is surprising to note that the religious heads who are not suppose to have personal accounts are donating lakhs of rupees. The accounts of huge unaccounted amounts received from different sources including schools stationeries are never known to anyone. Breaking all religious and civil laws single handedly huge transactions are done on buying purposeless land and property and constructing all sorts of buildings by allotting contracts to favorites. They misuse their unlimited and unaccountable powers assumed from religious office to shut the voices people who respond to the voice of their conscience. The huge educational institutions have become centers of civil powers which are used to trample the TRUTH. It is clear that the appointed time has come for cleansing the system but how? Perhaps, the last option is the Indian Judiciary which understands the law of India above the blackmailing of minority cards.
If we believe that Lord Jesus is born for us, then we need to stand up to cleanse this organized crime of corruption growing within the system. We may not succeed in our life time but a spark of fire can start melting the lair of dirt gathering around the Body of Christ. Let us believe that Jesus is born for us, he has given us a mission to free him from the clutches those claiming to be holding the whole sale franchisee, exchanging him through educational, health ad social development services for self glory and unlimited powers. Lord we pray, you be our kindly light in the valley of darkness…

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